Is It the Fault of Zionists?
By Staff News & Analysis - October 31, 2011

What is Zionism? … A Zionist is one who believes in a Jewish homeland … "Nothing in all the World is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity" – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 1963. When Dr. King spoke those all-too phonetic [sic] words, I don't think he was thinking about the so-called problems created by Zionist Jewish bankers. I'm pretty sure he wasn't thinking Jews should be deported, thirty-eight years ago. It would appear the Occupy Wall Streeters anti-Semitic contingent is still spittin' their stuff. – Canada Free Press

Dominant Social Theme: It's not the fault of the Jews! It's the fault of Zionists!

Free-Market Analysis: When it comes to analyzing the dominant social themes of the elites, nothing is clear cut immediately – especially long-promoted belief systems. In the 21st century we have observed various brilliant debunkings of elite promotions that have long been held as fact – things we here at DB long believed were true and now see are evidently and obviously false.

Everything from gravity to vaccines to the money system itself has come under attack, and for good reason. We thought we had some "smarts" and yet our entire world and all our assumptions were part of a prepackaged system. We lived in a matrix and until the Internet came along, we were content with our obliviousness.

Having said this, we want to make a point that some elite dominant social themes take a lot more killing than others. And chief among these, it seems to us, is the meme that Jews – and Zionists – are behind all the problems of the world today. Yet this remains an (increasing) item of faith among many of even the most brilliant Internet revisionist journos and historians.

We've struggled with this meme ourselves, of course. We're well aware that one of the bona fides of "bold" alternative journalism is the fearless ability to declaim that "Jews" and "Zionists" are behind the world's troubles. But what if this is another meme? What if the great ("Jewish") central banking families WANT to propagate this understanding?

What if the State of Israel had actually been set up as a source of aggravation? What if "Jews" actually in a sense fund and control the Palestinian opposition and were even the master manipulators of people like Yasser Arafat? Could this be possible? Why would the great Jewish central banking families – and their non-Jewish religious, corporate and military enablers and associates do such a thing? And could they? Would they be so perfidious? Would they be so brutal to their own "chosen" people? Would they?

To ask such questions, of course, is to step on almost every politically correct red line of the modern Western world. This is why we are, in part, attracted to this short article (excerpted above) questioning in factual terms exactly what Zionism is and how it is to be defined. The article is written within the context of the expanding "anti-Semitism" on the 'Net, apparently shared by many denizens of Occupy Wall Street. We won't comment further on it directly but will use it as a jumping-off point for additional speculation on the matter.

Can the world's woes be laid at the feet of "Jews" or even "Zionists"? Certainly it seems to us there is a GROUP of entities that make up a power elite intent on running the world. This group includes "Jewish" families, but also religious leaders from the Vatican as well as other power elite segments: Corporate, military and economic associates and enablers. The conspiracy is generally a Western one and has been, apparently, for hundreds of years.

So who is involved specifically in the one-world conspiracy? Well … all of these individuals come together to form what we call for lack of a better term a "Mafia." (We have also tried out the term "Pharisees.") The signature of any such "family" is its intent to hire those individuals with whom it is culturally familiar.

Now, naturally, there are those hanger-on-ers who seem to be part of the larger mafia but are not. These hanger-on-ers are evident when it comes to the Italian Mafia as well. They are not "insiders" but they wish to be – and act as if they ARE insiders. They are not.

To say, then, that all Jews or all Zionists are responsible for the evil in this world and the current exercise of the nascent one-world order is wrong. There are plenty of Jews who would be repulsed by what their own "elites" have done on their behalf if they fully understood it.

There are plenty of Jews who believe the creation of israel was a mistake, and a bloody one, as we do, and that it ought to be a secular state. But there are plenty of Jewish schoolteachers in Long Island, NY who believe in the necessity of the State of Israel. Should they be run out of America on a rail because they are "Zionist?"

In our view, they are not evil people, simply misinformed. America was founded on an Amer-Indian genocide but not every modern American is considered culpable. Is every Jew culpable for Israel? Of course, the response is that "Zionist" means something other than those who support the formation and continuance of a Jewish state. In this case, we'd recommend another word. The term isn't clarifying anything when used to delineate deeper, malevolent forces.

Nonetheless, the "bold" segment of Internet alternative journos continually elaborate on the idea that the one-world order is a "Jewish" concept. Yet not all "Jews" (whatever the definition of a Jew is) are plotting for one-world government any more than all Italians want to spread the Mafia around the world. Not all Zionists, either.

To use the term "Jew" or "Zionist" when describing those behind the incipient one-world order is to grossly overgeneralize in our view. To demand that all "Zionist Jews" must be brought to justice, or even run out of the US as one Occupy Wall Street-er recently suggested is most questionable as well. (And that's putting it mildly.)

We have also advanced the idea that the great central banking families are "Jewish" in name only. This is rebutted by those who believe that the great central banking families and others are motivated by secret Talmudic doctrines that resemble Satanism. And yet … these are the same individuals in many cases who would maintain those running the great families (that must, evidently and obviously, exist) are either sociopaths or downright psychopaths, able to plan bloody wars in order to line their own pocketbooks and increase their power.

This seems to us a contradiction. Sociopaths by definition are exploiters. They believe – or claim to believe – whatever expedites their goals. One famous and impossibly wealthy family, for instance, is painted as manipulative enough to seek to rule the world but yet is stupid enough in aggregate to build a Supreme Court building in Israel replete with Illuminati symbolism – and to publicize it.

It never seems to occur to anyone that such activities resemble a promotion more than they resemble an act of religiosity. We've made the point before that these great families seem to be USING religion. They are within this context not "of religion" – certainly not the "Jewish religion." They are MANIPULATORS of it.

We are well aware that it is fashionable to blame Jews or at least Zionists for the one-world conspiracy. But what is going on today seems to us to be a criminal conspiracy not a religious one. By definition, a conspiracy must be limited to conspirators.

To claim that all Jews are involved in these one-world manipulations, or even that it is fully a "Zionist" conspiracy, is quite a "stretch." Just as it is to claim that all Italians are part of the Mafia. And here is one significant question that occurs to us: Is it possible that certain powers-that-be have a stake in creating tensions in the Middle East and would go almost any lengths to do so?

Is it possible the Zionist meme (and the "evil Jew" meme itself) are a kind of promotion? Certainly there are historical precedents, serious ones, but the modern elites are skilled at using historical trend-lines to their advantage. Everything else floated by this elite group is seemingly phony, after all. Why not this, too?

After Thoughts

It would seem to us that these great central banking families might be interested in creating the very conclusions that energetic Internet journos claim to be discovering about Jews and Zionists. Are they perhaps interested in blurring the lines between their OWN actions and the larger Jewish population? If this is the case, then these intrepid souls are being manipulated by the very forces they claim to be fighting against. They are perhaps following a line of breadcrumbs to an intended destination.

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