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Hollywood’s War on Humanity
By Peter De Boer - October 10, 2017

Oh, Hollywood… It’s only in this demented part of the planet that a man could give birth to his own mother!

If you haven’t seen it yet check it out.


Its another stillborn of a film slipped out from between Hollywood’s fetid thighs. A movie midwifed by none other than the talented, anti-human auteur Darren Aronofsky.

Thanks, Darren, for sharing with us your great message! Which is that people are shit. We hear it every day, thanks for chiming in.

We are too greedy, noisy, selfish and we use too many resources. Got it.

This self-serving lie has turned into Chinese water torture by now. Its steady, hypnotic beat against our foreheads is designed to get us to agree, if only to make it stop.

We hear it on the news, in the schools, and of course in art. How much of a virus we are.

Listening to those who’ve hijacked our culture you’d think us humans are base cannibals, roasting and eating our dear mother (earth) alive… pass the salt!

How many times have you heard it yourself? From friends, relatives, colleagues, randoms… “Ya know, there are too many people.”

Oh? Quick, kill yourself then. No? I didn’t think so. These types always want to volunteer others though.

Oh, and God is a bastard, of course. Another of Hollywood’s old hats found in the bowels of this film.

So lets recap mother! 

1. Humans are a craven, unworthy lot.
2. It’s because God is a sadist.

That’s the movie, delivered via ham-fisted allegory. Aronofsky says he came up with the idea in 5 days while reflecting on the Bible. It’s also about as long as it takes a ham-fisted sandwich to rot.

This, my friends, is the state of art in the West. It’s our last gasp and the culture vultures are circling.

3 worldwide monopolies are still run out of the United States. Money, War, and Culture. And they go hand in hand in hand.

Hollywood is a keystone here, controlling the zeitgeist. Telling us what’s cool, what’s funny. Who we should be killing.

Over the last hundred years Hollywood has targeted: The Germans, the Germans again, the Russians, the Arabs, the Russians again. In that order. And the Germans still don’t get a day off.

These cultural takedowns always prop up actual wars, hot, cold and proxy.

And now humanity itself is the target. We are being taught through garbage like mother! to hate ourselves. And it’s working. You hear everywhere that overpopulation is the problem.

You hear that because you are the enemy. 

The overpopulation parrots have no imagination. They can’t see the cities built on the mountain ranges, under the sea, in space. Last time I checked a single apple seed can produce an infinite number of apples and seeds. You can grow plants in the middle of the Sahara desert, without soil in glass basins made from sun-welded sand and with water sucked out of the air. How about that.

The issue of resources is a technical one. And if humanity needs a particular resource but can’t get it we’ll invent our way around it. That’s what we do.

Overpopulation isn’t the problem. The boring, unimaginative little monsters that rule over us are. And their disdain for the average person is crystal clear.

Here’s the deal.

If they can convince us that we are animals, they can then treat us like animals.

Its all the justification needed to corral us, tag us, shear us, and butcher us. Those that orchestrate such mental machinations are the same types of people that rolled heads down pyramids.

And Hollywood isn’t just a perverted pedo-playground producing garbage. Hollywood is bonafide cancer engaged in psycho-cultural warfare.

If only we could stop dancing to their tune and recognize it for the death dirge that it is.

mother? Not mine.

This boring story of the human animal has run its course. Let’s get back to the inspiration that accompanied the divine human. Let’s reach for the real stars.

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