Next Neocon War? 'Free-Balochistan' to Split Pakistan in Two
By Staff News & Analysis - March 05, 2012

Recently, a resolution was passed in the US Congress to divide Pakistan and carve out an 'independent Balochistan'. With this, an old neocon dream was revived. This time the so-called globalists and propagandists, masquerading as human right activists, are the cheerleaders. Against this backdrop, Colonel Ralph Peter's map of the 'New Middle East' truncating, balkanising every country – Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan – was reproduced. Despite the fact that it was scorned and reviled even at the time of its earlier exhibition. It seems that the neocons and influential globalists of America desperately want to initiate World War III. Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger's interview, If you can't hear the drums of war, you must be deaf, with Alfred Heinz on November 27, 2011, is a clear expression of this desire. – Pakistan News

Dominant Social Theme: The Baloch tribes are badly repressed by Pakistan and need help. They should be freed from the grip of the horrid Punjabis. And by the way, the Balochs would then cooperate with the US and, like a dagger in the heart of Islam, provide the West and NATO with secure bases from which to pursue war against Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. That's not the reason to support the Balochs, however. They're repressed.

Free-Market Analysis: Ever since the Afghan war began to turn against the West, the Anglosphere power elite has been searching for a remedy.

The Anglosphere elites (as we have often indicated) – made up of Jewish, Catholic/Vatican, religious, corporate and military elites – have tried several times in the past century to fully balkanize Pashtun and Punjabi culture. These two tribes are among the oldest in the world. The Pashtuns, especially, have been at war with the West on and off for several hundred years.

In our view, this is the reason for the Afghanistan war. It is simply a war of control designed to crush the Pashtuns, restrain the Punjabis and make the world safe for the aim of the global elites, which is one-world government.

The wars in the Middle East have seemingly been pursued to eradicate secular governments such as those that existed in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, etc. In their place are arising governments focused on Islamic republicanism backed by facilities such as the Islamic Brotherhood, long penetrated by Western Intel.

The idea, in our view, is to further the phony war on terror and create a controlled environment in which the elites can manipulate a further Clash of Civilizations. Thus the warmongering is being pursued on two levels.

First, the powers-that-be have focused on the Afghan/Pakistan region in order to further plans for an evident and obvious New World Order. Second, secular regimes are being removed in the Middle East and upper Africa to create a climate that fuels a further, controlled "clash of civilizations."

Balochistan makes up about half of Pakistan. Unlike the Pashtuns that have the advantage of the harsh terrain of Afghanistan, the Baloch tribes – constituting about half of Balochistan – have been conquered a number of times, beginning with a takeover by Alexander the Great.

Today, the "province" of Balochistan resides in Pakistan, though part of greater Balochistan belongs to Iran as well, and perhaps some to Afghanistan. About 50 percent of the population of Balochistan is said to be Pashtun. Here's some more from the article:

Balochistan and geopolitics … The rationale of these ill-intentioned pseudo thinkers is absolutely absurd. According to them, since the Pakistani elite is exploiting Balochistan, so it should be balkanised. Those who believe that Balochistan should not be a part of Pakistan are geopolitical imbeciles. Indeed, the propagandists making these claims are clueless about regional realities because:

• Pakistan: It will fight a war, even a nuclear war of national survival to defend itself.

• Iran: The Iranian Seistan is part of Balochistan, which the imperialists want to carve out. Therefore, Iran will fight a war in unison with Pakistan to defend Balochistan against the US threats.

• Afghanistan: The Taliban are winning; the Americans are leaving. No Afghan – not even Karzai – will cede the Afghan territory to become 'greater independent Balochistan'. Nor can landlocked Kabul take up fights with both Islamabad and Tehran.

• Turkey: The Turks will support Pakistan and oppose independent Balochistan. Those who are plotting Balochistan also support Kurdistan to balkanise Turkey. Turkey will oppose Balochistan splitting by Nato, even if Nato is foolhardy to play the diabolical game of neocons.

• India: It has been supporting the destabilisation of Balochistan and will continue to do so. But for India to overtly support Balochistan can lead to a nuclear war with Pakistan. Besides this can also trigger freedom movements in Kashmir, Khalistan, Assam, Tamil Nadu and a dozen other places. Playing the US-Israel game will spoil its relations with Iran, Russia and China.

• China: It will support Pakistan. USA's aim in Balochistan is to block China from Gwadar. Balochistan today, Xinjiang tomorrow! China's defence begins from Pakistan.

• Russia: It is Pakistan's new friend. Besides, the Pak-Iran link is supported by Moscow.

So, the geopolitics of the region negates any viability of an independent Balochistan. In addition, anti-Americanism in Pakistan has a complex dynamic. The US meddling in Balochistan will not create an 'independent Balochistan', but will initiate a war, perhaps, leading to World War III.

The Pentagon's military-industrial complex never sleeps and the Afghan debacle haunts the elite, in our humble view. The Pashtun/Taliban have proven a match for Western forces once more.

This is not a surprise because the Pashtuns are basically, in their view, defending their lands from foreign invaders as they have before. It is not surprising either that the Punjabis and Pashtuns, ordinarily enemies, have in a sense joined together to resist the West. There is a history of this.

The subduing of the Pashtuns was, from the power elite's point of view, a critical necessity to create full global governance. The tribal/military configuration of the Pashtuns is a mortal threat to Anglosphere ambitions and even to the retention of what the powers-that-be have already accomplished in the West.

Authoritarian ventures go forward so long as their inevitability is unquestioned. Defeat throws the entire program into disarray. This is no doubt why the elites are examining ways not only to further the war but to pursue it in a manner advantageous to eventual victory – even if it takes many more years and throws the entire region into chaos.

After Thoughts

It also seems to show a certain amount of chaos among elite military planners. Having lost in Afghanistan, or so it seems, they are casting about for ways to seize victory from defeat. If these reports are accurate, they can be taken as a kind of admission that the current strategic objectives in Afghanistan have apparently failed.

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