Internet Reformation Rolls On? … Now Ireland Vote Seen as Threat to EU
By Staff News & Analysis - February 29, 2012

Decision to hold referendum surprises many across EU … The decision to hold a referendum could have profound consequences for the country's future prosperity has caused some surprise in other European Union capitals. In an unexpected intervention in the Dáil yesterday, Taoiseach Enda Kenny announced that a referendum would be held on the European Stability Treaty. Mr Kenny said he strongly believed that it was "very much in Ireland's national interest" that the treaty be approved by the people. No date has been set for the referendum but it is expected to take place in May or June … Dr Günther Krichbaum, CDU European spokesman in parliament, said the question Ireland had to vote on was: "Do we want to stand together, do we want a stable and prospering union from which future generations can benefit?" – Irish Times

Dominant Social Theme: These pesky Irish! There are five million of them and 400 million Europeans. Here's a solution. If the Irish are so skeptical of continental rule from Brussels, they can simply go away. We're wiping them out economically via "austerity," but we'd be glad to speed up the process by military means. Say, the Brits really had the right idea. There are really only two solutions to the Irish problem: famine or the sword. Maybe both.

Free-Market Analysis: What the heck are the Irish up to now? Nobody else is going to have a referendum on the European Stability Treaty! It's the last best hope to keep the EU solvent and to knit it into one happy nation like the US.

You know, the Germans said it was unconstitutional and then backed down. And the Germans are way better people that the Irish. That's right. Just better!

More industrious. Bigger brains. Certainly more disciplined. What do the Irish ever do besides frequent pubs, sing drinking songs and scribble in notebooks?

WE don't believe that, of course, dear reader. But we can hear the whining and complaining all the way from Brussels. They were, perhaps, caught by surprise by this latest eruption of democracy.

The Eurocrats hated it last time when the Irish voted not once but twice on a treaty that gave the EU quasi-constitutional powers. Those powers had been enshrined in a "constitution" – but it was an unpopular one and was voted down by the Irish and even by the French.

The constitution was rewritten as the Treaty of Lisbon – so that the "common people" of Europe would not have to vote on it. It was then promptly passed by various European parliaments. Only the Irish remained outliers.

Enormous pressure was brought on the Irish. Eventually, the Treaty was approved and by 2009 it came into force. Ireland's economy was collapsing by then and the Eurocrats from Brussels promptly descended on Ireland to implement "austerity."

This was part of the plan, of course. The mild-mannered Eurocrats intended to place their boot on the Irish throat – the combined throat of Europe, in fact. The cynical laughter could be heard all the way to Brussels. The fools! The Irish, pressured incessantly by their own elites, had provided the tools of their own demise.

And yet … the Southern Europeans are not going as quietly as was perhaps expected. The Spanish rioted again yesterday. And the Greeks, meanwhile, are in full-cry over the "austerity" programs that the EU elites have been trying to inflict on that wretched country. Now, perhaps, the Irish shall conduct their riot via the ballot box.

We recently posted a video entitled "Irish Bulldog Vincent Browne Pounds EU's Klaus Masuch Over the Irish Bank Bailout." You can see it here.

At the time, we pointed out the following: "In this YouTube clip we can watch Browne absolutely blow apart the arguments of EU and ECB banking representatives regarding the responsibility of the Irish to pay billions and billions to make European banks solvent for their poor investments in Irish real estate. It's a kind of tour-de-force."

We figure that Browne's fury is likely shared by a number of his countrymen. Attending an EU press conference, Browne was blunt about the EU's deeds regarding Ireland. At one point, he accused Masuch of participating in the degradation and financial ruin of Irish society. Masuch smirks. No answer, though.

Masuch is German but it is not the Germans that are behind the EU but the Anglosphere power elite – Jewish, Vatican, corporate, military and royalist interests – that are trying to build a one-world government.

The EU is a big stepping-stone toward one-world government and the elites are determined to perpetuate it. Someday the full story about how the Anglosphere elites maneuvered behind the scenes to build the EU via bribery and threats will be told. But right now it seems to us that, unexpectedly, the entire project may be in jeopardy.

We have long argued that an Internet Reformation is taking place across the world and that it is challenging the one-worldism the elites are trying to implement. We think the fear-based promotions – dominant social themes – that the powers-that-be use to try to control the masses are failing as a result.

Too many know too much now. As a result, such memes as global warming and Keynesian central banking (to name just two) have come under relentless attack. The ongoing unraveling (if it is that) is likely extending to the EU.

Of course, some of the EU's problems were not only anticipated but actually desired. The top men of the EU – those who directly or indirectly report to the handful of impossibly monied elites that apparently run the world – actually hoped for the current Euro-depression, certainly in Southern Europe.

They had plans to build a "closer" union from the economic wreckage that would result. And this they have begun to do. But hasn't the Internet complicated their task considerably? It has spread the word about this foul plot and interfered in the spread of pro-EU government propaganda.

Even recently, we'd argue, there have been setbacks to this strategy. So … look on it as a game of chess. The Anglosphere elites (ironic that they work out of the City of London) have been forced to sacrifice, at least to some degree, Britain itself.

Greece has proven a good deal more fractious perhaps than anticipated. And even the docile German public is proving resistant to the bailouts that the PIGS shall demand.

Previously, France itself, a prime motor of the EU, voted AGAINST a constitution that the Eurocrats wanted to implement, along with several other countries including the Irish. And now the Irish are threatening to upset EU plans AGAIN.

The Irish Times carried the article, above, that we excerpted but in the same edition we find another article entitled "Barroso Says Passing Treaty is in Ireland's Interest."

This silk-suited thug, as we have referred to him, is unenthusiastic about the Irish planned vote. Democracy is so "inconvenient" sometimes. Here's some more from the second article:

European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso has said passing the European fiscal compact treaty is in Ireland's interest. Speaking at a news conference in Brussels today Mr Barroso said the treaty would help to rebuild the Irish economy but ultimately it was up to each member state to decide on whether to approve it or not.

Earlier, Minister for European Affairs Lucinda Creighton said it would "send a very negative signal to investors" if voters fail to pass a referendum on the treaty. It also emerged today the vote on the fiscal compact would be held separately from other referendums planned this year.

It would be "very difficult" if Ireland were the only euro-area country not to ratify the treaty, Ms Creighton said. "It's not just a treaty for Ireland but one for all of the euro zone, and it's really about putting in place rules that are going to help the Irish currency, which is the euro, to stabilise," she told RTÉ's Morning Ireland programme.

Barroso and the rest of the Eurocrats DON'T want this sort of referendum. His protests are NOT disingenuous, in our view. Britain has already more definitively spun out of the EU orbit, Greece is on its way and now the Irish may be gone as well.

No matter what happens with the Irish vote, we'd argue that the amount of push-back the Eurocrats are currently experiencing is well beyond what they expected when they first anticipated that an economic crisis would allow them to tighten their control over these fractious nation-states.

From the Daily Bell's very beginnings (and long before that) we've argued that when the militant tribes of Europe discovered that centralization was no longer in their self-interest they'd begin to dissent.

These various tribes constitute some of the most militant and violent peoples in the world – from time to time anyway – with a continuous history of violence and warfare. The idea that they would meekly consent to impoverishment and authoritarianism after a half-century of relative peace and prosperity always seemed more theoretical than realistic to us.

Now Barroso, a socialist and one of the continent's top Eurocrats, is worried about a potential Irish referendum. He and the others are fighting many battles at the same time. It is a multi-front war, never a desirable strategic environment. No, it's likely not as easy as they thought to take over a continent by subterfuge when your every move is being reported and debated electronically.

After Thoughts

Perhaps he and the other Eurocrats will have to take over the Internet before they can consolidate Europe. Good luck with that.

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