Mike Adams Recognizes the Internet Reformation, Too
By Staff News & Analysis - November 14, 2011

11 shocking things you now realize to be true (but you never would have believed just three years ago) … We are living through a time of great awakening. The people of our world are beginning to open their eyes and realize the stunning depth of the scams and collusion taking place all around them. These scams that steal their wealth, poison them with chemicals, enslave them with financial trickery and control their minds with propaganda. These scams are the very fabric of modern government, the mainstream media, universities and so-called "science" institutions. – Mike Adams, Natural News

Dominant Social Theme: Everything is OK and just the way it is supposed to be. Things could not be better.

Free-Market Analysis: Good-health warrior Mike Adams recently posted an article on how much people are learning about the societies they live in. (See excerpt above.) This story, unconsciously or not, reinforces a meme that DB has been presenting for nearly a decade now.

What is it? That an Internet Reformation is challenging the hold of the power elite on society and leading to a good deal of increased freedom. This freedom first manifests itself as thinking that goes beyond the mainstream. Later on, it shall manifest itself in sociopolitical and economic ways. In fact, that process is underway currently.

Mike Adams is not the only incisive observer of the modern theme to point out how Internet information is changing the world. Recently, Saman Mohammadi of The Excavator wrote about The Second Western Enlightenment. We noticed and responded here: Is It a New Enlightenment Yet?

We are encouraged to see a viewpoint taking shape in the alternative 'Net community that supports the idea that the 'Net is changing the context of our times. The Gutenberg Press led to the Renaissance, the Reformation and ultimately, the further populating of the New World and an era of freedom that led to great advances in numerous arenas of human endeavor.

Adams is not just content to assert that the Internet is changing the modern knowledge base. He actually lists the ways that people are growing more aware. "Here are 11 of those scams that you probably never would have believed just 2-3 years ago," he writes. They are as follows:

#1 – Most of the honey you buy in the grocery store contains no actual honey whatsoever

#2 – The fluoride that's dripped into municipal water supplies is actually a highly toxic industrial chemical byproduct

#3 – Flu vaccines often contain live flu viruses and actually cause the flu as a way to worsen the flu season and scare more people into buying

#4 – Ron Paul is deliberately stripped out of mainstream news reports, online polls and debate coverage in order to "game the system" against him.

#5 – The United States government openly traffics illegal guns into Mexico as a way to cause gun violence in the

#6 – Prestigious U.S. hospitals are widely engaged in black market organ trafficking and organ transplants

#7 – The child sex slave industry is huge, highly profitable, and found everywhere across America (and the world)

#8 – Commercial chickens are routinely fed arsenic, and commercial cows are routinely fed chicken poop

#9 – "Natural" foods and cereals are routinely made with genetically modified ingredients

#10 – The global banking industry is a criminal racket that steals wealth from working

#11 – The U.S. government routinely conspires with pharmaceutical giants to conduct criminal, inhumane medical experiments on innocent people

You can read the details about each of these points in his article. We are interested in his larger point, which is that the Internet itself is providing a new way of thinking about our world and how it is controlled by a power elite that is seeking even more control and wealth via one-world government. Adams also writes:

Discard your blinders. Maybe it's time we opened our eyes to reality and stopped lying to ourselves about the depth of corruption and evil in our world. And why would we do that? Because that's the first step to positive revolution where we work together to create a better world… a world where such criminality and suffering is ancient history.

We believe that the Daily Bell's Internet Reformation paradigm has significance for the modern age. Mike Adams and others are obviously noting the impact that the Internet is having as well. It is a process, after all, rather than an episode.

In the 20th century, the power elite seems to have created history at will. But in the 21st century, we've been able to see just how much of the narrative was driven by the elites' goal of creating one-world government. We call what's going on directed history.

After Thoughts

It's quite shocking how much directed history took place in the 20th century when the power elite fully controlled the means of communication. Today, in the 21st century, that control has crumbled, and we think it may take the elites decades to counteract the damage that has been done.

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