Naomi Wolf: So Right and So Wrong
By Staff News & Analysis - November 04, 2011

The People Versus the Police … The corporatocracy is terrified that citizens will reclaim the rule of law. America's politicians, it seems, have had their fill of democracy. Across the country, police, acting under orders from local officials, are breaking up protest encampments set up by supporters of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement – sometimes with shocking and utterly gratuitous violence. In the worst incident so far, hundreds of police, dressed in riot gear, surrounded Occupy Oakland's encampment and fired rubber bullets (which can be fatal), flash grenades, and tear-gas canisters – with some officers taking aim directly at demonstrators. The Occupy Oakland Twitter feed read like a report from Cairo's Tahrir Square: "they are surrounding us"; "hundreds and hundreds of police"; "there are armored vehicles and Hummers." There were 170 arrests. Naomi Wolf/Occupy Wall Street News feed

Dominant Social Theme: The problems in the world today can all be tracked back to the big corporations – the corporatocracy that runs the world.

Free-Market Analysis: The courageous Ms. Naomi Wolf is back at it again, fresh off her arrest for "blocking the sidewalk" in New York after a Huffington Post get-together to present an award to the smarmy Governor Andrew M. Cuomo of New York. She has written and posted a deeply felt screed at the new Occupy Wall Street news site that is turning into – as we predicted – a billboard for "progressive" points of view.

Ms. Wolf is surely correct to voice her deep displeasure with America's growing fascist state and the police officers that are its modern face. But is she correct in identifying them as tools of a US "corporatocracy?" It seems to us that she doesn't look deeply enough. This is the problem with Occupy Wall Street scribes generally.

Who runs the corporations? Hm-mm. It seems to us that the corporations and Wall Street itself would not exist in their current world-spanning posture without CENTRAL BANKING and the ability of those who supervise the mechanism to print endless amounts of money from nothing. This is what is rapidly turning the world into a single, large banana republic, or more grimly, a global gulag.

Why Ms. Wolf cannot see this is a mystery to us. With so much information available on the Internet about central banking and the elite clique that evidently and obviously runs it, one could be forgiven for beginning to think that those who point fingers at corporations, or even politicians, are practicing a form of disinformation.

It suits the agenda of the powers-that-be to have the "little people" blame corporations or even government for the problems of the world today. In fact, the problem is MERCANTILISM, a situation that occurs when powerful individuals and families TAKE OVER government and use it for their own purposes, passing laws that seem to be of benefit to "the people" but are really of benefit only to themselves.

Because of the Internet and what we call the Internet Reformation, the mercantilist strategy has been well exposed of late and the Anglosphere power elite that is behind the greater manipulation doesn't like it. They have counterattacked, just as they did during the era of the Gutenberg Press, by creating populist movements to confuse people about the real culprits. But just as happened then, these movements eventually shall spin out of control, creating results that support freedom in ways that the elites fear but cannot control.

In the meantime, we have to put up with Occupy Wall Street – which is not controlled at the "street" level but is certainly controlled at the top. In fact, several DB feedbackers on various threads have done a wonderful job of identifying some of those now "writing" for the movement, and almost invariably they are high-profile Leftists. We don't think this is a coincidence, though others are welcome to continue to think it is. Hey, it's a free country right?

No, from our point of view, Occupy Wall Street and its spin-offs resemble a classic disinformation campaign. The CIA, AYM and other entities have been tasked by the elites with creating a movement in opposition to the Tea Party, which has also been dragooned and placed into the faux left/right paradigm of which the elites are so fond.

Democrats want the government out of the bedroom and into your wallet. Republicans want the government out of your wallet and into your bedroom – and overseas as well. This is the paradigm throughout the West. Almost all parties want the government involved SOMEWHERE.

And that's the whole point. The real paradigm is freedom versus government interference of any kind. Try finding a major American or European party that stands for that. US Congressman Ron Paul does, which is why he is roundly ignored by the mainstream media and the Republican Party itself, which wishes he would go away. Even Ms. Wolf, despite her courageous writing about the West's galloping totalitarianism, is surely a socialist. Here's some more from the article.

Suddenly, America looks like the rest of the furious, protesting, not-completely-free world. Indeed, most commentators have not fully grasped that a world war is occurring. But it is unlike any previous war in human history: for the first time, people around the world are not identifying and organizing themselves along national or religious lines, but rather in terms of a global consciousness and demands for a peaceful life, a sustainable future, economic justice, and basic democracy.

Their enemy is a global "corporatocracy" that has purchased governments and legislatures, created its own armed enforcers, engaged in systemic economic fraud, and plundered treasuries and ecosystems. Around the world, peaceful protesters are being demonized for being disruptive. But democracy is disruptive. Martin Luther King, Jr., argued that peaceful disruption of "business as usual" is healthy, because it exposes buried injustice, which can then be addressed.

The corporatocracy is terrified that citizens will reclaim the rule of law. In every country, protesters should field an army of attorneys. Protesters should also make their own media, rather than relying on mainstream outlets to cover them. They should blog, tweet, write editorials and press releases, as well as log and document cases of police abuse (and the abusers).

Many protesters insist in remaining leaderless, which is a mistake. A leader does not have to sit atop a hierarchy: a leader can be a simple representative. Protesters should elect representatives for a finite "term," just like in any democracy, and train them to talk to the press and to negotiate with politicians. Protests should model the kind of civil society that their participants want to create.

You see, dear reader, how things get twisted? "Their enemy is a global 'corporatocracy' that has purchased governments and legislatures, created its own armed enforcers, engaged in systemic economic fraud, and plundered treasuries and ecosystems." How can one be so right and so wrong?

After Thoughts

Ms. Wolf seems to us mad when she writes such statements. She really believes Kentucky Fried Chicken – surely a world-spanning corporation – has created its own "armed enforcers"? For what purpose? To protect its secret recipe?

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