Obama Carefully Crafts Health Care Failure
By Staff News & Analysis - February 01, 2012

The End of Health Insurance Companies … Here's a bold prediction for the new year. By 2020, the American health insurance industry will be extinct. Insurance companies will be replaced by accountable care organizations — groups of doctors, hospitals and other health care providers who come together to provide the full range of medical care for patients … Accountable care organizations will typically be paid a fixed amount per patient, along with bonuses for achieving quality targets. The organizations will make money by keeping their patients healthy and out of the hospital and by avoiding unnecessary tests, drugs and procedures. Thus, they will actually have a financial incentive to hire that nurse for follow-ups. – New York Times

Dominant Social Theme: The US Fedgov has re-engineered health care in the United States. It is a massively exciting and bold plan, and we can't wait to see how it will end up.

Free-Market Analysis: Ezekiel J. Emanuel and Jeffrey B. Liebman – both of whom have Obama administration ties, apparently – have written a massively economically illiterate article on health care that was recently posted to the New York Times Op-Ed.

The main point of the article is excerpted above and has to do with how the Obama administration has "crafted" accountable care organizations that will have financial incentives to keep people healthy via "prevention" and healthcare monitoring.

This is, of course, a power elite dominant social theme of sorts – that government can create laws and regulations that provide private-market facilities with methodologies to "overcome" market failure.

Of course, there is no such thing as market failure. The market cannot "fail." It is simply "is." Markets are created by competition for goods and services. Individuals choose which goods and services are the most attractive to them.

In a sense, there is no such thing as a "market." As Austrian, free-market economics shows us, people make decisions based on their own (enlightened) self interest. If people like a product or service, they'll purchase it or use it. No "failure" here. How could there be?

But that's not enough for the paid apologists of chaos. Increasingly, around the world, Western regulatory democracy has been exported with all of its ruinous consequences. Laws and regulations are nothing but prices fixes – and every price fix transfers wealth from those who create it to those who haven't and aren't able to use it so effectively.

Regulatory democracy has been an increasingly powerful theme of the Anglosphere power elite that seeks to run the world. That's because the powers-that-be use mercantilism to build global governance. They can't step forward and take charge outright – not yet anyway – so they need laws they can manipulate behind the scenes.

The hallmarks of regulatory democracy are a bewildering maze of ever more complex statutes dictating to market practitioners what they can and cannot do. As each dictate fails – as inevitably it must – MORE laws and regulations are enacted. In the US, especially, this has been going on with increased violence and determination for at least a century.

As each law further distorts the market a bewildering array of power-elite fronts begin to argue for the next "reform." Of course, no one would grant yet another reform credence without outright bribery, and this is what "lobbyists" are for.

The system is presented as a logical outcome of the sociopolitical trends now in place. But in fact, it is not. It is merely a shameless and meretricious manipulation of people and power that seeks to continually empower the Anglosphere elites while making the current environment so chaotic and miserable that people will eventually grant the efficacy of the New World Order. Here's some more from the article:

Thanks to the accountable care organizations provided for by the health care reform act, a new system is on its way, one that will make insurance companies unnecessary. Accountable care organizations will increase coordination of patient's care and shift the focus of medicine away from treating sickness and toward keeping people healthy.

Because most physicians and hospitals today are paid on a fee-for-service basis, medical care is organized around treating a specific episode of illness rather than the whole patient. This system encourages overtreatment and leads to mistakes and miscommunication when patients are sent between their primary care doctors, specialists and hospitals.

Indeed, under today's payment system, investments in providing better care are doubly penalized. If a hospital hires a nurse to follow up with patients after they are discharged in order to reduce readmissions — for example, to help patients with diabetes improve blood sugar control — it must pay for the nurse, which is typically not reimbursed by insurance companies or Medicare, and it loses revenue by preventing the readmission.

It all sounds very logical, but in fact it is nonsense. Financial incentives do NOT create functional markets. What financial incentives ACTUALLY do is give people the incentive to lie, steal and cheat to gain them.

Additionally, by putting the enormous power and visible prestige of "government" behind such "reforms," people are tricked into believing that the system is sufficiently credible to provide the requisite service.

But the system is NEVER credible. And when it is inevitably revealed that smart and manipulative people have penetrated the marketplace for their own gain, the answer will be additional laws, regulations and various kinds of authoritarian policing – and spying – to ensure that the system remains "honest."

Of course, given the amount of money now sloshing around this artificial industry – whatever it is – the police too, and the politicians, will inevitably be corrupted as well.

This is why regulatory democracy doesn't work. One builds an artificial system, endows it with the full force and credibility of authoritarian government and then, when it fails, creates yet more laws and civil and military investigative facilities to rectify what has gone wrong.

It is a vicious circle. The ONLY market governor is COMPETITION … what Adam Smith called the Invisible Hand. Government cannot create nor police artificial industrial infrastructures. Only people within these environments can point out what's gone wrong and why "their" products are more efficient, etc.

Those who peddle the kind of nonsense that is purveyed around the world every second of every day by the power elite's bought-and-paid-for mainstream media are very aware after a certain age that what they're involved with doesn't work.

By then, of course, they're trapped. The "system" itself demands that they continue to promote the Big Lie that products and services can be regulated into perfection by massive government bureaucracies. It's an absolutely insane paradigm and one that we think what we call the Internet Reformation is gradually breaking down.

As more people begin to grasp the breadth and depth of the depraved lies that organize their societies, civil society must logically decay. Those who are "ruled" need to believe in their rulers, after all. Trouble brews when this trust is severed. In fact, this is the reason that the elites have wielded dominant social themes so energetically for the past 100 years.

But information on the Internet has fully revealed the untruths that have been methodically spun about economic, political and military issues over the past 100 years. Articles like this one in the New York Times are increasingly unpersuasive, in our view – at least when it comes to a percentage of society's intelligentsia that the elites have long sought to manipulate.

As real economic information percolates out into society, people seem increasingly aware of the massive deception that is taking place around them. And that's a big problem for the handful of families that apparently control central banking and want to create a New World Order.

After Thoughts

How do you create global governance when no one believes the meme?

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