Member When South Park Shilled The C19 ‘Vax’?
By Nicholas Creed - May 21, 2024

‘Vax’ hesitancy, misinformation spreaders, conspiracy theorist crackpots, October 2019 ‘anti-vaxxer’ episode special…I member!

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South Park’s Twitter account operator has just announced their End of Obesity special episode coming out on 24th May.

“The advent of new weight loss drugs has a huge impact on everyone in South Park. When Cartman is denied access to the life-changing medicine, the kids jump into action,” South Park’s official X account wrote.

In the teaser trailer, Eric Cartman visits a doctor about his obesity. The doctor says,

“It’s time for some drastic measures to bring down his weight.” The doctor then asks Cartman, “Have you ever heard of Semaglutides … Ozempic, Mounjaro?”

I tipped my hat to the South Park creators for the Joining The Panderverse special, which was hailed as an inflection point within the woke ideology traction being somewhat halted. Disney are still doubling down but “go woke go broke” is certainly catching on and manifesting since Bud LightNorth FaceTarget, and other gender-bending, woke mob capitulated branding disasters.

Fell in line or 4D chess?

I am troubled by recalling what I interpreted as some subtle and not-so-subtle C19 ‘vax’ shilling and Covid narrative protectionism, put out by the South Park team.

Exhibit 1: Cartman’s an Anti-Vaxxer – Released October 2019.

Video Transcript (my emphasis added in bold):

– So you’ve never had a shot at the doctor ever?

– Hey, it’s my personal belief that government should not coerce citizens into receiving medical interventions.

Besides, I don’t want to risk immunizations making me autistic.

– Dude, Cartman, don’t you know you actually put people at risk?

– One second, one second.


Sorry, one second, I’m gonna sneeze.

Oh, never mind, never mind.

I’m sorry, what were you saying?

– I’m saying that we all had to get shots and actually if just one person…

(sneezes loudly)

Snot web.

I’ll be right back, you guys.

The timing of this episode is interesting, coinciding with Event 201, pre-Covid, and ridiculing Cartman’s concern that a shot could make him autistic. The correlation between child vaccines and autism has been documented extensively, having gathered much more momentum since Children’s Health Defense has become more widely read and shared.

Exhibit 2: Vaccination Special – Released March 2021.

There are some funny moments in this episode, such as the old boys having a massive bender with free reign to roam around the town and access all areas because they’ve been ‘vaccinated’. It highlights the medical apartheid of 2021 and how artificial demand was created by making the supply of the injection seem limited or difficult to obtain – but did the episode’s messaging itself also create some FOMO for the C19 bioweapon injection?

Video Transcript (my emphasis added in bold):

Come on, man, it’s ridiculous that people can’t get in.

Yeah, you know, in Israel they vaccinate everybody.

Israel’s way cooler than this lame place!

So then go to Israel.

I tried… I couldn’t get in.

Tom, I’m outside of the hottest place in town, and what we’d like to do now is take you for an exclusive look inside.

You’re not getting in, pal.

I’m actually willing to go inside and get a shot so that everyone can see just how safe it is.

I said get lost, your not getting in. Get outta my face.

Please give me a shot. Please, all I want is a shot. Just that one shot that could change everything.


That was our second shot. Let’s go out to the bars!

-Yeah! -Alright!

Old people suck! Hah? Can’t hear ya.

Got too many antibodies in my ears! Hahaha! -Hahahah!

Hey there, Billy! Still gotta wear that mask, huh? We’re all vaccinated now!

I’m gonna go out to the bars and get some pussy!

Old men: Yeahhhh!

Okay, grandpa.

Sayyy… When are they gonna vaccinate you kids?

Oh, yeah! You’re last!

Have fun social distancing, loser!

Here is a synopsis of the episode via USA Today to give you more of a flavour for what appears to be official narrative embracement and kowtowing by the South Park creators…

South Park” released its second COVID-19-inspired special Wednesday, this time taking on the vaccination frenzy, pandemic depression and conspiracy theorists.

The one-hour “South ParQ Vaccination Special” highlighted the seemingly complex journey the people of South Park took to get into the “most popular place in town” — the vaccination center. They overcome obstacles like elderly VIPs, misinformation and people attempting to skip the line.


Throughout the episode the South Park kids’ teachers are doing all they can to get vaccinated but are ignored, resulting in one teacher, Mrs. Nelson, succumbing to the virus.

More than 127.8 million vaccine doses have been distributed in the U.S. and 95.7 million have been administered, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at the time of publication. A little more than 18% of U.S. adults have received one dose of the vaccine and 9% of U.S. adults are considered fully vaccinated.

The South Park crew masked up during the South ParQ vaccination special.

Conspiracy theorists spread misinformation about the vaccine

One of the main antagonists in the special are the conspiracy theorists who call themselves “Tutornon” and their school-aged spawns “Lil’ ‘Q’ties” a nod to QAnon conspiracy theorists. Throughout the episode their goal is to spread misinformation throughout the community about “the elite,” even if that information deters people from getting the vaccine.

While Cartman and his friends are trying to get vaccines to their teachers to make up for their previous prank, they are stopped by a mob of “Lil ‘Q’ties” who don’t want their teachers to have the “poisonous vaccine.”

The South Park boys go undercover to secure vaccinations for their teachers.

The South Park boys go undercover to secure vaccinations for their teachers.


You’re not poisoning anybody with those vaccines,” Lil ‘Q’tie Scott says, “I’ve learned the truth and I won’t let you hurt the teacher.” Another mob member added: “You don’t even know what those vaccines are doing to people.”

COVID-19 vaccines are safe, according to the CDC.

Over 92 million vaccines have been distributed in the U.S. and the COVID-19 vaccines “were evaluated in tens of thousands of participants in clinical trials,” the CDC says. “The vaccines met FDA’s rigorous scientific standards for safety, effectiveness, and manufacturing quality needed to support emergency use authorization.”

Hmmm. The messaging seems pretty on point and par the course as it was and still is within the captured legacy media, doesn’t it? Basically, any character warning others about the dangers of the ‘Vax’ in this episode, is made out to be a crackpot. It ends with every adult in town being ‘vaxxed’ after the four protagonist boys are determined to deliver the injections to all residents themselves by hand, although the ‘shots’ are then spontaneously delivered by plane.

Video transcript from above scene:

Look everybody, it’s Air Israel with enough vaccines for every adult in town!

What do you think? Were Trey Parker and Matt Stone leaned on by the new world order cartel to build some pro-official-Covid-narrative storylines into the show? Or did these episodes alert people to the dangers of the bioweapon and the insanity of government overreach? Vax shilling or 4D chess game? Permission to sprinkle in some truths by having the dissenting characters ridiculed and persecuted?

Perhaps in time we may see a South Park series story arc covering satanic worshipping pedophile cults running the world, with new character cameos from Bilderberg, The Council on Foreign Relations, The WEF, Club of Rome, Epstein’s client list and the Lolita express, The Rockefellers, The Rothschilds, The Soros’s, Bohemian Grove, and all the other shady bastards lurking in the shadows…?

Actually, this is also alluded to in the episode with a scene including the conspiracy theorists talking about shadowy global elites ruling the world, drinking adrenochrome, making blood sacrifices, and background spider diagrams connecting the dots of global pedo-rings. It is all mocked as being unhinged and unfounded. There is a reference made to Bill Gates creating nanotech being injected into people as a vaccine.

Check out The Future of Vaccines by James Corbett which documents Bill Gates’ connections to the C19 ‘Vax’ and quantum dot technology for future ‘vax’ delivery systems.

Video Transcript:

Nice doing business with you. You little child murdering pedophiles.

French writer Voltaire said: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

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