Is the US Moving ‘Real’ Nukes to Romania?
By Daily Bell Staff - August 19, 2016


US moves nuclear weapons from Turkey to Romania … Two independent sources told that the US has started transferring nuclear weapons stationed in Turkey to Romania, against the background of worsening relations between Washington and Ankara.- Euractiv (here)

Always the nukes.

Whenever there is military tension anywhere in the world that involves the US, it often involves the nuclear “threat” as well.

But as we have been reporting, there are considerable questions about nuclear weapons – how powerful they are and even if they can be used on a regular basis (here, here and here).

We have grave doubts about the entire nuclear narrative, beginning with the initial creation of nukes and then their use on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

That doesn’t mean they don’t exist, but that they do not exist as they have been portrayed. Perhaps they are not so powerful as they are said to be. Perhaps they are more difficult to make and some of the US missile stock doesn’t actually exist.

One theory is that they can only be used at certain times of the year, in harmony with certain aspects of solar activity (here).

Another theory is, in fact, that they don’t exist at all, and we have carried an interview with a water and shipping technologist on this issue (here).

Finally, it is indisputable that most if not all of the nuclear footage released to the general public was faked. You only have to look at it to see (here).

Lookout Mountain in California was the facility that manipulated the films that were released generally (here).

Nuclear weapons have been tested extensively. But usually none of the observers were allowed close to the actual site of the test.

Additionally, there is the possibility that at least some of the test blasts were from TNT or dynamite not from a nuclear chain reaction.

The army itself created “nuclear” explosions near Hawaii in some 1960s tests using TNT and admitted as much (here).

Much more work by the “fourth estate” ought to be done to report aggressively on the history of the atomic bomb in the US and nuclear testing generally. The whole truth has not been told, not by any means.


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