Hiss of a Smart Grid
By Staff News & Analysis - December 01, 2010

Britain to get smart electricity grids to cope with power surges … Britain will get its first "smart" electricity grids after Ofgem chose four areas for research into the new power networks … The financing is part of a £500m fund run by Ofgem for developing networks and paid for by the regulator's annual levy on utility license holders. CE Electric, owned by CalEnergy, a power generator based in Omaha, Nebraska, will receive the highest amount, £26.8m, to explore how smart technology can prompt changes in customer behaviour. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: Once more, technology brings us a Wonderland.

Free-Market Analysis: Like the honeyed hiss of a serpent, the article (excerpted above) gives little clue to its deadly nature. One would never know from its tiny existence what is planned. But read closely and you will see, for an instant, the ghostly, gleaming fangs of … Smart Grid. Here is the line: "CE Electric … will receive the highest amount, £26.8m, to explore how smart technology can prompt changes in customer behaviour." Oh, yes, your behavior, dear reader, is about to explored and then "changed."

The illness, the sickness, of what the dominant Anglo-American elites have planned for the West – and the world – seems sometimes to know no boundaries. From the eerie, Georgia Guidestones calling for population reduction to 500 million, to the much-debated Report From Iron Mountain calling for perpetual war for perpetual peace, to Smart Grid itself, the determined malificiency of the powers-that-be leaves few traces of its overweening, psychotic ambition.

It slithers onward, leaving only damp spots that dry quickly; but the desiccation is not immediate. Let us examine the slimy trail, beginning with a definition of Smart Grid which we have already tracked in an article called "Smart Grid: Trojan Horse of the New World Order?" You can read it here: Smart Grid: Trojan Horse of the New World Order?

We were first made aware of Smart Grid by the kindly folks at the August Review. They'd written a White Paper called "Smart Grid: the Implementation of Technocracy?" We published articles simultaneously to provide more publicity for the Review's Smart Grid analysis. At the time, we wrote: "The August Review have done readers a service by revealing the depth and breadth of the modern Technocratic movement." We noted that the movement was led in part by M. King Hubbert, of peak-oil fame. (Just one more reason to believe peak oil is a phony scam.) Here's some more from the article:

Technocratic plans, this latest Review white paper seems to show, have actually penetrated America and the West under other guises and are in some cases far advanced. The evidence is fairly clear and is reported in a clinical but unambiguous way. The paper begins by describing what is necessary to implement the Technocratic system, as follows:

The Technocracy Study Course, written by Howard Scott and M. King Hubbert in 1932, established a detailed framework for Technocracy in terms of energy production, distribution and usage. According to Scott and Hubbert, the distribution of energy resources must be monitored and measured in order for the system to work — and this is the key: monitoring and measuring.

They wrote that the system must do the following things:

– Register on a continuous 24 hour-per-day basis the total net conversion of energy

– By means of the registration of energy converted and consumed, make possible a balanced load

– Provide a continuous inventory of all production and consumption

– Provide a specific registration of the type, kind, etc., of all goods and services, where produced and where used

– Provide specific registration of the consumption of each individual, plus a record and description of the individual. [Scott, Howard et al., Technocracy Study Source, p. 232]

In 1932, such technology did not exist. Time was on the Technocrat's side, however, because this technology does exist today, and it is being rapidly implemented to do exactly what Scott and Hubbert specified: Namely, to exhaustively monitor, measure and control every ampere of energy delivered to consumers and businesses on a system-wide basis.

Having established the above, the paper turns to defining the Technocrat vision as it exists presently. It turns out that this vision not only remains viable, it is actually EXTANT and has been repackaged into something called Smart Grid, as follows:

Smart Grid is a broad technical term that encompasses the generation, distribution and consumption of electrical power, with an inclusion for gas and water as well. America's aging power grid is increasingly fragile and inefficient. Smart Grid is an initiative that seeks to completely redesign the power grid using advanced digital technology, including the installation of new, digital meters on every home and business in the U.S.

These digital meters provide around-the-clock monitoring of a consumer's energy consumption using continuous 2-way communication between the utility and the consumer's property. Furthermore, meters will be able to communicate with electrical devices within the residence to gather consumption data and to control certain devices directly without consumer intervention.

We can see clearly the elite's evolving vision if we can bring ourselves to look. But it is why we often suggest that the global warming setback was so profound. Not only were there scarcity memes to justify (see other article in today's Bell), but the larger truth of global warming was supposed to serve as a pretext for such facilities as Smart Grid. This is how promotions work, in fact, whether planned to benefit a business, a political campaign or world governance. A good promotion is a series of building blocks, each one logically constructed on the last, until the entire edifice becomes so compelling that one believes.

In the case of Smart Grid, global warming was supposed to provide an unimpeachable rationale for tracking every single energy expenditure one might make. Presumably, even one's breathing (carbon dioxide) might over time be subject to cataloguing. Yes, examine the Smart Grid promotion – a sub dominant theme of sorts – from a distance and it becomes a piece of the puzzle slotting neatly with others.

We referred to the Smart Grid strategy just the other day in fact when writing an article about GM's ludicrous Volt auto – Motor Trend's car of the year (of course). An overpriced Hefalump of a vehicle that needs an eight-hour charge for batteries with a range of only 40 miles, Volt is GM's lead offering, and a poster-child for the pathetic government-initiative that is "green industry." You can read the full article here: Green Auto Sales Wilt as US Gov Dumps GM Back on Markets. Here's an excerpt:

Why would the elite argue for environmentally friendly activities that actually end up polluting more? There is something called Smart Grid coming on line in various regions and nations around the world. It is a new technology that will record one's power usage in great detail and we have written about it in several articles. We would offer the real reason to encourage electrical vehicles is because they will make use of the Smart Grid system.

Over time, various technologies can be introduced that will better control one's driving experience. We can even see the day where locks will be installed on certain home electrical outlets and people will not be able to remove their cars until they have taken garage-based breathalyzer test or gone back into the house to fetch a credit card to pay an overdue parking ticket.

There is always a method to the seeming madness of the elites. Even as Western governments are introducing backscatter X-ray scanners at airports and (in America anyway) intend to introduce them at railroads, sports stadiums and marinas, so electric cars are being relentlessly promoted as well. The result is a kind of security pincer movement where one's travel can be monitored at all levels – at home, driving a car or taking a train or boat, or even attending a sport event. None of this has much to do with "business."

It has to do with control. The vision of the Anglo-American elites is so vast, so intricate it is almost an art form, a kind of poetic meditation. It is a world reduced to 500 million serfs – each one monitored and microchipped. It is a world of vast open spaces and dark, restless, empty oceans. The hovels cling to larger Keeps. Each is equipped with a computerized Smart Grid system tracking the even minutest expenditure of energy, right down to the power pulse of the electric toothbrush before sleep. The moon rises on the tiny dwellings clustered round vast elite redoubts, each one miles from the next, spires gleaming: "Walls and towers girdled round: a miracle of rare device … a savage place! … holy and enchanted … enfolding spots of greenery."

After Thoughts

And so it continues. This small group of Western banking families has a long vision and a broad scope. They are humans, however. If one looks hard, the vision is divined. Modern electronic facilities certainly help. This is big business that the elite is trying to put in place with its advanced energy readouts and global green industries. The question for the investor is whether or not it will work. And, if it does work, will that investor, having profited from it, be able to keep and apply his earnings. The era of Smart Grid approaches.

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