Is the EU Nazi Inspired?
By Staff News & Analysis - September 08, 2011

Plan For 'European Economic Government' Was Brainchild Of Nazis… Economic Terrorists Seek 'United States of Europe' … European globalists are committing another act of economic terrorism by exploiting the euro debt crisis in a bid to create a "United States of Europe," with European Council president Herman van Rompuy announcing he is ready to spearhead the group, a move that frighteningly parallels plans by top Nazis, many of whom went on to found the EU, and their mission to build a continent-wide economic government. EU leaders are fear-mongering over the consequences of member states abandoning the single currency, warning that a euro collapse would lead to martial law and even civil war. – Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars, etc.

Dominant Social Theme: The EU is a German invention, which makes it even more evil. It has nothing to do with the great banking families of the Anglopshere.

Free-Market Analysis: It is fashionable in certain places to blame what has happened to America and Europe on Germany and the Nazis, but we didn't expect to see this meme presented at the Alex Jones sites, Infowars, et al. Paul Joseph Watson, who has written many good and brave articles, writes it but in our view he seemingly misses the larger picture with this one.

The Anglosphere power elite that is behind most of the problems of the world would surely like to blame its actions on the Germans, but even a brief evaluation of current events should help convince one that this is simply untrue. And why reinforce this particular meme in the first place?

We find it to be important because we occasionally get feedback citing the theory and because across the Internet, especially in the alternative press, one finds scattered articles about how the Nazis still control the Western world (mostly through American military might). Some websites and Youtube videos are devoted to the proposition.

The argument is, in part, that the Germans who were brought surreptitiously to America under the CIA's Operation Paperclip ended up running the country – equally secretly. It is not clear to us how German scientists achieved this goal, but for certain true believers it is apparently self-evident. Here's some more from the article:

"European Council president Herman van Rompuy said yesterday that he was ready to run for a second term as European Union president, to lead a "United States of Europe," reports the Irish Independent. "Mr Van Rompuy has announced he is willing to take on the 'unfinished' eurozone debt crisis with new powers setting an 'economic government' in Brussels."

Simultaneously, British Prime Minister David Cameron last night said that Britain "must let eurozone countries move towards a United States of Europe with a common economic policy," reports the Daily Mail. "The Prime Minister admitted he was not sure whether Germany and other countries had the political will to prevent a break-up of the single currency, but insisted they must be allowed to try – even if that meant closer integration."

The move to exploit the debt crisis in order to completely eviscerate the economic sovereignty of every EU member by forming a central economic planning committee, a United States of Europe, to which all countries are beholden, is not merely an act of economic terrorism, it's a chilling throwback to identical proposals that were the brainchild of top Nazis. Plans to create a federal European economic government in the name of mandating fiscal responsibility and avoiding a repeat of the turmoil in Greece chillingly mirror blueprints concocted in the 1940's.

Watson claims to have "exhaustively documented" the antecedents of the European Common Market, which he calls "the brainchild of top Nazis in the 1940's who wanted to preserve fascist power in the event of defeat in World War Two."

A US Military Intelligence report he writes, also known as The Red House Report, explains how "top Nazis secretly met at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg on August 10, 1944 and, knowing Germany was on the brink of military defeat, conspired to create a Fourth Reich – a pan-European economic empire based around a European common market." Watson finds this especially suspicious in light of the "Economic government proposal backed by the likes of Cameron and van Rompuy."

He also points out that wealthy Nazi industrialists like Alfred Krupp of Krupp Industries and Friedrich Flick, and companies like BMW, Siemens and Volkswagen, worked hard to create a pan-European business empire.

In the same article, however, Watson writes that the foundations for the EU and ultimately the Euro single currency were "laid by the secretive Bilderberg Group in the mid-1950s." What's the connection of Bilderberg to Germany? One of the group's principle founders, he points out, was H. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, a former Nazi SS officer.

He adds that the ideological framework for the European Union goes back to the 1940s when top Nazi economists and academics outlined the plan for a single European economic community, "an agenda that was duly followed after the end of the Second World War."

But we find this in Wikipedia: "Largely due to the devastating effects of war many people turned to the idea of some form of unified Europe, notably William Penn, Abbot Charles de Saint-Pierre, Victor Hugo, Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi and Giuseppe Mazzini. Such ideas became greater in Western Europe following World War I, with the massive loss of life it entailed."

In other words, the idea of a unified Europe was sparked after the FIRST World War, not the second. The League of Nations, which had certain unifying ambitions regarding Europe, was a World War I invention. German Nazis, worried about losing the war, may have plotted a civil takeover of Europe toward the end of World War II, but they were elaborating on a psycho-historical trend that was not a new one.

In our view it makes little sense to blame the European Union on the Nazis. There is in fact plenty of evidence that Hitler never sought a unified Europe under Germany. He apparently intended to expand Germany to the East rather than the West. He let the entire British army escape at Dunkirk.

When one looks at Hitler's funding, the expected names are found. Wall Street was involved in funding, as well, as it had been during the Russian revolution. The German military machine was rebuilt with the help of American and British aid and bank involvement. These are simply facts. There is no denying them.

The Anglosphere power elite seems to have sought some sort of military convulsion following the collapse of the League of Nations. Those who believe in conspiratorial – directed – history will find plenty of evidence that World War II was in a sense deliberately provoked with the goal of justifying a global infrastructure.

In fact, this is just what happened after the war. The BIS was expanded, the IMF was created along with the World Bank and of course the UN got its start following the war. The European Union was another outcome of the war but one would have to argue that the rest of globalist paraphernalia was the product of a German braintrust if one wants to make the argument that EU was Nazi-inspired.

There is a wealth of evidence showing that the current state of the world is the product of the internationalist ambitions of Money Power; and Money Power in the past 300 years is initially a central banking proposition. It was in place long before the Nazis. One can apparently trace parts of it back to Venice a thousand years ago.

Nazi-ism is a political philosophy (a confused one at that). The current globalist conspiracy is the product of the world's great banking families abetted by corporatism, at least two of the world's great religions and is backed by the military might of the United States and the so-called Black Nobility of Europe. It is a conspiracy that has existed for perhaps 300 years, and certainly 200.

After Thoughts

It makes little sense to us to argue that the world's current mess is the product of a secret Nazi plot. There is a clear historical narrative available – one the Internet Reformation has been instrumental in uncovering. It is a narrative that precedes Nazi Germany by decades, even centuries.

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