NASA Ends Era That Never Was?
By Staff News & Analysis - July 22, 2011

Nine minutes before the space shuttle Atlantis touched down, a little white dot passed over the horizon, visible for a brief moment to the crowds gathered before dawn Thursday at the Kennedy Space Center to welcome home the shuttle for the last time. For now, the future of America's space program is that dot — the International Space Center, a 900,000-pound laboratory orbiting 240 miles above the Earth, says Bill Gerstenmaier, NASA's associate administrator for space operations. – USA Today

Dominant Social Theme: The grand era of space exploration is receding. There were giants then … that are no more.

Free-Market Analysis: The US mainstream media is in full cry over the end of the space shuttle program (see above). This article in USA Today is a good example of it, tugging on the heart strings to remind readers of the glory that once was. it provides us with another opportunity to examine the totality of the US manned missions, including those moon missions that supposedly happened in the 1960s.

The Apollo man-on-the-moon missions are increasingly controversial. They comprise is a dominant social theme that the US was greater "before" when it was able to put men on the moon in numerous separate missions. Yet such sentiments may be misplaced. Increasingly, we are suspicious, as we have reported in the past. We think the entire NASA program may simply be an extension of larger untruths built around the American people in layers, the way a potter casts a pot. Some examples:

• The political elites through the CIA's Project Mockingbird worked intensively with top media companies to provide Americans with news and information that top Intel agencies wanted them to receive. That information may have had little or nothing to do with reality and sought reinforce phony Cold War tensions and the necessity of Leviathan. The program, which touched great media enterprises like the Washington Post and Time Magazine may be ongoing.

• Operation Gladio, pan-European in its dimensions, set up a secret stay-behind army to wage a war against the USSR that never was. In order to ensure that Europeans remained sympathetic to Anglo-American causes, various kinds of para-military activities were conducted by Western Intel and then blamed, apparently, on "leftists."

• The Pentagon's Operation Northwoods called for blowing up an American passenger plane over the US to incite a war with Cuba. "The plan, which had the written approval of the Chairman and every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called for innocent people to be shot on American streets; for boats carrying refugees fleeing Cuba to be sunk on the high seas; for a wave of violent terrorism to be launched in Washington, D.C., Miami, and elsewhere." (- What Really Happened)

• The Tonkin Gulf incident, in which it was claimed that North Vietnam military vessels attacked US ships with torpedoes was used by President Lyndon Johnson as a pretext to declare war on North Vietnam. He later remarked, "They could have been shooting at whales out there for all I know."

• Al-Qaeda (The Base) grew out of Arab volunteers who fought the Soviet invasion in the 1980s; the CIA brought Afghans and Arabs to the United States for military training. Bin Laden recruited for The Base in the US, under the name "Al-Khifah" and used the Farouq Mosque in Brooklyn's Atlantic Avenue as his headquarters.

• The American government claims to have killed Osama bin Laden on May 1, 2011 in a daring SEAL raid (see other article this issue). Yet according to a Fox News story, 'Report: Bin Laden Already Dead', Osama bin Laden died due to an untreated lung complication. The article dateline was December 26th 2001.

On and on. The list of obvious US Intel actions either planned or carried out, no doubt with the cooperation of the Mossad and Britain's MI6 is long and varied – far longer than the above examples. But they have several things in common. They were (and are) elaborate operations to make Americans (and the West) believe in a history that never occurred; and they were designed to bolster citizens' faith in government as a fundamental, necessary element of civil society.

The history that most people have grown up with is at least to a degree fallacious. It is manipulated or directed history that seeks to aggrandize government to ensure that people believe they need higher authorities to run every aspect of their lives. In this way, people are controlled, taxed and otherwise positioned to accept the coming one-world government, also known as the new world order.

It is not merely a hypothetical evolution; it is a deliberate, ongoing attempt at mind control on a massive level affecting millions, even billions of people at a time. The scope is breathtaking and the arrogance is incomprehensible. We have recently labeled it a Pharisaical program and believe it is aimed at manipulating both Jews and gentiles alike.

This effort may be as old as 300 years in its current incarnation and rooted in liturgy that is thousands of years old. It is motivated, seemingly, by a cold and calculated anger, a merciless, intergenerational rage that transforms people – the "Other" – into livestock to be herded at will, their perceptions altered by whatever means necessary.

Within this context it seems clear to us, as we have now suggested on numerous occasions, that the vaunted NASA programs that sent men to the moon may never really have existed. Here is the skeptic's ultimate hypothesis:

"There is no doubt that NASA sent men up into orbit – but that is where they stayed while the world was entertained with fictitious footage of men exploring the moon, footage that had been filmed on elaborate Hollywood sets apparently by one of the world's greatest cinematic directors. He later made another movie, The Shining, leaving clues about his participation. His death would seem to be suspicious."

This is in dispute, but here are facts … As a result of increased pressure stemming from the Internet, NASA eventually announced it had "lost" the initial tapes documenting the moon landings. Then it was announced that some had been rediscovered; NASA explained that these had been "enhanced' so that people could fully appreciate the moon and its men. Some of course might disagree. But NASA retouchers didn't ask for input.

In the Netherlands, a piece of petrified wood on exhibit at the national museum was found to have been mistaken for a "moon rock" … NASA, which sent the "rock," has no explanation for it. Astronauts taking pictures with their bulky gloves would have had to take one photo every 15 seconds to justify the amount of photos that emerged from the "moon landings."

The shadows on the moon are distorted; the dialogue between the astronauts and "mission control" seem to reveal evidence of fakery; the first press conference after the initial astronauts had returned from the moon is the single most bizarre public event in the annals of modern scientific history. A single viewing of that press conference should convince normal people that something funny was going on. Click here to watch.

We could continue; there are literally hundreds of anomalous facts about the moon landings, and despite a torrent of rebuttals in the mainstream press, the deconstruction continues. The Internet, never conceived of at the time of the Apollo project, has virtually blown apart what seems to have been the greatest scam of the 20th century.

It wasn't enough that the Anglo-American (Pharisaical) elite apparently funded two wars and killed millions to set up the infrastructure of world government. It wasn't enough to set up a phony economic system, worldwide, that attempts to convince people that "central bankers" can "run" the world's economy.

The contempt was not assuaged; the anger unslaked. The orgy of historical destruction had to reach into the heavens where it willfully darkened the great satellite. Now bureaucrats weep for what never was. Here's some more from the article excerpted at the beginning of this analysis:

NASA Test Director Mike Ciannilli choked up the second he saw the shuttle's tires touch the 3-mile-long runway."It was the moment I knew it was over," he said. "To work here has been an honor and the dream of a lifetime." On the runway, launch director Mike Leinbach, who has worked at Kennedy for 27 years, paused a moment to take in the grand view of Atlantis. "I saw grown men and grown women crying," he said. "Human emotions came out on the runway today." …

Without the excitement of astronauts blasting toward the stars, America's space program seems destined for a decade of obscurity. U.S. astronauts will hitch rides to the International Space Station on the Russian Soyuz until commercial space companies develop rockets and capsules to transport humans. President Obama has charged NASA with finding a way to transport astronauts into deep space, either to Mars or an asteroid, but that flight could be a generation away …

"We're focusing right now on 2025. We've got big things that are going to happen," NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, a former shuttle commander, said in an interview after the landing. Meanwhile, Gerstenmaier said, Americans should look to the International Space Station, the space shuttle's most ambitious legacy, for inspiration. The station took more than a decade and 37 shuttle flights to build. Atlantis Mission Specialist Sandra Magnus called it "a magical, wonderful place."

The space station is some 200-plus miles up in the air. The builders apparently dare not go much farther than that. Rockets and shuttles have flown as high as 400 miles in "earth orbit." With the exception of the anomalous "moon missions," which supposedly encompassed some 500,000 miles using computers that could fit into a modern pencil box, human beings have never been much farther from earth than several hundred miles.

There is a reason: The Van Allen radiation belts. There are two such belts: "a torus of energetic charged particles (plasma) around Earth, which is held in place by Earth's magnetic field," according to Wikipedia. The CIA's favorite online encyclopedia also tells us that "Apollo astronauts traveled through the Van Allen radiation belts on the way to the moon, however, exposure was minimized by following a trajectory along the edge of the belts that avoided the strongest areas of radiation."

NASA technicians are on record as saying the Van Allen belts pose a formidable challenge to further space flight and that new shielding technology will have to be developed before such additional efforts are to be made. The gold foil wrapped round the legs of the initial moon lander is not now seen as enough.

It is the Internet that has provided us the (apparent) truth about these government sponsored lies. Any single fact as regards these myriad, world-spanning hoaxes can be rebutted – and the rebuttals, patronizing and extensive, are trotted out in a thousand mainstream websites, many of them no doubt the progeny of Project Mockingbird. But the "Internet Reformation" increasingly reveals the melancholy truth.

Editor's Note: The language used in the above article was speculative (and noted as such), though some of feedbackers have taken this as a statement that we are sure NASA did not go to the moon. No. We are skeptical and remain so. We urge skepticism of all elite memes and NASA's man-to-the-moon chapter may be realistic … or it may be the most successful meme of all. Exploring whether it is a meme, a dominant social theme, or not, is part of our brief. Shedding additional light on it casts illumination on other workings of the powers-that-be, which we shall continue to do.

After Thoughts

What cannot be gainsaid is the PATTERN of deception that runs through the 20th century like a tumorous tide. It is difficult to face the consequences of such falsified "directed" history, but how much more dangerous and difficult not to?

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