Now Bolivia Seizes Oil – Open Season on Western Assets or Something Even More?
By Staff News & Analysis - May 02, 2012

Bolivian President Evo Morales seizes assets from Spanish energy company Red Electrica … Bolivian President Evo Morales ordered his military to seize the local assets of Spanish energy company Red Electrica, in the latest example of muscle-flexing by a South American leader. Evo Morales's move could further spook European investors already wary of resource nationalism in left-wing regimes in South. – Reuters

Dominant Social Theme: These socialist South Americans. Just can't trust them.

Free-Market Analysis: Historical events tend to move in cycles. This is because the world seems to be in the grip of a kind of directed global convulsion leading to greater world government.

We seem to be going through a radical "ism" phase again where the powers-that-be are trying to resurrect yesterday's radicalism. Of course, today is a different time – an epoch of what we call the Internet Reformation – so perhaps elite manipulations won't work so well this time round. They are trying, though, it seems.

Think of every convulsion of history as giving birth to this "new world." One can actually see the process convulsing the birth canal.

•There was the World War II that gave rise to the modern globalist state with its United Nations, World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

•There was the 1960s and 1970s marked by radicalism and all the phony "isms" that elite court writers have created.

•There was the later 20th century marked by so-called market capitalism and the Reagan/Thatcher market-based approach.

•And more recently the war on terror, the revivifying of the warfare/welfare state and now a surge of radicalism again. Here's more from the Reuters article above:

Mr Morales said the expropriation of Transportadora de Electricidad (TDE), which runs most of Bolivia's power grid, was "in honour of all Bolivian people who have struggled to recuperate our natural resources and basic services". He timed the seizure for May Day.

TDE is 99.94pc owned by Spain's Red Electrica and, according to El Pais, accounts for about 1.5pc of the company's business. Accusing Red Electrica of underinvestment in TDE, Mr Morales said: "We do this… for the benefit of the Bolivian people."

The nationalisation comes just two weeks after Argentine President Cristina de Kirchner announced the expropriation of Spanish company Repsol's stake in oil group YPF, also citing underinvestment.

Oh, yes … evident and obvious! There is a deliberate campaign of worldwide destabilization going on, it seems. In the West, it is led by the phony Occupy Wall Street movement: 99 percent against one percent. And in the Middle East, Islamic governments are being raised to confront the West.

China is being groomed to confront the West, as well. And now South American officials are beginning their relentless expropriations. Is this all an accident? … Can it be?

No, it would seem to be yet more directed history, this manufactured and phony radicalism. Order out of chaos. We've seen it all before. The tool kit is not that broad or deep.

Nationalizations, wars, recessions, depressions … Out of chaos … order. A new order. A new world.

Put it in this context and much makes sense that would not otherwise. Perhaps the world is not so disconnected as one might think.

After Thoughts

The powers that be seek world government and create manifold dislocations to bring it closer. Understand the REAL conversation and take human action.

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