Infinitesimal Triumphs at Cern
By Staff News & Analysis - December 08, 2011

Cern scientist expects 'first glimpse' of Higgs boson … A respected scientist from the Cern particle physics laboratory has told the BBC he expects to see "the first glimpse" of the Higgs boson next week. It comes as the search for the mysterious fundamental particle reaches its endgame. If so, this will be a significant milestone for teams at the famous Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The particle-accelerating machine on the French-Swiss border was built with the hunt for the Higgs as a key goal. The collider smashes beams of protons together in head-on collisions, with signs of the Higgs boson, perhaps, in the debris. The Higgs boson is notoriously difficult to define, but its existence helps us to understand why particles have mass. – BBC

Dominant Social Theme: We are closing in on an infinitesimal particle that requires a "collider" the size of the universe to discern.

Free-Market Analysis: The universe is likely electrical, not gravitational. A child could probably see this, if he or she knew where to look. All the vast nebulae and the other patterns in the universe mimic electrical patterns. The nebulae itself is an electrical pattern found throughout matter.

But this does not "matter" to the powers-that-be. They plunge on with their loony theories about black holes, string theory, infinite universes, innumerable dimensions, etc. because the elite's dominant social theme is an important one: Science is "big" and far too complicated for normal people to understand.

What is it that Big Science does not understand about Occam's razor? The electrical universe explains almost all the anomalies that the current era's gravitational scientists strain to comprehend. Every time a new problem occurs, one scientist or another is ready to come forth with another "one-off" rationale.

And so over time, the current gravitational theory has become an unruly mess. The current theory can explain almost nothing coherently, not even how comets work. We wrote about that here, in July: Comets Support Evidence of the Electrical Universe.

For our intro, we quoted from an article we found at one of the best electrical universe websites, Thunderbolts. Here's part of it: "The Electric Comet: The Elephant in NASA's Living Room? … This interpretation of comet and asteroid formation is supported by the experimental work of plasma physicist C J Ransom at Vemasat Laboratories. Ransom subjected a bed of hematite to an electric arc, creating a number of fused spheres alongside occasional double-lobed configurations. The latter were remarkably similar to the incongruous shapes of numerous comets and asteroids …"

See how neat the electrical universe theory is? One guy with an "electrical arc" can recreate universal patterns in a single experiment. Contrast this to what's going on in Switzerland where the multi-billion dollar Hadron Collider, spanning some three countries (something like that) strains to produce an infinitesimal particle that will supposedly validate a theory of the universe that should have died in the 20th century.

Suns are not apparently nuclear incubators. Stars are not, it seems, atomic furnaces. They are electrical "knots" of some sort and, in the case of our own sun, the plasma shield may actually extend all the way out to Pluto. But you will learn none of this speculative but extraordinary information from standard astronomy. Here's some more from the article excerpted above:

Next Tuesday, two separate teams will each reveal the outcome of trawling through their latest data from LHC collisions. A spokesman for one of these teams told us that this year alone they've searched the remains of some 350 trillion collisions, with only ten or so producing candidates for a reliable sign of the Higgs.

The two teams of scientists work independently, using two separate detectors – called ATLAS and CMS – each relying on different technologies. This way they provide an independent cross- check for each other. How closely their results agree will be an important measure of how significant a finding they can claim.

The teams are sworn to secrecy, but various physics blogs, and the canteens at Cern, are alive with talk of a possible sighting of the Higgs, and with a mass inline with what many physicists would expect.

The teams have been focusing-in on the Higgs by ruling out energy ranges where it might be lurking. They now expect to see it at around 120 to 125 GeV (gigelectronvolts), where one GeV is about the mass of a proton. Professor John Ellis, a former head of theoretical physics at Cern, told Newsnight's science editor Susan Watts about the growing sense of excitement at Cern, a week ahead of that key science meeting next Tuesday.

Perhaps they will find something. Or perhaps not. Perhaps they will even claim to have found something earth-shattering, worthy of a Nobel Prize. But it won't be … It is already over, in our humble view. All one has to do is read! Just read … Use the Internet.

In a single afternoon, one can learn more, apparently, than a million highly accredited Ph.D.s wasting their valuable careers on mumbo jumbo. The electrical universe theory is elegant, simple, reproducible and apparently predictable. The gravitational theory is chaotic and increasingly ludicrous.

Like a bug in the bloodstream, it persists. Billions are thrown at it each year. The Anglosphere power elite that wants to control the world has an overriding compulsion to ensure that people think science – especially space science – is incredibly complex and impossible for average people to understand. Part of building up the cult of the (nonexistent) expert. It's the reason why people need enlightened rulers to peer through the darkness, seeing what they cannot.

Oh, those experts! In fact, the universe may be EASY to understand once one has decided the current nonsensical formulas are not valid. Of course, the larger issues are incredibly hard to understand from a scientific standpoint – the ones that have to do with infinity itself. But that's another story …

Bottom line: How can the really HARD issues be tackled when the scientific community won't even recognize the powerful evidence for an electrical universe under their collective noses? The lure of all the grant money is just too much, we guess.

After Thoughts

And, gee, if the "little people" actually understood celestial science, what then? Another elite dominant social theme would be in danger of disintegration. And they've lost so many of them already! …

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