It's an Anglo-American World
By Staff News & Analysis - December 02, 2010

No, Uncle Sam isn't bailing Europe out … Either US Treasury officials (or Reuters ledes) are supreme masters of subtlety, or markets are very stupid. We're going with the latter. We want you to carefully note the following wording of this Reuters report: … What the official is actually saying is 'we'll contribute as normal our share of IMF resources, but we'll support whatever the IMF lends … There is no big IMF pot of money waiting for sick European nations, and to which the US is now giving more than it usually gives to the IMF. The US contribution remains based on the same quota that has always been used. Meanwhile, the IMF often borrows — and then extends its own loans — on a case by case basis rather than using quota-sourced funds to finance loans … So please don't carry on like there's about to be a US capital injection into Europe. – Financial Times

Dominant Social Theme: Everyone should just calm down. It's business as usual.

Free-Market Analysis: We will use this article excerpted above to reinforce our arguments about the validity of the Anglo-American elite and where the nexus of power lies. The article attempts to downplay American involvement in bailing out Europe, and that is as it should be. The Financial Times is an elite mouthpiece, and money power is always reluctant to reveal its origins. But make no mistake: When the EU totters, the Anglo-American elite responds.

It's an Anglo-American world. The recent spate of revelations about the Federal Reserve disbursement to Europe during the height of the financial crisis, and this current article (excerpted above) provide further proof (as if anymore were needed) that the locus of money power is the Anglosphere, not Israel, not the EU, not Germany. We are not surprised that when Europe needs money it turns to America, and that America's Federal Reserve proved to be the lender of last resort. The Fed, obeying orders from Congress just named recipients of $3.3 trillion in emergency Federal Reserve aid; funds it disbursed in 2008 during the height of the financial crisis. Among them were U.S. branches of overseas banks. Bloomberg explains:

The Federal Reserve's emergency lending during the financial crisis spanned the global economy, from the largest U.S. financial firms to community banks, hedge funds and a fast-food company. The Fed, in compliance with orders from Congress, today named recipients of $3.3 trillion in emergency aid … "Perhaps most surprising is the huge sum that went to bail out foreign private banks and corporations," Senator Bernard Sanders, the Vermont Independent who wrote the provision on Fed disclosure, said in a statement today.

Yes, the people running the world, or at least the West, basically constitute an Anglo-American axis. We get pushback on this observation, of course, and from two sides. First of all are those who believe that focusing on an Anglo-American leadership-axis – a small group of intergenerational banking families – is inherently conspiratorial and therefore by definition unserious.

Then there is the other group that finds any mention of the Anglo-American elite to be inaccurate because the control of Britain and America (and the West, and the world) obviously and evidently resides in Israel. The "Jews" and "AIPAC" are the controllers of America (and therefore Britain) and to deny is to be either purposefully misleading or terminally naïve.

And yet … the post-World War II economic environment was created, as we've long noted, by the victors of World War II. Those victors did not live in Israel (which was not founded until 1948) but were Americans and British. The IMF, UN, World Bank, BIS, etc. were all creations of an Anglo-American axis and many of the headquarters and offices reside in Britain and, especially, in America.

Of course, the foundation of the world's economy is not something talked about much in this day and age. The idea is that we are to believe these institutions simply arose, full grown, like Athena from Zeus's forehead. Not so. Each part of the current system of economic affairs was carefully crafted; and the dollar reserve currency was created as well and did not come about as the result of a marketplace evolution. After America was manipulated off the gold standard in 1971, the US and Saudi Arabia concluded a pact whereby Saudi Arabia agreed to take only dollars for oil – petrodollars in other words. Thus the US dollar was enshrined as the world's currency. It was by design not accident.

Note, please, the world's reserve currency is NOT the "new Israel shekel." It is not even the "old" Israel shekel. Israel is not the locus of the world's great events. Israel is not at war in Afghanistan. Israel does not have 1,000 military and intelligence bases around the world; the US has those and shares considerable strategic information with Britain. This is as it should be. Israel and the Mossad are somewhere there in the mix, but to characterize Israel as the senior party is ludicrous.

Pat Buchanan and others like to cry that AIPAC runs America. But the Anglo-American elite runs Israel, just as it runs Europe and much of the rest of the world. To insist that Israel is the power behind the throne makes no sense given the world's evolution and where the power elite resides. Israel is where people of a certain religion congregate. But that does not mean the world is run out of Israel. When Israel needed a Supreme Court building, the Rothschilds provided it – but the corollary was that Israel and the Israeli government would have no say in the building's design or construction. The Knesset itself was provided by the Rothschilds. Some have claimed that Israel is, in fact, a Rothschild project. But, again, what does that say about the power of Israel?

The Rothschilds do not live in Israel. The Rothschild family does not come from Israel (which was only founded in 1948). The locus of money power is not in Israel. Israel may indeed be a creation of the Rothschilds and other powerful banking families, but money power has not gently treated the mass of Jews in Israel or around the world. Jews suffered tremendously in the 20th century, and there is plenty of evidence that this was a deliberate policy of Jewish leaders, at least in part, to drive Jews into Israel – and out of a cruel world.

Are these important points? In our view they are. The Internet is filled with denunciations of Jews and Jewish malevolence. We have speculated, for instance, that Julian Assange was a creation of Western intelligence agencies. These could reasonably include the CIA and MI6 – and Mossad as well. But over and over, in the alternative Internet press, we read wearily that Assange is solely a Mossad creation and that his leaks only benefit Israel. There is an obsession with Israel in certain parts of the alternative 'Net press that verges on a power-elite promotion. If there is any way to discredit alternative news and information, it resides in hysterical assertions that the "Jews did it."

The control of money power is held by a few banking and media families and other institutions. Maybe the Catholic Church. Maybe a few influential global facilities. But much of it apparently resides with the Rothschilds and its network, and has for hundreds of years. One may call it a "Jewish" network, but certainly one cannot label it as an Israeli network. (The Anglosphere itself might better be described as Jewish in fact, given that Jewish banking families apparently emigrated from Venice long ago and intermarried with British royalty.) Also, the EU is NOT a resurgence of Nazi Germany – a popular meme gathering force in the 21st century. Today's Germany in our view is a fiefdom of the Anglosphere. Germany's gold, some 60 percent of it apparently, resides in the US and is managed by the US Federal Reserve. And possession is 90 percent of ownership, the law tells us.

In the last few issues of the Bell we have dealt intensively with the locus of money power. One can make the argument that Western money power has taken up residence in Russia and China, and has therefore spread around the world. But over and over again, the money trail – revealed – ends up in Britain and America. This is evidently and obviously where global money power has resided, and still resides. This is evidently and obviously where the impetus for global governance has existed. This is what these monetary revelations reveal once again.

Editor's Note: A word on provenance. We wrote the article because once more, as a result of Assange's WikiLeaks program, the blogosphere seems filled with denunciations of Israel and "the Jews." No doubt, the Mossad had a hand in WikiLeaks, along with CIA, MI6, etc., if WikiLeaks is indeed disinformation. They tend to work together, apparently. And it is true, there are those on the Bell (not the elves) with Jewish antecedents, so we tend to follow these trends. But what goes on in the world is evidently and obviously motivated by the Anglosphere, not Israel, per se – which did not even exist 60 years ago. It is an important point because to ignore it simply opens the Internet to rants about "the Jews" – which in turn devalues otherwise analytical and reasonable presentations of the way the world works.

After Thoughts

Those trying to track the nexus of Western power and influence for portfolio purposes, or merely to better understand the way the world works, should take note. Money power is real. It has a place of origin for probably the better part of 1,000 years. There are other centers of influence and wealth in the world, but Western money power has had an inordinate impact for at least a millennia. It is waning now? That remains to be seen.

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