Obama Heartily Laughs About Dropping Bombs on Civilians
By Grayson Schultze - May 03, 2016

But I have to say, it’s great, it looks like you’re really enjoying your last year of the presidency. Saw you hanging out with NBA players like Steph Curry, Golden State Warriors. That was cool. That was cool, yeah. You know it kinda makes sense, too, because both of you like raining down bombs on people from long distances, right? What? Am I wrong? – Larry Wilmore at the White House correspondent’s dinner

For a split second, Obama was stunned. That punchline held more truth than he’d expected.

But when the comedian continued with, “What? Am I wrong?” he beamed a big smile and laughed heartily along with the rest of the crowd.

As the camera panned out across the sea of mainstream media “journalists”, bureaucrats, lobbyists, defense contractors, athletes, celebrities, and politicians it was all smiles and laughter at raining down bombs on people – from wedding parties to kids on the beach and countless other drone “mistakes” across Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

It’s at events like these that someone can gain insight into just how widespread the warfare epidemic and bloodlust is in D.C., even chuckling at torture when Wilmore joked about Obama not closing the notorious Guantanamo Bay prison.

All these groups that claim to be on opposing teams prove that in fact they’re all one in the same.

Just a few tables away you could see Senator Bernie Sanders also caught up in the fanfare and laughter of bombing and droning innocents worldwide. On the campaign trail he may be “Anti-war Bernie”, but in candid moments like this we can see his true colors.

After the event, both online and offline media were plastered with stories about Obama’s dropping the mic or Wilmore’s dropping of the “n-word”. None bothering to question when it was that bombing children’s hospitals had become something to laugh about.

This night, unlike in years past, Obama did not mention drones or bombs in his speech. Really, he didn’t need to. Eight years of continuing – and amplifying – George W. Bush’s foreign policy have spoken volumes.

The best, untold joke of the night was not directed at Obama or anyone else in attendance. Instead, the real joke was – and is – on the American people. In fact, this predates the White House correspondent’s dinner and continues on well beyond the weekend’s festivities.

Even in the internet age, this small group of well-connected storytellers still has the preponderance of influence over the U.S. public, and thereby how U.S. citizens perceive the world. The notion of directed history that we have often covered is not a conspiracy theory.

The White House correspondent’s dinner is a stark example of directed history in action. These “journalists” source their stories directly from these war criminals themselves, passing along the picture that has been painted for them.

How many will eschew the U.S. empire’s twisted version of the world? How many will refuse to take a seat at one of the tables surrounded by the world’s power structure? How many invest more words into covering the true implications of politicians’ actions rather the persona of these sociopaths? How many will risk their careers to deliver the truth to the public?

Without a debate, a single narrative emerges. And this single narrative ensures a pliant public, removing the obstacles for the warlords to rain down unquestioned, unchecked death and destruction throughout the world.

But rest assured, it’ll make for a hearty laugh later.


The White House correspondent’s dinner showed that the elites in the world today greet death and destruction with smiles and laughter. Until alternative media gains traction in the U.S., the people will continue being fed a single narrative and there will be no widespread outrage at politicians’ actions.

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