How the Hell Does the Dow Break 13,000?
By Staff News & Analysis - February 21, 2012

Dow crosses 13,000 for first time since May 2008 … Market sentiment was boosted by news that euro zone finance ministers secured a deal that will enable Greece to avoid a March default. A deal on the 130 billion euro ($172.47 billion) bailout was reached after Greece was forced to accept unpopular fiscal measures, and private bondholders agreed to steeper losses. Analysts said the deal was already priced into the market, which showed a muted response as initial optimism waned on questions about Greece's dismal economic outlook. "Any pullbacks will be looked at as potential entry opportunities as investors, in many cases, are underperforming the benchmark S&P 500. As the market keeps impressing, market short-players will be forced to reconsider the macro bets they've made, and thus a run to cover could propel another upside surge." – MSNBC

Dominant Social Theme: Let the good times roll.

Free-Market Analysis: In a number of articles now, we dealt with the idea that the economic statistics were being manipulated in the US to try to ensure Barack Obama's re-election.

How does something like that happen? Well, you have to assume that there is a powerful elite that directs the media at a high level. Of course, it helps that US media has "consolidated" to about five companies in total. If one owned those five corporations, it wouldn't be difficult to manipulate news.

And Barack Obama is certainly a manipulated president. None of his background information has been made public, so far as we know – even going back to kindergarten. His scalp, when his hair is short, reveals a number of scars. What happened to him?

He's one of the most powerful men on the planet. Don't people have a right to know his background generally? How is it possible he gets away with concealing it?

You can almost smell the fear in the US Congress right now. Between FBI wiretaps, Homeland Security terror concerns and increasing unrest among US voters, those in Congress are living on a kind of knife-edge. And public office attracts a certain kind of people anyway.

These people are survivors and pragmatists. Either they are attracted to power generally or they believe they are advancing their careers. But little of it has to do with improving the "state of the nation." The whole idea is to survive to the next term – or the next day – but many in the House of Representatives have already been sacrificed to onrushing dilemmas.

The US political system is effectively dead. It started dying after the Civil War and the 20th century oversaw its complete destruction. The 20th century was the century when the Anglosphere more fully implemented its one world conspiracy, apparently.

Woodrow Wilson had an elite handler, from what we can tell – Edward Mandell House. It was House who oversaw Wilson's endless globalism. Under his watchful gaze, Wilson expanded the power of the presidency considerably, embroiled the US in a world war and oversaw the creation of the US Federal Reserve, income tax and the popular vote.

FDR further expanded Wilson's globalism and each American president thereafter has done his part. John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan – two presidents that some onlookers might say were less amenable to the power-elite agenda – were targeted by assassins.

Who the assassins were is still controversial. In both cases – Reagan's wounding and Kennedy's death – the bullets involved behaved in an unusual way. Kennedy was shot by a "magic" bullet and Reagan was wounded by a bullet that ricocheted off the door of his limo and bounced backwards.

Bill Clinton, George Bush and now Barack Obama have evidently and obviously participated in elitist efforts to build one-world government. The top elite families that control central banking are obviously intent on continuing their globalist efforts.

Obama's actions in power have been no different than Clinton's or Bush's. Under Obama the economic calamity of fiat money expanded, a depression took hold and more wars have been started. This is all within the strategic ambit of a larger elite plot, from what we can tell.

The idea is apparently to create first an economic depression and then a larger regional or globalist war. Both of these strategies are being implemented now. One will make people accepting of global money and the other will allow the elites to arrest anyone who disagrees with them.

To this end, it would seem, those in control of Western politics have decided that Barack Obama is to have another term. The drumbeat of "good" economic news started quite a while ago. First we learned that the US's economic picture was surprisingly "rosy" and employment was headed up.

Of course, this is simply not so. Unemployment is probably close to 20 percent in the US – and that's just among those who haven't given up looking for work. The figures being used are entirely phony.

Now we see that the stock market itself is in an optimistic phase, based on the EU's "agreement" with Greece. This is so much hooey. The US economy is not turning around and the Greek "deal" if it doesn't unravel tomorrow or the next day is essentially meaningless.

Greek is broke and the elites have apparently decided to use it as an object lesson to frighten other Southern European PIGS into compliance with the "program" – which is a political as well as economic EU.

There is of course no recovery in the US. As we've written numerous times, the US economy – the West's really – is in a metals bull market. Metals bull markets end with junior mining stock blowoffs, just as happened in the late 1970s. We're several years away from such an event yet.

The drumbeat of "good" economic news will end when Barack Obama is re-elected president, so far as we can tell. At that point, the drumbeat of BAD economic news will likely resume as the powers-that-be continue to pursue their "pincer" strategy of bad economic times and expanding war. It worked in the 1930s – by the mid-1940s the rudiments of global government had emerged, including the UN, IMF, BIS and World Bank. It would seem the "next" push is underway now.

Of course, what we call the Internet Reformation is in our view, making it much harder for the elites to consolidate their globalist plans. That doesn't mean they're not going to try, however. They're growing increasingly brutal, in our view – and their manipulations are increasingly obvious.

After Thoughts

How they will deal with tens of millions of desperate people who UNDERSTAND the manipulations taking place is not clear to us. Perhaps there IS no backup plan. What they DO have in mind seems to involve Barack Obama.

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