NAFTA Ascending: First Mexican Trade-Truck Enters US
By Staff News & Analysis - October 26, 2011

Nearly two decades after the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement, the first Mexican truck ventured into the U.S. under provisions of the controversial treaty. With little fanfare, a white tractor-trailer with Mexican license plates entered the courtyard of the Atlas Copco facility in Garland, Texas on Saturday afternoon to unload a Mexico-manufactured metal structure for drilling oil wells. The delivery marked the first time that a truck from Mexico reached the U.S. interior under the 17-year-old trade agreement, which was supposed to give trucks from the neighboring countries access to highways on both sides of the border. The Obama administration signed an agreement with Mexico to end the long dispute over the NAFTA provision in July that also removes $2 billion in duties on American goods. – Huffington Post/Latino Voices

Dominant Social Theme: It takes time, but good things happen slowly. Now finally the governments of Mexico and the US have taken the steps to build business properly.

Free-Market Analysis: A major dominant social theme of the Anglosphere power elite is that government can HELP private markets function better. This is simply not true, as every law is a price fix, redistributing income and depriving true wealth producers of the wherewithal to create businesses, jobs and prosperity.

But no matter. The meme blunders on. Without government and its taxes, redistribution and central banking money-printing euphorias, we would not be nearly as well off as we are now. This is of course the elite theme that is being questioned across the world thanks to the Internet Reformation and is one reason that the world seems increasingly chaotic.

When elite plans are questioned, the powers-that-be respond by creating economic chaos and, eventually, starting wars. That seems to be what's happening now. But in addition to "damage control," the elites move ahead with various forms of centralization already begun. CAFTA, NAFTA and other "managed trade" proposals are part of this formula, one intended to rationalize the world in advance of global government.

The various "Americas" trade agreements signed by the US are especially pernicious for the US because they undermine US business sovereignty. These massive agreements, thousands of pages long, are not free-trade agreements but managed trade agreements.

Free trade agreements are easy to negotiate. One takes a piece of paper and writes on it: "Private industry shall be responsible for any and all trade between others abroad without tariffs, taxes or other government tributes, laws or regulations." That's not a very difficult sentence to write, though it is one that would put an army of lobbyists and lawyers out of business.

Western elites like trade agreements because they can be invisibly manipulated to drain power and prosperity from rich Western countries and provide developing countries with more clout. This has been an important agenda item for the powers-that-be, as countries must be "evened out" economically before world-government (the ultimate goal) is imposed.

Despite the opposition to these sorts of treaties in the West (which has been visibly and negatively affected by these trade treaties) they keep on being put into force. In fact, just in the past month, three ADDITIONAL trade agreements were jammed through international trade bodies – none of them positive for the West and none of them making much news in the mainstream media.

The mainstream media silence about these treaties and their impacts is beneficial to the power elite's operations in this regard. If the treaties are to be mentioned – and their effects – the noting is to be done in a positive way, dealing with ephemera rather than with the real issues. We can see this process at work in the article excerpted above, and in the following narrative from the same article:

The long-delayed door-to-door delivery was launched with a bi-national ceremony Friday to mark the truck's crossing at the international bridge "World Trade" in Laredo, Tex., the entry point for 40 percent of products imported from Mexico …

A small number of Mexican trucks had traveled into the U.S. under the pilot Border Trucking Demonstration Project, which started in 2007. But in 2009, the Obama administration cancelled the pilot following pressure from the Teamsters union. Mexico responded by doubling the tariffs U.S. products exported to Mexico. On Friday, Mexico suspended those tariffs …

Jim Hoffa, the Teamsters president, said the union remained opposed to the crossing of Mexican trucks into the United States. "The fact remains that Mexico does not meet our safety standards, and a violent drug war is raging there, which the Mexican government is powerless to control," he said in a statement. Hoffa said the pilot program permitting Mexican trucks in the U.S. interior did not "create much public confidence" and predicted the failure of the new program …

Mexico's transportation department said in a statement that about 10 Mexican companies have inquired about applying to be included in the program. The American Trucking Associations in a statement praised the two countries for working to "end the long-running and unnecessary dispute."

NAFTA and CAFTA caused a great deal of ruckus when they were initially passed. Now the din has died down but these pernicious treaties along with hundreds of others continue to do their work of reorganizing numerous societies and business around the world. In the US, such treaties doubtless prepare the country, along with Mexico and Canada, for a greater unification called the North American Union, complete, perhaps with an "Amero" currency.

This plan, too, has received fierce resistance, not just in America but also notably in Canada. Nonetheless, amalgamation continues under the Obama administration. The first steps to this elite-planned merger were taken way back during the Reagan administration. It has been a long time hatching, though given the elite's current impatience we wonder how long the timeline is and whether it's been shortened.

After Thoughts

Canada and America just began using joint troops on the Canadian border under a mingled command to fight "terrorism." And now a NAFTA truck has crossed over onto American soil. NAFTA, CAFTA and all the rest of these managed trade agreements are nothing more than elite-imposed memes actively draining Western wealth and competitiveness. They are nothing to be celebrated.

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