New Book on EU Corruption Gets Author Investigated
By Staff News & Analysis - April 11, 2013

Publish Book – Get Turned Over by Police … No, I am not making this up. My memoirs A Mote in Brussels' Eye describing my five years in the Brussels lunatic asylum came out as an eBook at the end of January. Today, March 5, nine policemen arrived unannounced at my front door armed with a warrant to search our home. Much of my book details my efforts on behalf of the taxpayers of SE England to expose the gross misuse of public funds by the EU, and hold them accountable. Such an unusually fast reaction by Brussels tells me they are both very angry and terrified. My book is obviously causing them trouble. – Ashley Mote's blog

Dominant Social Theme: Only criminals criticize the state.

Free-Market Analysis: Ashley Mote is a convicted felon, but also a prolific freedom-author, and he seems to have written an interesting book. The book is based on his experiences from 2004 to 2009 as an independent member of the European Parliament. Once in Brussels, Ashley Mote described his experiences thus:

"When you are on the field of battle, you use every weapon at your disposal. Turning my back on the EU like many of my former colleagues in UKIP would not defeat it. I found myself a fifth-columnist within the city walls. But unlike most fifth-columnists, my foes knew I was there – a quite extraordinary situation, like much else in the EU.

"Being a member at least gave me access to information, and to people. I now had the ability to take the concerns of ordinary people into boardrooms and ministerial offices as never before, and have them taken seriously.

"I also had access to funds which could be used to help fight for the restoration of British sovereignty. The EU does not create wealth. It takes it from taxpayers all over the member states. It is a financial leech on the body politic. Bringing it back to the UK to finance our fight was the best possible use of British taxpayers' money.

"It also helped finance a research team in Brussels and the UK who were able to dig into the detail of EU regulations, directives and future plans. We had access to information and officials, and the power to call the Commission to account.

A Mote in Brussels' Eye was published January 23, 2013; we were made aware of it via a private press release. The subtitle is "The diary of a Member of the European Parliament," and information provided by Mote features the following points:

– A full, frank and controversial account of five years fighting the EU from within the castle walls.

– The first ever blow-by-blow memoirs of a British MEP.

– Sensational new evidence wrung out of the EU revealing:

Industrial-scale institutionalised looting of British taxpayers' money.

Indisputable evidence of endemic EU corruption and fraud.

'Diversity' the claim, 'regulation and standardisation' the reality.

Huge hidden cash piles as the EU demands ever more.

Uncontrolled migration across EU's eastern borders totally ignored.

Illegal seizure of power and control from nation states.

Dilution of national identities by mass migration and imported criminality.

3000 secret committees endlessly planning new EU 'law'.

Refusals by the Serious Fraud Office and Scotland Yard to examine unequivocal evidence of illegal payments to Brussels.

EU officials deliberately misleading the House of Lords.

Millions in soft loans to the BBC to buy editorial support.

The European Central Bank authorising a flood of new 500-euro banknotes, used mainly by drug barons for money laundering.

"Nobody is responsible, everybody else is to blame, and who cares anyway?" – EU bureaucrat.

It is well known that the EU is corrupt but books like this one (we have not read it) may provide historical perspectives that will be useful in sorting through the way this continental disaster was put together and peddled.

What is clear is that there are emergent parallel justice systems in Europe, as in the US: One for those cooperating with the current globalist scheme and another for those who do not cooperate or speak out against it.

The globalist justice system actually encourages illegalities and corruption and seeks no prosecution for those involved in them. The second system, run aggressively – almost pathologically – by the same globalists, wiretaps, scrutinizes and otherwise investigates those deemed to be enemies of the current state of affairs.

Mote obviously falls into the second category, which certainly explains his book and might explain his prosecution, as well.

If the book delivers on its various promises in a credible way, it would certainly add to a growing collection of exposes about how the EU is run and by whom and for what purposes.

Of course, we have a pretty good idea, but eyewitness accounts can help buttress those conclusions and historical records are indeed important.

After Thoughts

We would invite anyone who reads the book to report back.

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