Occupy Wall Street Demands Global UN Tax and Worldwide G20 Protest
By Staff News & Analysis - October 20, 2011

Occupy's busting out on a new path … So Adbusters is asking people all around the world to march on Oct. 29. "We want to send a clear message that we the people want to slow down this global casino." And Adbusters does have one specific demand, a 1 percent tax on financial-sector transactions (perhaps stocks, bonds, foreign-currency trades and derivatives). Some form of that idea, known as the "Robin Hood" tax, has been around for a while and might actually fly. – Jerry Large/Seattle Times

Dominant Social Theme: We want justice for the world and the UN will give it to us.

Free-Market Analysis: Kalle Lasn, founder of Adbusters magazine, based in Vancouver, B.C. – the magazine that issued the call for the initial Occupy Wall Street protests – has called on people to protest the upcoming G20 while demanding a one-percent tax on financial transactions.

The revenue raised would be enormous and the lingering question is where this incredible revenue stream would be directed. The answer is obvious to those who follow what we call "directed history." The intention is likely to fund the UN as part of a final push to rationalize and perfect the initial stages of true world government.

As we have written before, the movement toward world government is happening very quickly now. The ramifications are enormous and people who write off these protests as spontaneous and short-lived are not grasping what is taking place, in our humble opinion.

The financial sales tax has been around for a very long time but has found its most recent voice in a column by Jerry Large of the Seattle Times. He recently gained an exclusive interview with Kalle Lasn, who sounds as if he hopes that a large protest on Oct 29th will mark the beginning of a push for such a tax.

What's going on is pure one-worldism, an OWS ideology that is gradually revealing itself in dribs and drabs. It is one reason that that the OWS leaders have made no specific demands. They have hoped to create a momentum, apparently, before revealing what they are truly after. The movement seems to be part of a larger wave of directed history that has been in play for at least a century and is now reaching a dénouement.

The one-percent tax has been a staple of United Nations demands for more than a decade. Google UN and "one-percent tax" and plenty of information will appear – over three million citations, in fact.

Way back in 1996, a post appearing on "," entitled "U.N. Tax Threatens U.S. Sovereignty," explained that United Nations Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali wanted a tax of this sort to make the UN "independent."

Boutros-Ghali wants to finance the nearly bankrupt United Nations by imposing a global tax on foreign exchange transactions. A mere half-of-one-percent tax on these transactions would generate an astounding $1.5 trillion … The important thing is to establish an independent revenue source.

Lasn doesn't make mention of the UN angle, though it is perfectly possible when demands for this movement are finally fleshed out that we shall discover this tax is to be administered by the UN. For us the entire gamut of protests now occurring are part of a power elite strategy to advance world government.

There is ample evidence that the movement's impetus came in part from US State Dept. facilities created to finance and organize "youth movements" around the world and has had significant input from American Intel and military agencies. This makes sense within the context of Occupy Wall Street's unstated Leftist agenda.

False flag movements generated by the powers-that-be are invariably statist, because that is how they maintain and expand control. Government is a big part of the command-and-control equation, especially if you're trying to build a "new world order." Those involved intimately in Occupy Wall Street would seem to have a leftist agenda, as we've document in numerous articles now. But they also may be willing participants in a false flag venture.

David McGraw, one of the non-leader leaders of the movement, has no journalistic profile going back farther than two years from what we can tell, which is odd to say the least. Matt Taibbi poses as a muck-raker but the solutions he has recently and publicly contributed are extremely statist and tax-oriented. Leftist Adbuster's magazine is at least to some extent funded by the Soros one-world crowd. Here's some more from the article:

Adbusters magazine, based in Vancouver, B.C., issued the first call for people to occupy Wall Street. In its July issue the magazine asked for 20,000 people to show up on Sept. 17. A month in, I asked Adbusters founder Kalle Lasn how he thought the action was going. "As far as the birth of movements goes, I can't imagine a better beginning," he said. It's been wild and messy, he said, but he believes that's to the good. It has people talking, trying to figure out what those folks want.

What Lasn wants is clearer. For two decades, the international magazine has been attacking consumer capitalism as the center of many of the world's ills. He'd like an economic system friendlier to humans and to the environment … The demonstrators are saying they want a different kind of future. Lasn says they are learning from each other different ways to eat, to get around, to collaborate, different ways to get information … People feel in the pits of their stomachs that things are not right economically or politically. He praised the Tea Party for recognizing that and trying to do something about it, even though he doesn't agree with its diagnosis …

Now in the Occupy movement, he said, "the political left has showed some chutzpah." But ultimately, he said, the solutions won't be found by clinging rigidly to the left or right. "We want to have more variety and more debate and to get rid of the corruption at the heart of our system." In two weeks, leaders of the G-20 (the world's largest economies) will meet in France, and Adbusters wants to send them a message. At the least, it may get people thinking a different path is possible.

Lasn's language is revealing. He wants to "get rid of the corruption at the heart of the system." In fact, there is no corruption at the heart of the system. It is the system ITSELF that is corrupt. But it's Lasn's job as an apparent employee of the world's great banking families to position the dialogue in a way that is most advantageous to the expansion of global governance.

No doubt there will be protests on October 29th. The controlled mainstream media will make sure they occur. The Anglosphere power elite has now deliberately set in motion a series of protests designed to leverage and focus the Western middle class's current rage over the failing worldwide economy by providing behind-the-scenes command and control.

Next may come demands for more globalist solutions to ensure that "transparency" is implemented in government along with so-called "direct democracy" – as we have analyzed them in the recent past. Even the way forward is beginning to become clear. McGraw, Taibbi and Julian Assange of WikiLeaks fame are all involved in this movement as young leaders, and all seem to us, possibly anyway, part of a kind of directed history as well.

They are the stars of the show and the masses of young protesters following them are the manipulated "extras" that provide credibility for the larger movement in an unknowing way. And this is why we have floated the idea that libertarians ought to "get out and get out now." Start another movement that uses the Occupy Wall Street notoriety without providing it further viability. That's what Alex Jones did with his newly-created anti-Fed movement. It likely can be done.

After Thoughts

What is surprising is the boldness with which the great banking families and their enablers and associates are moving. Perhaps they are panicked by what we call the Internet Reformation and its truth telling, which has fully exposed their strategies and existence as never before. Perhaps, swaddled by unimaginable wealth and power, they just don't care.