IRS Malfeasance Gives a Glimpse of Larger Government Corruption
By Daily Bell Staff - May 25, 2016

No One Hates the IRS More Than House Republicans … Pity John Koskinen, who agreed to take one of the worst jobs in America and is now being punished for it.  In 2013, President Barack Obama asked Koskinen to take over at the Internal Revenue Service amid budgetary chaos, deteriorating morale and a simmering scandal. House Republicans are now trying to impeach him.  – Bloomberg

We don’t pity John Koskinen. We watched a good deal of the IRS hearings as they unfolded and it was fairly obvious a cover-up was taking place.

The people involved either weren’t telling the truth or were subject to convenient memory lapses.

It was obvious that higher-up officials at the IRS, presumably at the behest of the Obama administration, has schemed to delay the non profit status of Tea Party groups opposed to Obama.

It was obvious as well that no matter how much evidence was collected by the committee under Republican leadership, the Democratic Department of Justice would not bring an indictment.

And it did not.

IRS officials destroyed emails by “accident” while blaming the actions of the IRS on out-of-control low level individuals.

The woman at the center of the scandal, Lois Lerner, resigned and took the fifth. The Committee talked about indicting her as a first step to putting her in prison, but nothing has happened.

The cover-up went all the way to the top. Koskinen himself, while giving the appearance of being cooperative, always seemed a step behind the investigation.

There were many things he didn’t know about. And after a while it became obvious that he didn’t want to know.

Koskinen’s job, as an Obama appointee, was to clean up and move on.


Blame was duly apportioned … The agency’s boss resigned, a top deputy retired, and the director of the offending unit was placed on leave and declared in contempt of Congress. Half a dozen congressional committees vowed to fumigate every pixel of offending detail. One managed to produce an 8,000-page report.

It certainly sounds like there were repercussions, but not really. Someone retired. Ms. Lerner was questioned by Congress. A voluminous report was produced and ignored.

Delaying non profit status of anti-Obama groups was only the latest IRS sin.

A previous scandal saw the IRS apologizing for what reports called “a lavish 2010 conference in California that included an elaborate Star Trek spoof training video.”

The entire conference cost upwards of $3 million and the IRS later warned expenses could exceed $5 million.

The agency didn’t know exactly how much because no one was keeping track of costs.

And that’s the real problem: government doesn’t operate like a normal business.

It doesn’t operate like any kind of venture. The normal checks and balances that exist in private commerce are suspended.

And the laws that citizens have to obey don’t apply to those in Congress.

The result is institutional arrogance. Spend any time in the higher reaches of government and you are surely aware of the protective layers.

The IRS is a good example of how the protection works.

IRS officials don’t have to keep track of how much they spend.

They can send personal, incriminating e-mails knowing that if there’s any trouble those emails will be erased and “lost.”

If they’re hauled before Congress, they can lie without being exposed to significant penalties.

If something damning is proven, they can resign without prosecution.

Congress hasn’t criminally prosecuted a single individual involved in the IRS coverup. But that is to be expected.

Congress is part of the problem as well. When people are asked if Congress is trustworthy only some six percent agree.

That’s a rounding error.

Both parties are willing to spend trillions of dollars fighting the War on Terror. But everyone on Capitol Hill surely knows that the CIA and the Pentagon created first Al Qaeda and then ISIS in the first place.

They just don’t mention it.

The idea is to build a “terrorist” enemy that the military industrial complex can fight.

Eventually tens of trillions are to spent in pursuit of this initially fictitious enemy.

Congress is deeply complicit in this military hoax. So is the President. So is the judiciary.

Congress knows as well, that the current monetary system is ruinous. It also knows that in this era of modern central banking, the IRS is not even necessary.

The Fed can print all the money it wants. It supposedly printed and sent $16 trillion around the world after the 2008 market crash. Very little of those “short term loans” were every repaid.

It is very likely that almost nothing about the US graduated income tax is exactly as it seems. When it comes to US taxes, official explanations are questionable indeed.

This article grapples with the question of IRS corruption. But the issue is actually a lot bigger than that. All three branches of government are  indefensibly corrupt.

Conclusion: Since everyone is involved, no one will be identified or accused. The best thing American citizens can do is probably to stay far away from Capitol Hill. Take care of yourself and your family and be prepared for a variety of unfolding scenarios. Nothing is  certain but the corruption.

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