New MS Procedure May Cure Disease in Days?
By Staff News & Analysis - December 02, 2009

Dr. Paolo Zamboni (pictured left), a former vascular surgeon and professor at the University of Ferrara in northern Italy, began asking questions about the debilitating condition a decade ago, when his wife Elena, now 51, was diagnosed with MS. Watching his wife Elena struggle with the fatigue, muscle weakness and visual problems of MS led Zamboni to begin an intense personal search for the cause of her disease. He found that scientists who had studied the brains of MS patients had noticed higher levels of iron in their brain, not accounted for by age. The iron deposits had a unique pattern, often forming in the core of the brain, clustered around the veins that normally drain blood from the head. No one had ever fully explained this phenomenon, considering the excess iron a toxic byproduct of the MS itself. Dr. Zamboni wondered if the iron came from blood improperly collecting in the brain. Using Doppler ultrasound, he began examining the necks of MS patients and made an extraordinary finding. Almost 100 per cent of the patients had a narrowing, twisting or outright blockage of the veins that are supposed to flush blood from the brain. He then checked these veins in healthy people, and found none of these malformations. Nor did he find these blockages in those with other neurological conditions. "In my mind, this was unbelievable evidence that further study was necessary to understand the link between venous function and iron deposits on the other," Zamboni told W5 from his research lab in Ferrara. Zamboni dubbed the vein disorder he discovered CCSVI, or Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency, and began publishing his preliminary research in neurology journals. – CTV

Dominant Social Theme: How is this possible? Another nutcase?

Free-Market Analysis: There are plenty of cures out there for cancer – though whether any of them work is yet a debatable point. This is not because they are hoaxes, only because their inventors have, perhaps, been denied a proper forum for ongoing discussion and for the convincing their scientific peers.

Why? Because, as we pointed out yesterday, in our article about the stifling effects of Big Science on physics, there is so much money and control in the scientific arena these days that even the most promising treatments can get sidetracked by lack of funding and purposeful (in our view) inattentiveness. Here's how the established MS Societies view the above treatment (which sure sounds promising to us), according to the article:

The MS Societies of Canada and the U.S. are reticent to support Zamboni's theories. They maintain that: "Based on results published about these findings to date, there is not enough evidence to say that obstruction of veins causes MS. It is still not clear whether relieving venous obstructions would be beneficial."

It is too often the same weary story. Establishment scientific institutions and their planetary satellites – non-profits, etc. – huddle together to keep out anything that remotely challenges business as usual. Have you read about this potential MS cure in manifold versions in the mainstream press? You would think that journalists would leap at the opportunity to cover this astonishing research. Maybe there is nothing to this, but mainstream media silence, as usual, seems deafening. (Google "Zamboni MS" and there doesn't seem to be much mainstream exposure, or not yet anyway.)

To find out more about Dr.Zamboni's potential ground-breaking treatment for MS, click here to watch the CTV documentary – The Liberation Treatment.

After Thoughts

We have proposed that Climategate is merely a tiny sample of the kind of rigorous control that "gatekeepers" exercise over noncomforming scientific thought. When outright bans don't work, too often the scientist may find himself or herself under criminal investigation. The monetary elite creates dominant social themes in science as elsewhere for purposes of control and wealth-gathering. We hope in this case, that Dr. Zamboni proves out his theories and is able to come in from the cold.

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