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James Jaeger: How DC Destroyed Hollywood and What Must Be Done
By Daily Bell Staff - March 13, 2016

James Jaeger is an award-winning filmmaker who co-founded Matrix Entertainment which has partnered with Bill Van Alen, of Cornerstone Entertainment, Constitutional attorney, Edwin Vieira, Jr., and independent producer, Richard B. Iott, to  produce a series of feature-length political documentaries centering on the U.S. Constitution. The first documentary – Fiat Empire about the Federal Reserve System, featuring Congressman Ron Paul – garnered a Telly Award and went viral as the #1 film on the Internet for six months. That inspired James and his associates to develop, produce and release additional cutting-edge motion pictures including the recently completed and released Midnight Ride – When Rogue Politicians Call for Martial Law, featuring Ron Paul, Stewart Rhodes, Sheriff Mack, G. Edward Griffin and other Freedom Movement celebrities.

The Daily Bell:  Hi, we last interviewed you when your latest film Midnight Ride was debuting. We want to discuss your upcoming projects, but first update us on Midnight Ride.

James Jaeger:  Hi thanks for having me back. Yes, we released Midnight Ride on November 6th of last year as the sister film to Molon Labe, released about 18 months earlier. Both documentaries were produced in association with Oath Keepers and Braeburn Entertainment and I really want to thank Stewart Rhodes and Elias Alias of Oath Keepers, Richard Lott of Braeburn and Brian Rockey for stepping up to the plate as our producers and making generous donations to not only kick the propjet into production, but complete it on time and on budget. Many have informed me that the production values of Midnight Ride were the best so far out of our seven films to date.

In review, Molon Labe is an introduction to the Second Amendment and the Militia System necessitated by the U.S. Constitution. Midnight Ride is a warning of what could happen if the right to “keep and bear” and the state Militia System are not effectuated as advised by the Founders. Anyone can see both of these films as a free public service by going to YouTube and entering the titles of the movies into the YouTube search field. Higher quality versions of these, and our other five films, can be purchased on DVD at www.MoviePubs.net

The Daily Bell:  Midnight Ride explains what could happen if we ignore the advice of the Second Amendment and the Framers. What’s your reaction to Scalia’s death. Is it possible that the Second Amendment could be undermined?

James Jaeger:  Scalia was a very significant supporter of the Second Amendment and if Hillary gets in her replacement will probably be another “gun control nut.”  That said, even Scalia, to the best of my knowledge, never mentioned – as a fact or even a concept – the idea that a “well regulated militia” is necessary to the security of a free state.

Can anyone show me where Scalia, or the Supreme Court, even discussed the militia system?  Can anyone show me where Scalia or anyone on the U.S. Supreme Court has demonstrated a knowledge of the Second Amendment as accurate as Edwin Vieira’s books, The Sword and Sovereignty and By Tyranny Out of Necessity?   I don’t think anyone can. Thus the very Supreme Court of the nation seems to be ignorant about, or ignoring, the very most important part of the Second Amendment – the idea that we must have well regulated, well trained state Militias in each and every state guaranteeing the security of a free nation. So, no wonder we now have – instead of a free state – a Nazi-inspired Department of Homeland Security embedded in a government hell-bent on breaking into our cell phones. And yes, a number of experts in Midnight Ride, including Ron Paul, said we have become a police state. This is not a popular thing to say as accurate as it may be.

The Daily Bell:  The mainstream media distributors continue to ignore your films. Will that change?

James Jaeger:  As of this interview, Midnight Ride has had about 30,000 people watch it on YouTube and Molon Labe has been screened by about 228,000. Given the population of the U.S. is over 300 million and there are about 146 million registered voters, these are not great stats. So did we get mainstream distribution?  Obviously not. Are distributors ignoring our films?  Well they don’t seem to be promoting them with abandon – especially with things the films relate, so popular with the mainstream media.

Will this change?  I don’t know, but our new film, tentatively entitled Mainstream – How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media Are Undermining Constitutional Principles, is going to take a serious look at the Hollywood studio/distributors and the New York-based TV Networks. We’re going to explain exactly why the U.S. mainstream media oligopoly is promoting the globalist agenda and how it has been influenced by cultural Marxism and corporate fascism. We’re also going to discuss how the studio system was destroyed by the government and why Hollywood went cold, ruthless and corporate.

The Daily Bell:  It sounds very interesting. Can you elaborate?

James Jaeger:  The plot is simple. Edison invented the movie camera and started making movies that basically sucked. He was no “movie mogul.”  He was however a ruthlessly enforcer of his patents so no one else could make movies and, along with other “leaders” of the Eastern Establishment, discriminated against the Jewish European immigrants who set up the first movie theaters and were producing better movies than he. Fortunately or unfortunately, many of these early immigrants had to high-tail it out of New York because they were, after all, violating Edison’s patents. So they moved to a small then unknown suburb of Los Angeles called Hollywood and founded a handful of studios. They thus became known as the Hollywood movie moguls.

The Hollywood moguls set up the “studio system” and an endless flow of creative and diverse movies were produced in what became the Golden Age of Hollywood. Then, as mentioned, the government – probably influenced by Edison and his patent police – cracked down on the moguls and made them chop off their theaters in 1948. After this happened, the studios had no reliable showcase for their product and thus the studio system died. Along with this death perished great and original movies that championed America and gave steady employment to many, many actors, writers, directors, producers and production crews. Desperate for money, the studios sold out and were eventually bought up by conglomerates heavily infected with the disease of corporate fascism and cultural Marxism.

Our new documentary, Mainstream, shows the details of the destruction of the Hollywood “studio system” which has lead to today’s desperate, profit-driven, predatory, unethical, gross, derivative, undiversified, anti-American, anti-Constitutional mainstream media.

Mainstream calls for an end to discrimination and an increase of diversity in not only the talent ranks – as exemplified at the recent Oscars – but at the crew, executive and conglomerate levels. The Eastern Establishment of Edison’s time discriminated against the movie moguls and now the new corporate movie moguls – now referred to as Hollywood “insiders” or the “control group” – are discriminating against Hollywood “outsiders” who bring new ideas, fresh perspectives, and yes, libertarian-conservative movies about the U.S. Constitution, the Second Amendment and the Federal Reserve System.

The new website for the film is at www.MainstreamMedia.us. Your readers can visit the site and read the script: long-version and/or short-version and donate to kick this project off and receive preferential screen credits. I also want to hear any comments and suggestions anyone has on this movie as well as suggestions on who we should interview. Lastly, I have the doors wide open for a narrator on this so if you are a VO artist and can record a professional narration at your home studio and deliver it as an MP3 file, please send me an email attachment of your sample read of the first page of the script, either version. My personal email is jjaeger@mecfilms.com

The Daily Bell:  Who is behind this deliberate destruction in your view – and why?

James Jaeger:  It’s not a matter of who – it’s a matter of a system that has grown up in response to the unwanted affects of government. Sure, the control group of Hollywood is, and always has been, dominated by a small group of Jewish males of European heritage who happen to be liberal and not very religious – but this is not the issue. The issue is that movies tend to reflect the interests, biases and prejudices of their makers so it’s not okay for any narrowly defined demographic to dominate the creative output of Hollywood movies or the New York media. This is especially true today when we need all ideas and brains on board helping solve our nation’s problems. I think it’s this feeling that is taking over the U.S. at this time with the Trump and Sanders Revolutions. It’s not so much that Trump or Sanders would make the perfect president, it’s the idea that we need some diversity in both Washington and the mainstream media. The Establishment in DC, as well as in the Hollywood movies, is using the same tired playbook to solve new problems facing all of us. The public senses that this is no longer acceptable. Washington, Wall Street and Hollywood have to get with the program.

Everyone knows Hollywood and the government are in bed together. The special interests who have purchased our congressmen and presidents are the same people that buy air time on the New York-based mainstream media. This is why we never get any diversity of products, issues or causes – just endless pharmaceutical spots. Or more banks and more debt. More oil-burning cars but no solar or fusion. And did I say more pharmaceuticals, drugs that can be patented but never any naturally-occurring substances that cannot be patented – even if they cure cancer. Also, as we discussed in one of the earlier films, Spoiler, all we get is the Democrats and the Republicans both expanding the state with welfare and warfare programs. Never any third parties with a fresh approach – or even the idea that the Founders didn’t want any parties. The corporations that dominate and control the Congress influence Hollywood movies and the New York-based media way too much. Hollywood has in essence gone from a family business that respected traditional American values to one of the “big mean corporations” that it endlessly depicts in its very movies. All of these things are related.

The Daily Bell:  Who is being featured in the movie?

James Jaeger:  I don’t know yet for sure, but here are some of the people who are on board and who we would like to get:


Abe Holtz, Cinematographer

Edwin Vieira, Jr., Constitutional Attorney

  1. Edward Griffin, Producer/Author

Jack Rooney, Producer/Media Expert

James Jaeger, Producer/Director

John W. Cones, Entertainment Attorney

Paul Gibbons, Technical Director


Abe Foxman, Exec Director ADL

Barbara Boyle, Studio Exec

Ben Bagdikian, Media Expert

Ben Stein, Author/Journalist

Courtenay Valenti, Studio Exec

Gary Oldman, Actor

Jesse Ventura, Producer/Author

Joel Stein, Author/Media Expert

John Longenecker, Oscar-winning Producer

Lindsay Doran, Fmw. Studio Exec

Michael Medved, Author/Media Expert

Neal Gabler, Author/Media Expert

Paul Haggis, Oscar-winning Writer/Director

Raplh Nader, Media Analyst

Sam Chew, Actor

Ted Baehr, Producer/Media Expert

I will continuously update this list, but please understand much of it is only a wish list at this time and I want to be very clear that the people listed here under “provisionally featuring” have not (yet) agreed to be in this movie. Suggested experts are wanted and welcome from your readers.

The Daily Bell:  How do you see this building on what came before?

James Jaeger:  After Midnight Ride was released I had several ideas of what might be good to cover next. One of the possibilities was a movie entitled The Libertarian – What Does it Mean to Be a Libertarian?   I also had an impulse to do another documentary on the Federal Reserve System and pick up where Fiat Empire, one of our earlier movies, left off. As I usually do before embarking on a new project, I touch base with a handful of people I greatly respect. One of these people is Ed Griffin. After explaining why a movie on the Libertarian political philosophy and the Fed would be a great possibility, I mentioned a third possibility about Hollywood and the mainstream media. Ed, in essence, said that this last idea might make the most sense, for what good does it do making liberty movement movies if the mainstream media hates liberty and the U.S. Constitution. In other words, the pipe from the Ron Paul Revolution to the American Voter is clogged. We need to figure out what’s clogging the pipe and shed light on that until the pipe is unclogged. Ed also emphasized that the Internet – as the only part of the pipe that’s not entirely clogged – must be protected at all costs. As Pastor Chuck Baldwin says in MIDNIGHT RIDE, were it not for the Internet, the cultural Marxists and corporate fascists that work for the globalists would have taken over this nation several decades ago. Arguably, this is what the anti-Establishment Trump and Sanders revolutions are about. Trump wants to correct “free” trade and bring back the U.S. manufacturing base and Sanders wants to get rid of the System that spawns the one percenters that own over 50 percent of the nation’s assets and use the unconstitutional Federal Reserve System to leverage themselves into all the best deals.

Unfortunately, neither Trump or Sanders are yet talking about the root cause of the problems they are attempting to solve for the Right and the Left, respectively. The Right and the Left –thanks to the perversions and biases of the people that dominate the control group of the mainstream media – have yet to allow the real truth through. And this truth is that both the “power of the purse” and the “power of the sword” have been removed from the hand of we the people. In other words, we have a Federal Reserve system with illegal fiat currency but no state militia system to guarantee a free state. And the perversion/bias of these systems is promoted by the U.S. mainstream media oligopoly we will discuss in the new movie: Mainstream – How the Hollywood Movies and New York Media Are Undermining Constitutional Principles.                                 

The Daily Bell:  You were having trouble getting bigger name people to appear in your films. You tried and failed with Ted Nugent for instance. Any luck there?

James Jaeger:  A whole host of celebrities ran like scared rabbits from MIDNIGHT RIDE: Wayne LaPierre, Ted Nugent, Gary Sinise, Clint Eastwood, and even Alex Jones. These “bigger names,” what we call simply “names” in the Biz, run from any project that might rub the control group of the Hollywood studios and/or the New York Networks and/or the six conglomerates in the wrong way. They are deathly afraid of being blacklisted and “never working in this town again.”  Any movie or project that challenges the interests, biases or prejudices of the 54 men that control the mainstream media oligopoly is shunned. This is why we need more diversity at the executive and corporate levels of the mainstream media. Case in point: try saying anything negative about Israel on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC or Fox News. The control group in the mainstream media has totally and completely brainwashed most of the American public – especially the GOPers – into blind acceptance of all things Israeli. Thus, any presidential candidate that attempts to present any view about Israel that’s not authorized by the 54 men in the media control group is ostracized. It makes no difference how the 146 million registered voters feel as they are irrelevant.

The Daily Bell:  How about women. You wanted to ensure a larger female presence. How has that worked out?

James Jaeger: We had Rosie Haas and Sheila Matthews in Midnight Ride. That said, I have no desire to marshal any sort of quota system for the films, but I do like a diversity of view points as this is what makes life interesting and educational. And of course this is what I am calling for in the Hollywood movies and New York media: more diversity in viewpoints through greater diversity at the talent, crew, executive and conglomerate levels. To this point, I have stated, and will state again: it’s not who is in the control group of the studio, networks or conglomerates, it’s the fact that any non-diverse, narrowly defined group will inevitably put out the same or similar movies, news, ideas, views, opinions, cultures, politics, economics, ideologies and consent until the civilization is stagnant. Just as the human genome seeks biological diversity in order to progress or adapt to a changing environment, the mainstream media needs intellectual diversity in order to help society progress and adapt to a changing environment.

The Daily Bell:  Let’s look at this issue historically. Was Hollywood set up to be what it has become?

James Jaeger:  No. The original movie moguls were relatively good guys. They came from Europe and had tough lives. They simply wanted to better their lives and help American society do the same. They respected the U.S. Republic, traditional values, and did everything they could to assimilate. The made movies that championed the American Dream and even showed how it could be accomplished in ways no one ever thought of. Hollywood was in many ways an asset to the nation.

The Daily Bell: When do you think the negatives began to increase?

James Jaeger: I take the position in mainstream that Hollywood was a pretty good place until the U.S. Justice Department chopped off its theaters. After this, the moguls, and their successors, had to circle the wagons and become ruthless and predatory in order to survive. Thus the Hollywood movie industry we know today was spawned, and this further influenced the TV industry in New York, both ultimately coming under the control of the six Conglomerates that now own everything – even the song, “Happy Birth Day To You.”

So it was the big mean corporations in cahoots with the big mean government that ruined the Hollywood “studio system” and has taken America down a totalitarian road, complete with a growing police state. Of course, the Hollywood studios did some stupid and unwise things to pull this in. For one, they failed to comply with the “consent decree” mandated by the Justice Department in 1938 when it gave them three years to cease and desist their practices of “block booking” and “blind bidding” in the Paramount Case. Block booking is essentially “bundling” crappy movies with the good movies and “blind bidding” is essentially making theaters bid on movies before they were able to screen them. When Paramount and the other defendants failed to comply with the decree by 1941, the case was reopened and went all the way to the Supreme Court by 1948. The High Court, not only upheld the previous charges, it ordered the studios to “divest” – gov-speak for chop off – their theaters. In other words, the government interfered with a private industry by crippling its ability to market its products. This then destroyed the studio system, brought in the predatory star system and reduced Hollywood to an ad hoc industry of writhing, desperate, cash-strapped bigots that make movies about the gov and evil corporations destroying everyone in sight with the very guns Hollywood apologists supposedly hate.

The Daily Bell:  Give us some details on the link between Hollywood and New York.

James Jaeger: The New York-based media is an outgrowth of the TV industry that gained prominence in the early 1950s. After the studio system was destroyed, Hollywood flirted with a whole series of financial “outsiders” – first individuals and later corporate. Individuals like Howard Hughes, Kirk Kerkorian and Marvin Davis. Corporations like Gulf + Western, Coke and Seagrams. As the steady cash flow from theaters dried up – and after many of the studios sold off many of their assets ranging from props to back lots – the studios had to rely more and more on parent corporations to get them through the hard times. These parent corporations are mostly in New York City, thus the link between Hollywood and New York is the fact that just six conglomerates now own all six of the major news Networks and all six of the MPAA Studios and they are run by almost identical control groups. Given this, there is literally no diversity in the mainstream media even though there are hundreds of individual production companies and media outlets all over the land. They are all owned and controlled. We in essence have the illusion of diversity – 50 shades of gray.

The Daily Bell:  When did New York media become anti-freedom in your estimation?

James Jaeger: In the new movie, Mainstream, we take issue with the products, issues and causes constantly ignored or promoted by the New York-based mainstream media.

Products that are regularly pushed are pharmaceuticals, liquor, oil, natural gas, coal, fossil fuel-burning cars, fighter jets, tanks, destroyers, military equipment. Products that are rarely or never seen are vitamins, electric cars, guns, solar, fusion, fission, cold fusion, wind, tidal, algae, zero-point.

Issues pushed are Keynesian economics, never Austrian economics; gun control, never the right to keep and bear as a deterrent against tyranny or as a duty to participate in the state militia system;   women in the workforce, never women staying at home with the kids; gays’ and lesbians’ right to redefine the word “marriage” but never the right to keep the definition what men and women want; socialized medicine but never the idea of health services becoming improved and cheaper through free market competition; the idea of the Constitution as a changing, living document but never the idea that it should be interpreted as when written.

Causes pushed are always the progressive over the conservative, socialism over capitalism, cooperation over competition, collectivism over individualism, multiculturalism over assimilation, globalist agenda over national sovereignty, perpetual welfare and perpetual warfare, interventionism over isolationism, globalization over innovation, metered energy over free energy, secularism over religion, old world order over new world order of the U.S. Founders, fiat currency over gold and silver money; big government over limited government; political correctness over free speech, cultural Marxism AND corporate fascism to expand the state.

The Daily Bell:  What can counteract the influence of New York and Hollywood? Do you think the Internet has helped?

James Jaeger:  The Internet was a bolt out of the blue. I well-remember the 1990s when Hollywood was slow to embrace it. At that time our company speculated that movies would some day be distributed over the Internet. This idea was so “crazy,” not one venture firm or investor in the Philadelphia, New York or Los Angeles area would invest even $500,000 in our company to launch Matrix Internet Distribution, a business plan that has now been preempted by YouTube and Netflix. I went from meeting to meeting with investors and venture capital people – execs, lawyers, advisors, accountants, idiots and total morons – all sitting around tables in suits listening to our business plan, a copy of which is still up on the Net at http://www.mecfilms.com/mid/plan2

After my presentation I would hear things like: “Well Mr. Jaeger, your business plan sucks.”  Or, “ Mr. Jaeger, to distribute movies over the Internet sounds very interesting but unfortunately there is no business model so it not only sucks, we can’t invest.”  Of course Tesla heard similar things about radar and the Wright Brothers heard similar things about the airplane, so I guess the more VCs say your business plan sucks, the better it is.

Anthony Wile:  The mainstream media is trying to move into the Internet which is naturally libertarian. Do you think this will be a success?

James Jaeger: Netflix and YouTube are already acting more and more like corporate fascist, major studios and less and less like service-oriented start ups. Ten years ago I submitted FIAT EMPIRE to Netflix and they rejected it because it was one-minute too short. Today, you can’t even get a live human at Netflix to answer the phone. I predict that one or more of the 6 Conglomerates will try to buy Netflix and/or YouTube. I also predict that Sony will eventually be pushed out of Hollywood and or purchased by one of the other Conglomerates. Right now, here’s what the six Conglomerates that own the mainstream media – and even Happy Birthday – look like:

COMCAST, owns Universal Studios and NBC, MSNBC

21ST CENTURY FOX owns 20th Century Fox and Fox News

DISNEY owns Disney Studios and ABC

TIME WARNER owns Warner Bros. and CNN

SONY owns Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures

VIACOM owns Paramount and CBS

The mainstream media is already on the Internet everywhere possible. But their problem is:  so is everyone else. Thus their ultimate problem becomes one of market differentiation. But marketing over the Internet often boils down to word of mouth. A good movie goes viral, whereas a crappy movie must be advertised heavily, differentiated, and then tossed out in a wide release before word of mouth kills it.

IMO Hollywood’s solution is to bring back the studio system and lower ticket prices. Also it must stop the discrimination against Arabs, Asians, Blacks, Whites from the American South, Muslims, Christians, conservatives, libertarians and new actors, writers, directors and producers who want to work. People love long-form series like Breaking Bad and Walking Dead and the Internet is the perfect place to release such fare because people can binge-watch many episodes and without annoying commercial interruptions. In the Golden Era of Hollywood writers used to be steadily employed as a function of the studio system. They were happy, productive and competitive. They all took lunch together and cooperated on scripts. The movies they produced were filled with happiness and creativity because THEY were happy and creative. Today writers – and all the trades and guilds in Hollywood – are miserable, death- and destruction-oriented and these are the reasons the movies are full of hackneyed, hate and horror. If Hollywood were to diversify and open its doors to new talent, crew, staff and execs, the Internet is a distribution channel large enough to accommodate an unlimited flow of original product.

Again, I think the studio system should be reinstated and I will even go so far as to say I think movie studios should be able to own their own theater chains again. These two moves – plus popcorn with real butter – could cause another Golden Age and many of the negative postulates we see in the movies and on TV would be gone.

The Daily Bell:  TPP attacks copyright – is the further criminalization of copyright part of the attack mechanism?

James Jaeger: I feel artists and creators should be able to enjoy copyright protection to exploit their work as they see fit for certain lengths of time. Perhaps patents on vital discoveries that could benefit human kind are a different story, but creative works of fiction and non-fiction should be protected. Just because it’s easy to steal over the Net doesn’t make it right to steal over the Net. Unfortunately it’s the major studios and record labels that are doing most of the stealing. Giving an author or song writer only 10% of the proceeds of distribution, if that, is unethical and predatory, so I can understand why there is a huge backlash against the “copyright cartel.”  But again, the copyright cartel is a function of the corporate fascists that now run the six conglomerates that own Happy Birthday and all else.

The Daily Bell:  There are many in the mainstream media who don’t understand that they may be personally contributing to the problem. Should people try to remove themselves from position in the mainstream media and Hollywood?

James Jaeger: I am not for kicking people out of the Hollywood or New York media control group unless they maintain their position in the control group through unethical, predatory or illegal activities. Unfortunately, as John Cones relates in his book Hollywood Wars, the control group – also known as Hollywood “insiders” or “traditional management” – maintains its position and control over the industry through as many as 337 specific business practices that he has been able it itemize in his 10 books. In short, employment in Hollywood is not generally based on merit, it’s based on “relationships” – code for nepotism, cronyism and favoritism – all forms of discrimination.

Studio executives almost never come from the vast pool of “outsiders.”  They come from a stagnant pool of “insiders.”  So bad is the discrimination, the Hollywood control group would rather see a convicted felon run a studio than give the job to an outsider. This is exactly what happened in the case of agent-turned Columbia Pictures chief, David Begelman, after he was caught embezzling $10,000 from actor, Cliff Robertson in the 1980s. After his court trial and conviction, the Hollywood insiders later reinstalled Begelman as president of MGM where he would go on with additional questionable business activities until his suicide in 1995. Welcome to the control group.

The Daily Bell:  How should media function – away from the mainstream like you?

James Jaeger:  No one should function like me unless they value certain things. Like Donald Trump,  Bernie Sanders and the Founding Fathers, I value my independence. None of these receive money from super PACs or special interests. Sanders is getting his campaign finances from thousands of grass roots donors, Trump is self-funding and the Founders disdained political parties all together. It is this independence that they value in order to be true to their mission and it is this sort of independence I value in order to make movies that reflect my broad-based research and the personal observations I have made during my lifetime. If I were employed by the HISTORY CHANNEL or NOVA to make documentaries on the U.S. Constitution I would have to conform to all of the interests, biases and prejudices of the control group of these media outlets. You would thus have never seen a movie about why the Federal Reserve violates the U.S. Constitution or a movie about how the Democratic and Republican parties are destroying the U.S. Republic or a movie about how a third political party could win or a movie about how cultural Marxism is corrupting America and corporate fascists are destroying the middle class. You especially would never have seen a movie about the militia system and how the Second Amendment guarantees a free state. All of these subjects are taboo on network TV, in Hollywood and on the mainstream media.

Unfortunately, being taboo, they do not get seen by 95% of the U.S. population, by definition – as this is what the mainstream media controls. Thus the only way the current and previous movies i have made will get widely distributed is if you forward them to all your family, friends and associates and recommend they watch them, buy DVDs and donate to current and future productions. And consider this: the very reason i am making mainstream is to explain to you how and why the game is rigged against all non-mainstream players. In other words, the mainstream media has effectively destroyed many forms of speech in America. This could also be looked at as “restraint of trade” in the marketplace of ideas. If this continues – if YOU allow it to continue through inaction or apathy – there will eventually be no diversity of speech or ideas and the world will completely stagnate under the yoke of a totalitarian government or a mega-conglomerate.

The Daily Bell:  Is there money to do that?

James Jaeger: One of the great things about today’s movie technology is it no longer takes as much money to make movies. It takes thought, work and creativity to make today’s movies. I have so far made seven political documentaries. If I had made these documentaries back in the 1960s or 70s they would have cost between $300,000 and $400,000 each. This is because they would all have been shot on expensive, silver-based 16mm film and edited on a Movieola or Steinbeck. How do I know, because I was working for companies that paid these sums to make such movies. Today, similar movies, actually movies with much better production values, can be made for less than even $100,000. So technology has lowered the cost of movie production and the Internet has opened a new distribution channel. Let’s hope the conglomerates don’t get control over either.

The Daily Bell: What should parents do when it comes to propaganda coming out of Hollywood? Should they focus their children on historical media rather than modern media?

James Jaeger: A lot of the kids of today are going retro in a number of ways. They are getting back into vinyl records. Some prefer mechanical special effects to CGI effects. Others are into movies and songs from the 60s.

The Daily Bell: Is the key absorbing more information or removing information? We’ve always felt a larger frame of reference was better.

James Jaeger: As we evolve I’m sure we will continue to be able to absorb more information. If the mainstream media were not run by a narrowly defined demographic we would have much larger spectrum of discourse. After all, who knows what some “unsolicited,” unknown talent will come up with. Outsider, Robert Rodriguez, came up with El Mariachi on a budget of $7,000.

The Daily Bell:  Any final thoughts? When will the movie be out?

James Jaeger:  It usually takes about 18 months to make one of these feature-length documentaries. To the degree people subscribe to the effort and donate we can get them done sooner because we can hire more people to get more things done sooner. As always, we will acknowledge donors with screen credits for sums ranging from $25 to a maximum amount of $30,000. The reason for the maximum is because we don’t want to feel overly obligated to any particular donor otherwise the research the documentary is based on could become skewed.

Also, screen credits in the main titles will be limited to one or two presentation credits at 30,000 each; two producer credits at 20,000 each; two or three executive producer credits at 10,000 each; and three or for associate producer credits at 5,000 each. As far as end credits, we offer a limited number of executive producer, associate producer, production associate and production assistant screen credits ranging from $100 to $1,000. For people who donate early – those who really believe in the project and our ability to execute it – we often grant screen credits at a discount. So, here’s your opportunity to help make a movie that will improve the U.S. Republic and make the Founding Fathers proud. For more information, or to donate, please go to www.MainstreamMedia.us/donate

The Daily Bell: Hopefully we’ll have you back to discuss the movie once it debuts. You’ve already given us a great history lesson about the industry. Thanks for your time.

James Jaeger: I would be happy to come back. Thanks again for the opportunity to introduce this new film project and discuss some of the current events that affect all of us.

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