Our Raving Friend: You Must Write About the Rise of National Socialist Economics! (OK, Just Once)
By Staff News & Analysis - June 27, 2012

The history of the Nazi Party is filled with darkness and mystery. Perhaps no one will ever know the extent of what went on within its ranks … Uncover the dark secrets of one of history's deadliest regimes. Included within this remarkable set are two programmes that shed light on some of the most incredible stories that arose from one of history's deadliest regimes: these are the Secrets of the Third Reich. Messiah of The Power of Darkness … Unknown paths connect Berlin – the headquarters of Hitler's Nazi Party – to the mysterious Shambhala: a mythical kingdom that is known in Buddhism as the 'Pure Land'. According to legend no mere mortals dwell in Shambhala, only powerful creatures of the ancient Aryan race, which rose from the dead. Hitler believed in the reality of this mythical world and wished to gain support from its leaders. Could he have formed his theory of a master race based on this ancient tradition? – UK Gravesend Reporter

Dominant Social Theme: The economics of the Third Reich will save us?

Free-Market Analysis: Our raving friend is back. He's the nutter with the obsession about Greenbacks and the CIA. We've already reported rebuttals to the idea that US progenitors of "Greenbackerism" and other paper money strategies have links to US intel, but on he goes … calling us at all hours of the day and night, bombarding us with emails, even faxes! (how old fashioned).

If his family weren't friends with close friends of ours, etc. … well, he'd be long gone. But to get him off our back, we've agreed to publish one last screed. Take it for what it's worth not much, in our opinion but here it is. Now stop calling! Satisfied?

I don't know why you are so cross these days. What did I ever do to you? Anyway, this stuff is important! You owe it to your readers to explain what's actually going on.

And, yes, I have nothing to apologize for! I've been scrutinizing all of this very closely and the results are terrifying. What you've got in the US on the margins where all the anti-Semitism lurks is increasingly a full-blown cult of National Socialism!

It continues to rise in the US, but it's nothing but a kind of disinformation campaign. Hell, some of those involved work for the United Nations. Look at the way the paper-money crowd continually proselytizes its views. It's being built gradually, one false flag after another! That's the way they work. It's disinformation at its best.

How do I know? Because, for one thing, no one in his right mind would seriously advocate the government taking over money! Imagine if Congress had full control over the power of the purse! Imagine the corruption and inflation. Of course, they do have PARTIAL control over money in the US and elsewhere. The government is USED by private interests. You call it mercantilism.

Greenbackers, Georgists and others don't want to explain the reality – that Money Power USES government for its own purposes. They want to pretend that the "people" can run and control a US$3 trillion government Leviathan. It's absolutely ridiculous.

The only solution is to downsize government, to remove as many functions as possible to the private sector where competition will provide an effective regulator. There is nothing else but competition that works. Nothing else. But there is another idea …

It's suddenly being advanced full-blown by all these websites. One after another, they'd popped up out of nowhere, each one singing the same tune with slightly different intonations. Coincidence? I wish I could think so!

But just examine the rise of national socialism, funded by German banks that were beholden to American and British money. Somebody wanted it emplaced! And it was not just Hitler but his entire agenda with his ravings about Zionism, usury, protectionism and the virtues of a command-and-control economy. All of it somehow emerged full-blown, like somebody had an agenda and the Fuhrer was nothing but a puppet!

Here's the bottom line: There is a power elite dialectic and its enemy is free-market thinking along with gold and silver as money. Those on the other side (and they've certainly come along quickly) natter about the gold standard as if real free-market thinkers want the government to fix the price of gold! They ignore the private-market gold and silver standards that existed in various incarnations throughout history. These had nothing to do directly with government or Money Power.

They certainly ignore gold and silver used as money thousands of years ago. Of course gold is bankers money, but silver is certainly not – and no one can control either one. It's ridiculous. If people find out gold and silver are being monopolized they can always go and dig up more of it.

Then there is this "cult" of Lincoln. The same conspiratorial historians that claim Money Power always controls both sides of a conflict suddenly make an exception for Lincoln. You published an article about how Jefferson Davis may have actually been an ally of Money Power. It's not exactly a stretch to claim that Lincoln's support came basically from New York money center banks.

There's almost no doubt as far as I'm concerned that the same Western bankers that funded Lincoln and pre-war Germany are trying to put the same menu in place in the US. In fact, they don't care about the fine points of hypothetical arguments.

The Fabian Society funded Georgism and Tally Sticks helped the English King fund innumerable wars. They leave all that out! And Western bankers funded the national socialist agenda which is very close to what some are suggesting for the US, only they don't call it that! It's a long-planned takeover … and of course it's aimed directly at the freedom movement.

Ezra Pound, a noted advocate of pure fiat, wrote at the end of his life, "My worst mistake was the stupid suburban anti-Semitic prejudice, all along that spoiled everything." Assuming this was a genuine regret, Pound finally realized that parts of the same wretched cocktail now being prepared for the American public was insupportably malicious as well as simplistic. Evil is evil and can be found in numerous places. He also apparently apologized for his writing on usury and claimed the real problem was avarice.

Blaming an entire group of people for the actions of a few is both simplistic and mendacious. It's a little like blaming usury for all the problems of modern economies. Aggressive usury is at least partially the product of money printing and central banking booms and busts. And what about taxes, which over a person's lifetime probably remove a great deal more wealth than interest payments? Interest payments should be up to the buyer and seller, not some omnipotent government.

No, they never talk about the endless problems with government because government is supposed to be good! The power elite doesn't need a gold standard. They don't need interest payments! They simply need to control government. And control it they will – whether "the people" are supposedly in charge or not.

I dare you to print this! You know they won't try to rebut the arguments – they never do. They just launch ad hominem attacks to distract people from the truth. That's why most of their firepower is aimed at parts of the alternative media! They don't spend a lot of time attacking the powers-that-be because that's obviously not their primary target.

After Thoughts

All right, we've printed it. We don't agree with all you've written by any means, and we think some of what you've written is impolite – especially the conspiracy stuff that we've already commented on in the past. Anyway, you can stop calling now. We're done with you.

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