More Phony Good News About the US Economy
By Staff News & Analysis - January 27, 2012

Partial results from the poll, released Wednesday, found voters feeling more positively about the economy and of Mr. Obama's handling of it. Some 30% believed the country was headed in the right direction, up eight percentage points from a month ago. Some 60% said the country was on the wrong track, down from 69% in December and from 74% in October. The question is considered an important measure of voters' mood. − Wall Street Journal

Dominant Social Theme: President Barack Obama is doing better and better based on the strength of the economy.

Free-Market Analysis: It is really incredible to watch this meme flourish. We believe that the economic "good news" about the US economy, as mentioned in this Wall Street Journal article excerpted above is aimed primarily at furthering the hopes of President Barack Obama for a second term.

We have written about this several times before as well. President Barack Obama, like other presidents before him, is evidently and obviously committed to a globalist and authoritarian agenda. It is fairly clear that his lack of transparency about his background has to do with the agenda he is serving; that would be our suspicion (and the suspicion of many others) anyway.

One would think that a thorough investigation of his background would show many close ties to the elite Anglosphere apparatus. This is likely why he is fighting so hard not to reveal his background. In this effort, he's been aided by the courts including the Supreme Court; they've refused to hear, or at least seriously consider, even well-founded accusations about Obama's nationality and his lack of the requisite background (as regards his parents, anyway) to be president.

The power elite that seeks global government needs complaisant top politicos to move their agenda forward. Ironically, it is the powers-that-be that have established a functional paper trail via visas and other documents that didn't even exist in the past century. The result has been that the attacks on Obama have been met with obfuscation and stonewalling because if documentary evidence were released, the results might raise yet more questions.

Obama is not the only top national leader to serve the interests of the Anglospehere. We believe Nicolas Sarkozy serves their agenda in France, Angela Merkel in Germany, David Cameron in Britain. This is hard for people to fathom, but the amount of control that the Anglosphere exercises over the political process around the world is surprisingly pervasive, from what we can tell.

It is an outgrowth of the extreme amounts of money that the Anglosphere has access to as a result of its evident and obvious control of over 100 central banks around the world. These central banks and their functions are almost never discussed in the mainstream Western press. But the Bank for International Settlements is in charge of them – and the BIS execs report to someone!

We are asked to believe that the entire international economic system is simply a free-floating kaleidoscope of individual business and banking interests. This begs the question of its initial creation, mostly by two men apparently, economist John Maynard Keynes and dynastic billionaire and banker David Rockefeller after World War II.

Though the creation of the entire globalist apparatus is extremely concentrated among a very small group of people, we are asked to believe that these people have NEVER exercised further control once they set up the initial globalist enterprise – the IMF, World Bank, UN, etc.

This is not entirely credible in our view. Even without access to any insider information regarding the way the world works at the very top of the heap, the reality of human behavior would indicate that those who set up the current system are still in charge of it. It defies human nature that people would set up entities of such power and breadth and then voluntarily relinquish control of them.

No, we see – around the world – evidence of a tightening of control and a further thrust toward globalism that cannot be explained any other way but via the will and wishes of a driving clique of impossibly wealthy banking families.

It is these families that have expanded and deepened their control of the faux-democratic processes that are the staple of Western governments and increasingly of governments of the developing world as well.

Barack Obama, like others, is in their service – and if there is spate of articles "talking up" the US economy as he approaches re-election, well that's no coincidence in our view. Here's some more from the Wall Street Journal article excerpted above:

"Republicans had better bring their A game to the election in November, as today's results are a reminder that as attitudes about the economy improve, so does President Obama's standing,' said Bill McInturff, a GOP pollster who conducts the Wall Street Journal survey with Democratic pollster Peter Hart.

"The president still has a very long road ahead of him, but for the first time in a long time he finds that he has the wind at his back," Mr. Hart said.

The poll found that more voters are encouraged by recent signs of economic improvement: 37% said they expected the economy to get better over the next year, while 17% said they expected it to get worse. Expectations have risen since last month, when optimists outnumbered pessimists 30% to 22%.

We don't know where these surveys are finding such information or such optimistic people in the US. As we wrote recently in a story entitled "US Rebounds? Prosperity Around the Corner?", the idea that the US economy is in some sense growing much better is pretty unlikely from our point of view.

It is surely an elite dominant social theme, that the US economy is improving. And yet, we're seeing increasing articles on this idea – just as we predicted there would be in the run-up to the Obama re-election.

The US according to some estimates has over-promised its citizens benefits and other kinds of compensation in excess of US$200 trillion. This is not just a staggering amount, it is an insupportable one.

Additionally, the dollar reserve system itself that the US depends on is dying in our view. The Fed alone has had to release something like a staggering US15-$30 TRILLION in loans and other forms of funding to prop up the dollar and its foundering banking system around the world.

It is not just the impossible-to-comprehend numbers that inform us that the US dollar reserve system is dissipating; it is also a moral issue as we have pointed out many times before. Thanks to what we call the Internet Reformation, people in the US and Europe are aware for the first time the full extent of the inequities surrounding central banking.

What would have been disguised by ornate prose in the New York Times has been blasted over the Internet with predictable results. People who are losing their jobs, homes and families quite rightly resent the idea that a handful of people can print and control tens of trillions of dollars and dole out this amount of cash in, say, a single weekend.

The system that worked so well in the 20th century, when it was hidden, has all-but-exploded in the 21st century. As the control of media has eroded, the power elite can no longer simply assert certain realities and expect that their assertions will provide history with the appropriate tenor and direction. "Directed history" in the 21st century works no better than many of the Anglosphere's dominant social themes.

Nonetheless, the elites seem to be empowering the meme of Obama's economic success. This gives us the idea that the powers-that-be value Obama's second term and have specific ideas for what will occur then. Whatever takes place will, in our view, be planned by the powers-that-be and Obama will have little or nothing to do with it, except as a kind of spokesperson-model.

After Thoughts

And as far the details of a second term go, well … we know we don't want to find out. But maybe we'll have to.

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