Large Corporations Aid the Expansion of Authoritarian Government  
By Daily Bell Staff - June 30, 2016

Trump Dares Corporate America to Leave the GOP … The speech Trump delivered in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, attacking globalization and trade, will provide more cause for panic among Republican elites. –Bloomberg opinion

This article disparages Trump’s appeal and suggests that large corporations might leave the GOP.

That’s a direct result of Trump, of course. In his speech Tuesday, he blasted globalization in such stark terms that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce took to social media to counter him in real time.

Good for Trump. Let ‘em leave.

Corporations shouldn’t exist in the size and quantity they do in.

We’ve written numerous times that corporations are the result of judicial force.

The free market would never create such incompetent, multinational corporations. A truly free market would put them out of business quickly.

America’s vast corporations are the product of an authoritarian state that has reduced freedom generation after generation at least since the Civil War.

Thomas Jefferson and the founders were so worried about corporate power that they left the supervision of corporations up to the states. They refused to give that power to fedgov.

And purposefully, the states did little to facilitate corporate power.

Only after the bank-run industrial North had won the Civil War, did corporations begin to amass power.

In the late 1800s, they received corporal status and then were further boosted by the creation of the Federal Reserve, the consolidated stock market and, eventually, evermore stringent intellectual property rights.

In every case, the market would never have granted corporations the privileges that the courts bestowed.

Large corporations are in many ways an extension of government and a signal that the market doesn’t function correctly and that the government is protecting a few at the expense of the many.

The editorial calls corporations “[the only] powerful moderating influence left in the party. But then writes that, “Some corporations are now getting spooked.


Trump hasn’t just elevated the party’s crudest instincts. He is alienating its most sober components, and posing a direct challenge to corporate Republicans with his improvisational populism.

Actually, it’s great that Trump is challenging the “corporate agenda.” And while the article concludes with a question – “Extremism didn’t drive corporations out of the GOP. Could Trump?” – we’d make the case that US would be far better off without these behemoths.

In fact, the US ought to get rid of monopoly fiat money, which creates vast businesses cycles that benefit the very largest corporations, and “intellectual property rights” that enhance the competitive stature of only a very few corporations. The explosion of prosperity and freedom would be noticeable.

Conclusion: Trump is on the right track when it comes  to corporatism. If he manages to reduce corporate influence over the GOP, that would be a valuable achievement.