New Book Further Confirms Eco-Affinity of Alternative Currency Proponents
By Staff News & Analysis - August 16, 2012

"Occupy Money" … Publication Date: October 23 2012 … It's time for a grassroots movement to knock conventional money off its pedestal and replace it with a fresh paradigm that puts people before profits. A guide not only for the 99% but also for the 1%, Occupy Money demonstrates that the creation of a stable and sustainable monetary system will reflect real wealth, rather than the smoke and mirrors of speculative profit, thus providing an alternative to the Age of Austerity. This vision can be realized through such creative initiatives as: Establishing time banks and complementary currencies geared to specific services such as health and education; Eliminating interest through interest-free loans and "demurrage", which rewards currency circulation; Re-localizing economies through regional currencies. – Amazon

Dominant Social Theme: New thinking for a New Age?

Free-Market Analysis: Again, we seem to find a weird eco-authoritarian streak in top-level proponents of alternative currencies … Why is Margrit Kennedy's new book being published by the Green eco-publisher New Society Publishers? We visited the page and found Al Gore prominently mentioned.

Here's the announcement:

Al Gore to Host Author Mike Lewis … Michael Lewis, co-author of The Resilience Imperative: Cooperative Transitions to a Steady State Economy and Executive Director of the Canadian Center for Community Renewal, joins 114 Canadians who were nominated to take part in a formal training offered by the Honourable Al Gore, former Vice-President of the United States, and Nobel Prize Laureate. The Canadian delegation will join 800 new presenters from over 20 countries, for the Climate Reality Training held August 21-23, in San Francisco, California.

Hey, we think we'll skip Al's Climate Reality Training! New Society Publishers seems enamored of him … but we, on the other hand, believe that global warming, currency credits and all the rest of the paraphernalia associated with "climate change" are actually a dominant social theme of the power elite.

The idea is to frighten people into giving up power and authority to specially prepared globalist solutions. It's all part of a move toward global government.

Does that make Ms. Kennedy an authoritarian believer in this biggest of all psy-ops? Nope. But it raises our suspicions a bit about the credibility of HER solutions. The frame of reference in which they are offered is not encouraging.

Of course, as we have noted before, Ms. Kennedy is a much admired "alternative currency" author. She is surely one of the intellectual leaders of the alternative currency movement and continuously publishes on the topic.

Her latest book is to be issued October 23, 2012 … entitled Occupy Money (see book description above). While we are sure it will be an interesting book, we are discouraged by the title.

It's been fairly well proven by now that there are good deal of ties between the "Occupy Movement" and George-Soros money. Soros is basically a bag man for a kind of New World Order so far as we can tell.

The idea is to set up the Occupy Movement in opposition to the Tea Party Movement and create another left-right paradigm that can be controlled and manipulated by the powers-that-be. Using the Hegelian dialectic, these movements are then manipulated toward the desired goal of world government.

So here is our question: Why would Ms. Kennedy deliberately mimic the rhetoric of an apparently controlled opposition movement like Occupy Wall Street?

She is also, at the same time, partaking of the fallacious notion that the world is divided into the have-nots (99 percent) and the haves (1 percent). This is, however, a pernicious meme that invites violence between the "rich" and everybody else.

In fact, if one believes in free markets and competition there is no problem between rich and less rich (middle class). A rich man creates products, services and jobs for those who have fewer resources.

The problem is not wealth, then, but Money Power, the ability of a few dynastic power elite families, mostly (apparently) out of the City of London, to control the world's central banks and fund their drive for world power.

Ms. Kennedy must know this, as her books are all about creating new systems of money and currency to disenfranchise Money Power. Does she really believe a multi-millionaire is in the same league as those who control money printing around the world? The implication of the title, then is misleading, either purposefully or otherwise.

It's a kind of cognitive dissonance, as is her previous employment at UNESCO and her husband's apparent job as a representative to the UN. We wrote about that here:

Strange Bedfellows: More Authoritarian Linkages to Paper Money

We have generally documented various linkages between alternative credit and currency systems and the United Nations. There also seems to be a good deal of enthusiasm for "green" ecology movements among those who are attempting to put alternative currencies into practice. We've written about that here:

Paper Money and the UN Perfect Together? More Currency and Credit Exchanges Supported by the UN

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Are Green Reciprocal Exchange and Credit Systems Part of a Larger Elite Promotion?

Occupy Money is introduced by Charles Eisenstein, who has written a book called Sacred Economics that basically propounds the same sorts of nostrums as Ms. Kennedy, from what we can tell.

There is, of course, the idea that money must be controlled, circulated without interest and with the kicker of artificially decreasing value. These are the theories of the Holy Trinity of monetary authoritarianism: Silvio Gesell, Major Douglas and Henry George.

While they and their theories are coming back into vogue as the (apparently planned) worldwide economic crash continues apace, the idea that humans can "plan" their way out of a planned crash seems at least questionable to us.

After Thoughts

It is planning – of the malevolent sort – that got us into this mess in the first place.