Is It a New Enlightenment Yet?
By Staff News & Analysis - September 19, 2011

One of the positive consequences of the false flag 9/11 attacks has been the rebirth of independent thought in the Western citizenry and an independent press in America and across the world. All the establishment sources of information and news, whether television or print, are losing credibility and public trust by the day. They are beyond redemption. Their complicity in war crimes and crimes against democracy will never be forgotten. If they are not in the gutter of history already, they soon will be when 9/11 truth reaches critical mass. Replacing the treacherous and unethical mainstream media is the honourable and honest alternative media. The Alex Jones Show, Democracy Now, the Young Turks, and other alternative media outlets are deviating from the official versions of history and questioning the origins of the conflicts in the Middle East. – Saman Mohammadi The Excavator

Dominant Social Theme: A new Enlightenment is on the way. But who's paying attention?

Free-Market Analysis: Saman Mohammadi, the "truth excavator," has recently written an intriguing article, "The Rise of 9/11 Truth And The Second Western Enlightenment." We have commented on Mohammadi's courageous insights before and this is article is especially interesting to us because of our long-standing commitment to promoting what we have taken to calling the Internet Reformation or Rennaisance.

What struck us initially about this article of Mohammadi's was its hopeful tone. As we can see from the initial article excerpt, Mohammadi believes an Internet "Enlightenment" is the result of "false flag" 9/11 attacks. He also configures this Enlightenment as the product of the "honorable" alternative media, which includes the "Young Turks" and "Democracy Now."

For Saman Mohammadi, alternative media of this sort is an outgrowth of the 9/11 truth and justice movement. "The psychopathic elite and their moronic puppets in governments and media institutions cannot prevent the natural progress of freedom, peace, knowledge, truth, and love … Thanks to the 9/11 truth movement, there is reason for people to be hopeful and optimistic about the future."

OK, a quibble. The Young Turks and other leftist alternative media have NOT questioned the official version of 9/11 so far as we know. Finding out what REALLY happened on 9/11 (whatever did happen) is not of great importance to either of these media efforts so far as we can tell.

Also, leftist media outlets such as these tend to blame corporations and "greedy rich people" for what is obviously an organized conspiracy (as Mohammadi himself would agree) of impossibly wealthy banking families that are driving the world toward global governance. Here's some more from the article:

A New Age of Reason Is Emerging From The Dark Age of Misinformation … What is happening now in the West is a continuation of the European Enlightenment. We are witnessing a second enlightenment and a new age of reason. The first age of reason led to the founding of the American republic, women's rights, the abolition of African American slavery, the progress of equality and human dignity, and the dominance of science over religion.

But then new tyrants came onto the scene of history. Oligarchical families like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and others made it their historical mission in the beginning of the twentieth century to dominate not just the West, but the whole world. They took America and the West on a dark and antifreedom detour in the last century that included unnecessary world wars and horrific economic depressions which economists now say were preventable.

From Latin America to America to Europe, millions of people have suffered under an unjust banking system that Western oligarchical families put into place in America in 1913, and then across the world after the end of World War II. Americans were once proud owners of their money system, but with the establishment of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank they became debt slaves.

The ultimate plan of the Western oligarchy is to destroy democratic nation states, sweep aside the natural rights of man, and create a one world dictatorial government that is fully controlled by unaccountable multinational corporations and international banks.

Mohammadi finishes with a flourish. "Stand proud conspiracy theorists and 9/11 truthers. You have made it your mission to advance the cause of human reason. And because of your determination, insight, and passion, you have been successful in preserving the greatest gift of the West to the world: intellectual freedom from the State."

This is a stirring conclusion; however, another quibble. We long ago purposefully declined to call what is going on an "Enlightenment" because the Enlightenment includes the "Age of Reason" – which is the cause of many (or most) of the troubles in the world.

The Age of Enlightenment (or simply the Enlightenment or Age of Reason) was an elite cultural movement of intellectuals in 18th century Europe, that sought to mobilize the power of reason in order to reform society and advance knowledge … Ruling princes often endorsed and fostered Enlightenment figures and even attempted to apply their ideas of government. The Enlightenment flourished until about 1790–1800.

We can see from the little Wikipedia squib above that the Enlightenment (Age of Reason) applied the "power of reason" to government. In fact, the Age of Reason was all about PERFECTING human interactions via the POWER OF GOVERNMENT. This is actually antithetical to what is going on today and thus we have chosen NOT to use the term "Enlightenment" when speaking of the changes that the Internet is evidently and obviously making.

We would rather, in fact, for several reasons call what is going on a "Renaissance" instead of a "Reformation" – but "Internet Renaissance" doesn't have quite the same ring to it as "Internet Reformation" … and so we have settled on that terminology.

As much as we are we are fans of Mr. Mohammadi's fearless brand of truth-telling journalism, we hope the "Internet Enlightenment" does NOT catch on as description of what is going on today.

The Enlightenment was responsible for the French Revolution, Rousseau's mad attraction to Paleolithic savagery and even, one could argue, for the horrible "isms" of the 19th and 20th enturies, including communism, socialism and fascism. The idea that human beings can be "perfected" by government is an attractive one, but it is antithetical in our view to what is taking place. The Internet is all about creative chaos.

Mr. Mohammadi also makes the point that the Age of Reason led to many good outcomes including women's rights, the progress of equality and the dominance of science over religion. It is, however, an unfortunate truth, as we have tried to point out for years, that much of what passed for progress during the Age of Reason was likely a manipulation of the power elite.

The modern elite one-world conspiracy does not go back 100 years, but probably 300 years or more and was responsible for the bloody French Revolution and the woes that came after that. The abolition of slavery in America, putatively a result of the US Civil War (War Between the States) would likely have happened anyway, as it did in Britain as the Industrial Revolution gained momentum.

Women's liberation, also perhaps a supposed outcome of the Age of Reason, has a fairly suspicious pedigree in our estimation. Of course, we have no quarrel with the idea that sexes are "equal" and that people generally ought to have the opportunity to do as they choose. However, we tend to believe that the "women's movement" was manipulated by an elite that needed to put women to work because central banking was inflating away the average household income. Additionally, many prominent members of the women's movement have been socialist and communist. A free-market movement it was not and is not. It was in our view a "directed" one.

Finally, we have no quarrel with science; but science in the modern era is deeply compromised by government funding and has been for a long time. Hypothetically, the West's emphasis on science and logic is a good thing; in practice, not so much. (For more on this, read Saturday's staff editorial – Science and the Free Market of Ideas.)

Religion may even be seen as a hallmark of a free society. In fact, it is perhaps a kind of puerile libertarian conceit that a society without government would be a society where "anything goes." Here's a point we have made before: Societies that lack the heavy hand of authoritarian government may tend to be spiritual or at least religious in nature.

Human beings are tribal creatures and often seek some sort of organizational structure. The freer a society, the more apt it is, perhaps, to have a religious nature and to substitute the rule of God (a god or gods) for the rule of man. History shows us this over and over. The idea that a free society would be godless (or at least lacking in spirituality) is likely incorrect in our view. Just as is the idea that a society lacking government would be "anarchic" in the sense of being disorganized or violent.

We hope that Mohammadi's sincere and insightful article makes many more people aware of what is taking place today. Yes, the Internet is indeed making a difference – and we would argue that the catalyst is the technology itself, not 9/11. What is going on is perhaps a good deal broader than a specific incident, no matter how horrific.

We would humbly make a request of Mohammadi, if by some chance he becomes aware of this article, to reconsider his use of "Enlightenment" to describe what is going on today. Use "Reformation" or "Renaissance" … The Enlightenment and its Age of Reason constitute a fairly dark chapter in the history of humankind.

Editor's Note: In a gracious and well reasoned response, Mr. Mohammadi has replied to our comments on his article. We recommend his follow-up entitled "A Second Western Renaissance (Or Not)," which can be found at his own website, the Excavator, or at We look forward to more of his writing on this topic.

After Thoughts

We will close by re-emphasizing that there is nothing wrong with religion, organized or not, within a free-market society. People are entitled to worship as they choose, and to forego worshipping, as well. Free markets are all about choice and human beings well may wish to petition God – whatever god they choose – as they are surely not perfectible. The Age of Reason has shown us that.

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