Occupy Wall Street Turns Into 1930s Populism
By Staff News & Analysis - October 06, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: Thousands March in New York as Unions Join Protest … Thousands of people gathered and marched alongside Occupy Wall Street Protest as union labor gave their support to the long-running protest Wednesday. Protestors with union slogans left work early to march from Occupy Wall Street to Foley Square in Lower Manhattan making it the largest demonstration since the movement was launched on Sept. 17. – International Business Times

Dominant Social Theme: The people have had enough. Get rid of the corporations and the bankers just the way they did in the 1930s.

Free-Market Analysis: It must have been intensely frustrating for the powers-that-be over the past few years to witness the explosion of free-market thinking that accompanies the unrolling financial crisis that started in late 2007. But now there's Occupy Wall Street and one begins to hear the sad strains of populism reasserting themselves. We await the re-release of Grapes of Wrath.

The Anglosphere power elite needs to create an "us against them" mentality and free-market thinking doesn't yield that sort of analysis. The Internet has been a big stumbling block to their efforts to further socialize the world's economy on the march towards global governance. But now, thanks to Occupy Wall Street, the 1930s socialist dialogue is beginning to replay itself (see article except above).

Occupy Wall Street is making all this possible. There's no gainsaying it now. The reason that the organizers wouldn't release goals was because the entire effort has been a kind of power-elite setup. No one wanted the movement to reveal what it really was until it had gained some momentum.

(Editor's Note: Make no mistake, please. We would LIKE to believe that Occupy Wall Street will prove out to be a genuine LIBERTARIAN protest movement, but all the signs seem pointing against it. The mainstream media in particular is determined to portray it as neo-populism whether it is or not … Our elves feel increasingly sorry for certain organizers like David DeGraw, who wrote yesterday in his AmpedStatus blogsite that the Occupy Wall Street protests ARE focused on the central banking money mechanism, which is the evident and obvious root of the West's expanding economic ruin. You can see his LETTER TO ALEX JONES at the bottom of yesterday's article, "Occupy Wall Street – Oh No! [& Open Letter to Alex Jones].") … Sorry, Mr. DeGraw, but you'll need to make a lot of noise to redirect attention in the appropriate direction). Anyway, hope you do, but we're not optimistic at this point. The train is leaving the proverbial station …)

Increasingly, Occupy Wall Street is is revealing what it may have been planned to be all along: elitist propaganda. The populist meme underlying its formulation is finally taking off. This provides the REAL powers-that-be the rationale to pass more laws and further consolidate their control over the economy.

If the problem is seen as one of economic distortion due to central banking, then real change can occur. But if the problem is seen as one of Wall Street corruption and "greed," then we are due for a repeat of 1930s populism and its nonsensical, government-based solutions.

In fact, in the article excerpted above, we can see the memes on display that the great central banking families have been attempting to expand for the past four years. Occupy Wall Street increasingly looks to be the Trojan Horse that may finally bring these themes to the forefront of public consciousness and allow for yet further undermining of what's left of the globe's staggering economy. Here's some more from the article:

Foley Square was filled with thousands as several labor group speakers railed against corporate America. "Corporate greed has pulled every one of us here. It's time not to occupy Wall Street, but to take back Wall Street," Christopher Shelton, vice president of the regional branch of the Communication Workers of America yelled at the crowds.

Protesters participating in the Wednesday march were members of National Nurses United, the profession's largest U.S. union; the Transport Workers Union Local 100, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's biggest; and the Working Families Party, a coalition of more than 60 community organizations, San Francisco Chronicle reported.

More than 15,000 people were estimated to attend the protest, Patrick Bruner, a spokesman for Occupy Wall Street said. Apart from being a leaderless organization, Occupy Wall Street is also known as a movement that started on Sept. 17 when thousands of people gathered at Wall Street to fight greed and corruption.

"Working people are going to stand together until we get fair justice in our economy," said George Gresham, president of the Service Employees International local. "We want to make sure our children have a future in this country that is not subservient to those who have more than they need."

We can see from this excerpt just what is going on. The Tea Party and the libertarian focus of the past four years – pointing the blame at government corruption, central banking and mercantilism – is to be swept away by Occupy Wall Street. Now, a new wave of populism is to allow the Anglosphere the latitude to further regulate the private economy.

All this is in the history books, of course. The great populism of the 1930s led to an entire empyrean structure of regulatory malfeasance: the SEC, NASD and a number of "self regulatory" organizations including the NYSE and the American Stock Exchange. The idea was to increase the "transparency" of the money business and thus make it "fairer" to the little guy. Didn't work of course. Things are far worse today, thanks to the expanding concentrations of elite power and the rigidity of solutions that regulation inevitably generates.

In order to really increase the fairness of "Wall Street" one would have to do away with central banking and the ability of the great central banking and their enablers to print money from nothing. This is the spark plug that fires the cylinder of the money business. This is the mechanism of Money Power. No fairness, no equity will ever return to Western civilization until Money Power is eradicated via the removal of central banks.

When you see people pointing their collective finger at "corporations," "Wall Street" or "bankers," you should know instinctively that you are being led astray. You are being focused on the wrong irritant. Here at DB, we're very conscious of the manipulations of the "populism" meme. One of our central analyses is how such dominant social themes have been effectively diminished by the truth-telling of the 'Net, what we have started to call the Internet Reformation.

The Internet has actually retarded the populism meme most effectively, and we believe this will continue to be the case. Occupy Wall Street itself may be yet another attempt by the elites to rev up populism, but chances are it won't work very well. They've been after this meme for at least four years now without much success.

Or course that doesn't mean they won't keep trying. They never give up and they have endless resources with which to work. The idea is to get the "little guy" really upset over the inequities between Wall Street and main street. The more angry people are with Wall Street, essentially a transactional business of intermediaries, the less they will notice the "men behind the curtain" pulling the levers of power.

This suits the great central banking families of the City of London that want to INCREASE regulation and laws because the more laws there are, the more control they have … given that they THEY control the governments behind the scenes. Mercantilism is the method, and if Money Power can get people really worked up, they can pass more laws and gain even more control over societies and their economies. The more control, the easier it is to move toward one-world government, which is the ultimate goal.

The current system is rotten all the way through. Wall Street is part of the rottenness as are modern corporations, with their regulatory-induced gigantism. But the main problem is the endless price-fixing of currency. The powers-that-be will do ANYTHING to ensure that people don't concentrate on this one issue. That's why you'll see Occupy Wall Street's aggression increasingly turned toward Wall Street, the NYSE, industry bankers, multinational corporations, etc.

It's mainstream media's role to be an enabler of this sort of meme. Today, the Los Angeles Times went with the headline, "The new Populists?" – and this is theme that the great banking families badly want to spread around the Western world. Occupy Wall Street is a tool to help with this contagion, one which is now to be spread by the media and by the resources of increasing union support.

After Thoughts

The idea, obviously, is to counteract the libertarian Tea Party movement (a genuine grass-roots, Internet-based phenomenon) and return the conversation to "greater social and economic justice" based on the use of "democratic" and "governmental" recipes for legislative redress. They didn't work in the 1930s and they won't work now. But you won't hear that from the mainstream press.

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