More Distractions From Occupy Wall Street
By Staff News & Analysis - August 30, 2012

Occupy Sets Wall Street Tie-Up As Protesters Face Burnout … The September 17 protest, dubbed S17, may also include attempts to make citizens' arrests of bankers and traders with handcuffs, according to discussions at meetings and interviews with more than 20 activists. Occupy Wall Street, the global movement against inequality that ignited in Manhattan last year, will mark its first anniversary by trying to block traffic in the financial district and encircle the New York Stock Exchange. – Bloomberg

Dominant Social Theme: Capture these running dog banksters and make them pay.

Free-Market Analysis: Turns out Occupy Wall Street is getting ready for a new series of high profile protests. We learn from Bloomberg of a plan for Wall Street protests on Sept. 17 … AKA"S17."

This is no spur-of-the-moment protest plan but follows "months of internal debate and flagging interest, according to interviews with organizers."

Hmm … we think we are well aware of where the flagging interest came from. It has to do with a dawning realization that Occupy Wall Street is likely part of a larger George Soros promotion, as Soros's money is apparently affiliated with OWS sponsor Adbusters, out of Canada.

OWS is likely one side of a Hegelian dialectic favored by a power elite that tries to create polarized opposites to control a given conversation.

The powers-that-be intend to run the world apparently and do so by way of perception management, what we call dominant social themes. These are scarcity-based, fear-based promotions that are intended to frighten people into giving up power and wealth to globalist institutions.

In the US, where what we call the Internet Reformation has had a good deal of impact, the powers-that-be have worked hard to control the consequences of a freer-flow of information about the way the world really works.

First, they did what they could to control the so-called Tea Party movement, which was really a good old libertarian tax revolt. Then, apparently, they got more ambitious and seemingly created OWS out of whole cloth. (We've written about that quite a bit. Just search the Internet for Adbusters, Occupy Wall Street and Daily Bell.)

Here's some more from the Bloomberg article:

The morning action may include attempts to make citizens' arrests of bankers, and some activists intend to bring handcuffs, they said.

"We are here to bring you to justice," said Sean McKeown, a 32-year-old chemist and New York University graduate who's helping organize the demonstration. "We're offering you the chance to repent for your sins."

Protests against income disparity, bank greed and corporate abuse sprouted from San Francisco to Hong Kong after demonstrators established an encampment in Manhattan's Zuccotti Park last September. Police ousted them in November, and governments around the world used concussion grenades, gas, riot gear, pepper spray and arrests to disband camps and protests.

Organizers said there has been more fatigue than fresh thinking this year. Occupy's New York City General Assembly, which oversaw planning by consensus, ceased functioning in April because of infighting, ineffectiveness and low turnout, according to organizers and minutes of meetings. The group's funds were frozen to preserve money for bail, ending most cash distributions, they said.

"Movements calcify, and it's difficult to maintain the vigor and camaraderie," said Travis Mushett, 26, a novelist who helped organize an Occupy reading group. He was one of six who used the word "burnout" to describe the recent mood.

Of course, burnout happens in many movements but especially in those that are not quite what they seem.

Notice, please, the protestors are ringing the New York Stock Exchange, not the New York Federal Reserve. This is because the movement, in our view, is intended to draw attention AWAY from fiat monopoly central banking.

There are those, of course, who believe that Wall Street and central banking are one and the same but logic tells us this is not so. Without modern central banking, Wall Street as we know it would collapse. Without Wall Street, modern, monopoly-fiat central banking would simply continue on – inventing a new Wall Street.

Monopoly-fiat central banking PRODUCES money. Wall Street is basically transaction based and USES currency. Two entirely different functions.

The core problem is monopoly-fiat money printing causes first tremendous booms and then terrible busts. This Wall Street does not do. But those who want to attack free markets will constantly conflate production with transaction. By confusing two entirely separate functions they hope to confuse people and usher in government-based finance … socialism.

From our point of view, even the banking "scandals" that have been much in the news of late constitute a kind of psy-op. They are aimed, in our estimation, at setting up neo-Pecora Hearings that will do away with the last vestiges of capitalism in America and Europe.

For more on these potential hearings, just search the Internet for Daily Bell and neo-Pecora. Even the latest LIBOR scandal is aimed at advancing this scheme in our view. So was the Bloomberg lawsuit. You can read an article about that here:

The Real Reason Bloomberg Sued to Open Up Fed Records?

Again, Bloomberg makes the same music in this article, rehashing the "cascade of banking scandals since May 1, the last time Occupy organized major protests … [It] reads like a roll call of corporate greed and dishonesty."

Sure it does. But you'd never know the Fed and the Bank of England virtually caused the current recession/depression with their damnably low interest rates.

OWS has other discouraging features. The problem is a few dynastic families that control central banks and want to create World Government need to "divide and conquer" in order to realize their goals.

OWS, with its creepy emphasis on the "one percent" – US$6 million will apparently qualify you – is creating a paradigm that includes the consumers and creators of wealth but, again, not the PRODUCERS of it. Not those who control and benefit from the world's central banking community.

The movement intends to begin to make citizens arrests in the financial district. One doubts somehow that George Soros shall be among those targeted.

After Thoughts

We are supposed to be distracted from the truth. Are we?

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