On the Vineyard, Secret Service Partied Like Rock Stars: The Psychopathology of Government 'Work'
By Staff News & Analysis - June 21, 2012

Secret Service agents partied like rock stars on Obamas' Vineyard Vacation … The president is a lot more popular on Martha's Vineyard than the men and women who guard him … Long before President Obama's security detail was scandalized in Colombia and new revelations emerged last week about the Secret Service, members of the elite team earned an "Animal House" reputation at the blueblood vacation mecca of Martha's Vineyard. Local residents say wild parties, fights and late-night carousing involving Secret Service members have become commonplace in recent years at the Vineyard, a favorite getaway for the First Family and longtime destination for upper-crust members of the Northeastern political, media and business establishment. – FoxNews

Dominant Social Theme: They work hard so they should play hard.

Free-Market Analysis: The Secret Service is much in the news for their partying ways. But to be shocked at the behavior of the young men and women in the Secret Service is perhaps to betray a naïveté about the way government really works.

In this article, we'll try to shed some light on the relationship between government and the wild behavior often associated with even the most "respectable" civil servants.

Begin with the concept that there is no such thing as government "work" … or not as those in the private sector understand it. There is instead a whole secret conversation in Washington DC, and those who understand and accept the conversation and its secret code most completely are those who prosper the most in the nation's capital.

Because there is no competition to provide discipline, one is often rewarded on how well one "gets along" and whether or not one can keep his mouth shut. More and more of the US government is devoted to violence as well. IRS agents are armed now, as are members of Homeland Security. There is no legality involved, merely the government's insistence, as a collective facility, on the ability to deliver lethal force.

The perspective of the work force is thus easily poisoned. Workers soon become aware that since Leviathan is almost entirely dysfunctional and devoted more and more to overt intimidation, elements that are the most destructive to civil society are apt to be the most rewarded.

Government, in fact, blossoms as civil society subsides. The more the family is fractured, the most powerful government becomes. The more dysfunctional the private sector becomes, the more government takes over.

Ultimately, like a snake swallowing its own tail, government destroys itself as well. But the merciless logical of government growth cannot be slowed by logic or tamed by rational arguments. It will grind along until finally it grinds down.

Since the larger elements of government policy are conspiring to destroy society, those who work within the grim grasp of Leviathan soon "act out" in various ways via sex, drugs and other behavior that may be seen as destructive and are surely contemptuous – as well as fulfilling of basic urges.

People are expected to believe that such events are the aberration. In fact, they are business-as-usual. The combination of untruths, unwarranted privilege and vast amounts of money make government waste and abuse an ever-escalating norm.

Washington DC is evidently and obviously the elite's "muscle." The head resides in London's City and the religious elements of the global conspiracy are run out of the Vatican and to a lesser extent Tel Aviv, where certain intelligence facilities also may be lodged.

The world's political, military and economic engines are all tuned toward world government. You will prosper in government, especially in the US government, if you understand the real agenda and are willing to accept it and support it. The most successful are often those who are most willing to abandon their principals and actively betray their countrymen and even their own colleagues and families.

Almost "all" the common DC wisdom is a lie. The idea that government officials are dedicated to doing their jobs in a decent and effective manner is contradicted by the essence of what government is – a methodology of imposing force in order to advantage an elite at the expense of everyone else.

The idea of government as a "servant of the people" – especially big government – cannot be anything other than an untruth. The bigger government gets the most pathological it becomes.

Blogger William M. Arkin recently wrote an interesting article following up on various government boondoggles that have been in the news entitled "Government Conferences: The GSA Merely Got Caught in Las Vegas." Here's an excerpt:

No one in their right mind would want to stand up and defend the GSA's $823,000 conference meeting in Las Vegas, which has become the latest paradigm of government waste. Las Vegas in particular provokes images of ID card lanyards swinging around poles as the DC-revelers crowded the strip clubs on Industrial Road.

Now … the White House is imposing cut backs on conferences and travel expenses, directing agencies in a May 11 memo reduce expenses by at least 30 percent in fiscal 2013. Deputy Secretaries will have to review any conference where the agency spending could exceed $100,000 and no agency can spend over $500,000 on a conference – well, that is, without a waiver.

I can't imagine that anyone thinks this will change a thing, except make every Las Vegas planned event "sensitive." And of course it is just spitting in the wind when it comes to the industry and association sponsored conferences, the modern-day back rooms where deals are made and future careers for military officers are lined up. These military – and increasingly homeland security – conferences are going on almost daily.

From the GovEvents website, I picked up 91 such events scheduled for the next six months. At the bigger events, a dozen or more government and military officials can make presentations (at what cost to the taxpayer?) and loads of military personnel and government employees attend. Looking at some of the more specialized IT symposiums, it can cost up to $500 each for each participant. So if only 20 government participants attend these, not including travel and lost time, the cost is already $1 million. See how ridiculous efforts to save government – taxpayer — money are?

You see? Ninety-one events! Many of these "conferences" are military in nature and dedicated to proposing ways to fight the war on terror more effectively. Yet these same participants probably know there IS no war on terror.

It's just a lie intended to justify bigger government and more intimidation of middle classes that must be pacified if world government is to be effectively installed. It is a further element of pathology.

Thousands of powerful men (mostly) get together at enormous expense to discuss Islamic terror – the same terror and terrorists that their own intelligence agencies have been cultivating and supporting.

Osama bin Laden probably died a decade ago. Al Qaeda is apparently a creation of the CIA. Many terrorist acts are facilitated by the FBI and other agencies that then claim their activities are infiltration when in fact they are manipulative and intended to create the very results that are generated.

It is no wonder that people – especially young men – indulge their primal appetites voraciously while working for the government. As much as anything it is a way to dull one's senses while building an ephemeral camaraderie that makes the rest of one's duties at least tolerable.

After Thoughts

Government seems perhaps a glamorous and well-paying place. But for many dutiful souls it can doubtless be a kind of torture chamber where they attempt to medicate their growing guilt and shame any way they can.

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