Maybe US Wants Iran to Have the Bomb?
By Staff News & Analysis - August 21, 2010

Obama Faces Middle East 'Train Wreck' as Iran Builds Nuclear Program … President Obama (left) finds himself caught in a shouting match between Israel's supporters in America and critics abroad. And so much for restoring ties with the Muslim world. … Another counterproductive consequence is one Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned about last year — that Iran could harden its determination to build a bomb in the wake of an attack. A lengthy analysis last year by the Center for Strategic and International Studies said an Israeli- led attack "could be the beginning rather than the end of such a program." … But it's not off the Israelis' minds, nor the Obama administration's. Dan Gillerman, former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, told Fox News that Israel can act alone and that it's time for Obama to set an ultimatum, as well: Come clean, or "We will clean you out." – Fox News

Dominant Social Theme: A new cold war is gaining force. How did this happen?

Free-Market Analysis: All 1,000 of us gathered around the Bell conference table and there wasn't any room to breathe. So we scattered and a few of us decided to write this article. The rest went hiking. It is actually not our hypothesis but that of a very paranoid individual's. Call him "PI." We are not wedded to PI's hypothesis, but we present it. The meme itself is "East versus West – the Clash of Civilizations."

Many times elite promotions need actual events to shape them. Global warming, for instance, was a hard sell because it was difficult to find evidence (since it was a promotion not a reality) and therefore it became necessary to make things up. This has backfired rather badly. When it comes to war and diplomatic tensions, the parameters are simpler. This is probably why the elite prefers to manipulate events through war whenever possible.

The trouble that the elite has been running into for the past 60 years is that the wars have had to be circumscribed because of nuclear weapons. Instead of being able to galvanize world wars, the elite has had to settle for miserable regional ones. And these are not culture-changing events. They don't create the requisite chaos and allow the elite to reorganize in the manner to which they are accustomed.

Strangely enough, the Cold War was more effective in some ways in helping the power-that-be to mold society in the requisite manner than the pesky regional wars that the Anglo-American axis kept trying to incite. There is increasing evidence, for instance, that both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were on the proverbial drawing boards (PI reminds us) prior to the mysterious events of 9/11.

And PI asks the question: "What if the power elite actually wants to create another cold war to add tensions to the current war on terror?" The cold war with the Soviet Union kept Western societies in a constant state of militarization and readiness – and made populations far more malleable when it came to continued efforts at globalization, he points out.

PI reminds us that elite publications were publishing articles about the coming war between Islam and the West back in the 1970s. You can certainly find such articles in Foreign Affairs. But what if the Ayatollah Khomeini himself was part of an effort to create such a war? PI Googles information that Khomeini's father was a British agent and even that Khomeini himself may have been trained by MI5/MI6.

Further, PI reminds us that when the Shah was "removed" from Iran, it didn't take very long for France to produce a flight for Khomeini back to Iran. On the flight, PI has read, Khomeini reportedly said some nasty things about Iranians and generally didn't sound as if he was very happy about returning there. Finally, PI tells us that Khomeini apparently redrew various oil contracts in favor of the West when he arrived back in Iran – hard as that sounds to fathom. PI reminds us that he has even read reports that the "takeover" of the Iranian embassy was a Western intel operation.

We don't necessarily believe all this because PI is very paranoid person, even for someone of Swiss-German background. But he does have a theory all worked out. He thinks that the incursions into Iraq and Afghanistan were just part of a way to raise tensions in the Middle East. He believes that the current tension with Iran is more of the same. The idea is to create a cold war that can turn hot in places and keep the West on its toes. Those who wish to repress domestically always need some outside threat, and the Middle East provides a comfortable bogeyman currently.

There's more. PI points to reports that have surfaced (as feedbacker Bruce wrote to us recently) that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's father, Peter F. Geithner, was the director of the Asia program at the Ford Foundation in New York in the 1990s. Online College World tells us that "Peter Geithner oversaw the Ford Foundation's microfinance programs in Indonesia being developed by Ann Dunham Soetoro, President Barack Obama's mother." PI believes the powers-that-be may even have hatched a plan to make Barack Obama president; and this is why Obama will never release any personal information. He believes all these events, from the Iranian revolution, to 9/11 and the resultant forays in to Afghanistan and Iraq, to the current tensions between Iran and the West are part and parcel of this larger plan as well. Like we said, he's a very paranoid person.

Anyway, he believes, in fact, that the powers-that-be may have intended to have a US president with a Muslim background and a Nobel Peace Prize at this point in time. The idea was, he believes, that the president, using his mixed heritage, would in some sense bridge the gap between East and West, emerging as a hero and problem solver – even if tensions remain. This would bring Islam further into the West's orbit while making the West more amenable to Islam. Muslims have to be Westernized if global governance is to proceed, he points out.

But something has gone wrong, PI believes, at least for the moment. The economic crisis has proven far deeper than expected as Obama's popularity has plunged. The Iranians are playing the Russians and Chinese off the West and the Internet itself has made it far more difficult to assemble and move the pieces on the "great chessboard" – because everyone is watching the game now. It's not so much fun if everyone knows.

So the whole plan has sort of backfired. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have proven intractable and increasingly unpopular and generally elite plans simply are not going according to schedule. That's PI's point of view, and it sure is an interesting one (even if it is paranoid almost to the point of illness). In aggregate we at the Bell have a hard time believing any of it. We certainly report on elite propaganda and promotions, but we have a difficulty believing that the powers-that-be have managed to plan an entire new cold war scenario and are in the midst of implementing it. It is just as likely there will be a "hot" war between the West and Iran, and soon.

PI is convinced. He believes that a Hegelian dialectic is fully in force – no matter that events are not going according to schedule. The bigger picture is still apparent to him. On one side you have grim warnings of nuclear war. On the other, you have President Barack Obama making noises (recently) about meeting with the Iranians for some sort of peace summit.

After Thoughts

The dialectic and the tensions tend to distract Western citizens from financial problems and also make Muslims more amenable to Western interactions. For those who seek global governance, such strategies are necessary. That's what PI thinks anyway. We think he's "far out there" even for the Swiss-Germans. Israel and America have plans to bomb Iran back to the stone age if the leadership starts enriching uranium – and that could happen as soon as tomorrow. We give the power elite a lot of credit, but planning and creating a new cold war over a 50-year interval … well that's a stretch. Isn't it?

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