Once More Immigration Reform on the US Federal Agenda, Like a Bad Penny
By Staff News & Analysis - January 28, 2013

Senators agree on immigration overhaul plan … A bipartisan group of senators has agreed on a plan to grant legal status to most of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S., which could form the basis for a far-reaching overhaul of immigration laws this year. The Senate blueprint, drafted during weeks of closed-door meetings by leading senators from each party, will probably set parameters for a contentious legislative battle over the next several months. The eight senators involved intend to release their proposal publicly Monday. A copy was provided to The Times' Washington bureau on Sunday by Senate aides. The Senate plan is more conservative than President Obama's proposal, which he plans to unveil Tuesday in a speech in Las Vegas. But its provisions for legalizing millions of undocumented immigrants go further than measures that failed to advance in Congress in previous years a reminder of how swiftly the politics of immigration have shifted since Latino voters' strong influence in the November election. – Los Angeles Times

Dominant Social Theme: Immigration needs an overhaul and, curiously, the plan is the same now as it was under Bush. This is not a coincidence. It's only sensible.

Free-Market Analysis: When US President Bush tried to grant illegal immigrants amnesty under a proposal he clumsily launched at the end of his second term, the reaction was quick and vitriolic. It was a final cack-fisted gambit launched by one of the most authoritarian of all modern presidents.

Lashed by TARP, the failure of the Afghan and Iraq wars, lingering suspicions over 9/11, a neo-Depression and, finally, an ill-timed and misperceived immigration debate, Bush departed to his "ranch" in Texas to catalogue his injuries and eventually write Decision Points about his "process" of random war-making.

Now, Bush's last, failed gambit has returned in the guise of a "bipartisan proposal." The proposal has been delivered to the media via leading Senators including Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz) and Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.). Schumer formally presented the plan to the suitably amazed press and mentioned that he and McCain had developed a "bit of a friendship."

One presumes this friendship is a bit like one between a hyena and a rabid wolf – as neither of these men have the slightest concern for the "country" they seek to serve. In fact, there is no country as defined by either of them. The initial "culture" of the US was libertarian and non-aggressive. McCain believes in perpetual war while Schumer is merely a looter whose main preoccupation is the faux aggrandizement of the self.

The plan they have come up with is apparently not much different than Bush's – and this is because the plan is merely one more page in a pre-written book provided to the Congress by the powers-that-be.

There is a power elite – that should be obvious by now – and it is intent on world government, which it is realizing via mercantilism, a strategy of controlling governments around the world. The US Congress is just as controlled as any other entity, which is why the same policies are continually raised and then proposed until finally, in one form or another, they are passed.

US congressmen can resist, of course, and many do. But they are either "whipped" into shape or eventually make their peace with the various policies when they begin to sense just how overwhelming the elite control actually is.

Over the past years, the US Congress has virtually denuded the US Constitution – never a model of clarity to begin with but certainly better than what the US has now, given the plethora of unconstitutional bills beginning with the Patriot Act and going downhill from there.

Never, so far as we can tell, has there been a large scale or sincere attempt to tell the truth about the phony war on terror or how it is being justified to turn the United States into a police state.

In addition to the faux war-on-terror, the power elite has now come back once again with attempts to disarm Americans via various forms of gun control legislation. This amnesty attempt should be seen in the same light. It is an attack on US culture. It resides on the same shelf as that of the North American Union that is to see Canada, Mexico and the United States joined as one country.

The idea is always to eviscerate the culture of the US that has long posed problems for the internationalists. The strategy should be clear by now. It is one of Disarmament, Despotism and De-population. The de-population in this case has to do with the reduction of those who are comfortable with American exceptionalism and understand its rationale and reality.

This is why immigration is an important part of the elite program to attack the US republic. Here's more from the article:

In terms of the number of people who would potentially receive legal status, it would be more than three times larger than the amnesty plan passed under President Reagan in 1986, which legalized about 3 million immigrants.

The senators involved hope to begin committee votes on a bill as soon as March. The timing of their proposal and Obama's, coupled with that schedule — quick by Senate standards — could set up a dynamic in which an eventual bill falls somewhere between the bipartisan plan and the president's.

Latino activists and other advocates for comprehensive immigration reform have pushed for quick action in the Senate, hoping that a large bipartisan vote for a bill that includes a path to citizenship would put pressure on the House.

Many members of the House Republican majority represent districts where proposals for legalization remain highly unpopular, but many Republicans also worry about the political price if the party takes the blame for killing immigration reform …

The Senate proposal would allow most of those in the country illegally to obtain probationary legal status immediately by paying a fine and back taxes and passing a background check. That would make them eligible to work and live in the U.S. They could earn a green card — permanent residency — after the government certifies that the U.S.-Mexican border has become secure, but might face a lengthy process before becoming citizens.

Obama is expected to push for a faster citizenship process that would not be conditional on border security standards being met first. The structure of the citizenship process will probably be among the most hotly debated parts of any immigration plan …

Even before the bipartisan plan's release, immigration experts have said the chances for reform are better than in previous years.

"When both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue are talking about the issue in calm tones but with a sense of urgency, that is the makings for legislative action," said Angela Kelley, an expert on immigration policy at the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank in Washington.

Both the White House and lawmakers seem to be moving fast to get a bill introduced, Kelley said, adding: "The players are about as caffeinated as I've seen them."

Caffeinated, eh? Probably because the immigration package gives congressmen something to DO. There is so little that can be done on one's own that any action of any kind is appreciated. Nonetheless, from our point of view, this is nothing more or less than directed history.

We tend to believe that voter fraud in re-electing Obama was massive and that he might not even have been the victor at all. Nonetheless, the narrative has been crafted by the powers-that-be. "Immigration reform" is next on the agenda.

It is on the agenda just as it was during the Bush years. It is the same program being advanced for the same reason. Who can believe at this point that Congress is anything more than a vehicle to provide a legal patina for an authoritarian/globalist agenda?

The reality of immigration is that the government ought not be involved. If private individuals and businesses want to invite people into the country, they should do so. If people want to settle in a specific area from another "country" and have the wherewithal and the determination, then they should do so.

In this way the great socialist dream of a borderless world will gradually be reached. But this will not be to the liking of the levelers because it will not involve government mandates and legislative meddling. There is no need for "immigration" reform anymore than there is for "borders" or customs. People should live where they want to live, as they have done for tens of thousands of years.

After Thoughts

Right now they cannot. An artificial world of passports, visas and globalist policing is being erected. But like most everything else that has come under the scrutiny of what we call the Internet Reformation, such efforts likely will not stand the test of time.

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