Kill Yourself to Save The Earth: ‘Humane’ Film Review
By Nicholas Creed - May 14, 2024

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When Mrs. Creed and I strapped in for the directorial debut from Caitlin Cronenberg – Humane – I promised to keep my mouth shut in spite of whatever propaganda cropped up. It was beyond anything I could have expected in terms of normalising amoral behaviour, embellishment, shaming, othering, and wrong-think explainers.

Here is the film’s synopsis from IMDB:

In the wake of an environmental collapse that is forcing humanity to shed 20% of its population, a family dinner erupts into chaos when a father’s plan to enlist in the government’s new euthanasia program goes horribly awry.

Director’s comments

Grabbing this from (my emphasis added in bold):

Caitlin Cronenberg‘s directorial debut “Humane,” which opens in select theaters Friday, tackles a decidedly heavy topic: the climate crisis. Yet the film always has an ironic levity to it, something she assigns to human nature.

“This family believes that, even with the legitimate crisis in the world of ‘Humane,’ that it doesn’t apply to them,” she says. “I think that’s universal in the places that I have experience with. ‘I can just continue on the way that I’ve been continuing and it’ll be fine.’ That’s why this situation in the movie is so satisfying, because what happens when it flips and the people who think it can’t affect them are suddenly the ones who are being affected?”

I am compelled to point out the utter insanity here of glossing over the actual heavy topic of euthanasia – this appears to be an attempt to normalise euthanasia as an increasingly socially acceptable ‘practice’ in our death-cult-obsessed society. In this regard, it is a bait and switch both from the countless acquiescing film reviews and the forced messaging in the film itself – to see the “ecological disaster” of climate change™ made front and center as the core concern for the film’s characters, and by extension, the viewer.

Ergo, human life is portrayed as expendable, whereas planet earth is placed on a pedestal as a sacrosanct deified entity which requires us to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Reeling off propaganda lines to comply with Hollyweird narrative obligations

Allow me to digress briefly to remind readers that Hollyweird is now subject to a ‘Bechdel test’ for climate change. We may as well grab this explainer from the epitome of fallen from grace and now completely detached from reality media outlet – Rolling Stone:

PLENTY OF ASPECTS of the climate movement need revamping — the terminology and phrases that only scientists, governments and corporate sustainability departments understand, the faceless statistics smeared across news headlines, the incessant admonishment of consumer behavior and the doom and gloom storytelling — to name a few. Concurrently, while the way the climate narrative is relayed to the masses is part of the problem, by all counts, it can be an integral part of the solution, and Hollywood is playing its part.

Businesses can follow suit. For organizations wanting to amplify their environmental efforts, promoting stories of optimism and teamwork is vital. In addition to getting more buy-in from stakeholders and their staff, this will make their ESG (environmental, social and governance) programs more relatable and possibly garner more attention from investors. As Ernst & Young relays, sustainability is everybody’s business.

Got it?

Now then, let us pick out a few choice lines from the film in question, Humane (my emphasis added in bold):


The chilling announcement was made earlier today by the secretary general of the UN, who was overseeing the meetings held by world leaders at their emergency summit in Athens.

Security General: While we every day bear witness to the catastrophic ecological collapse that is plaguing our planet, we must not forget that this is above all, a human crisis.

The sudden and devastating scarcity of food, water, and resources, once only an issue for our most vulnerable, now spares no one, and it requires a response like none before.

The opening salvo. “A response like none before” = persuade people en masse to kill themselves for the greater good. Pay ‘them’ (their families) a quarter of a million tax free dollars per head to reduce their carbon footprint to zero.

Use militaristic language akin to enlisting – but instead of becoming an active soldier on the battlefield, you are enlisting to die immediately.

The 20% pledge refers to a so called Athens accord for each country to pledge to reduce their population by 20% through incentivisation via the euthanasia program.

…No, these are the — These people are salt of the earth. They’ve worked hard

their whole lives and just couldn’t catch a break. That is, until the government

offered them a quarter of a million, tax free, dollars to sacrifice themselves.

And now — And now they’re dying happy knowing that their families

are being taken care of.

There is a brief scene that you could blink and miss whereby we have a real-world element brought in – almost like subliminal programming – the MAiD program (medically assisted in dying) – which is being pushed particularly hard in real life by Canada’s sociopathic misleader, Justin Trudeau.

Here is the still image from the film depicting a “Pain-free and Fast-Acting MAiD Kit”:

There are other throwaway lines that play out like a box-checking exercise of obligatory narrative kotowing:

  • Fresh vegetables and seafood is ‘prohibited’ (think ‘ecocide’ nutcases)
  • A family member driving a non-electric car is criticised
  • A scene about the familiar trope of trusted verified sources, and anonymous posters being disinformation spreaders and conspiracy theorists.

The traditional ‘horror’ elements of the film come in the form of siblings violently squabbling in sinister dark turns. Once the bulk of the climate alarmist propaganda is out of the way, this dog eat dog survivalist routine is somewhat entertaining, albeit uncomfortable viewing.


In a sane world in an alternate universe, whereby the majority of the populace and indeed the creators of pop culture, film, and media are pro-human – this film could have served as an opportunity to wake people up to the very real threat of global government sponsored euthanasia to depopulate us. The film could have had the characters dropping truth bombs about man made climate change being a government / media fabrication, as climate change is cyclical and out of our control.

I would have loved to have seen the protagonist(s) rallying to warn others about the global death cult and the climate alarmists.

Alas, we do not live in a sane world. Our governments and their tentacled media extensions want us deadDo not comply.

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