Paris Hilton Buys a Ferrari: Off With Her Head
By Staff News & Analysis - November 28, 2011

LOOK AT MY NEW RIDE! PARIS HILTON PARADES AROUND FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HER $280K FERRARI … Showing off: Paris Hilton loved parading around in her new Ferrari when most people were hunting for bargains last night … Most people around America were searching for Black Friday bargains in the middle of one of the worst economic downturns in history. But life remains remarkably simple for heiress Paris Hilton, who paraded around town in her brand new Ferrari last night. – Daily Mail

Dominant Social Theme: We heard her say, "Let them eat cake." Cut off her head.

Free-Market Analysis: This remarkable squib of an article appeared in the Daily Mail on Sunday and at first we didn't believe what we were reading. It is a full-out "rich versus poor" article, the kind that might have been produced by a "Cold War" Politburo (were it to exist today in a slightly more subtle form).

In fact, it is part of a larger dominant social theme that we have been writing about these past few months, or ever since the current protests got their start down on Wall Street: The rich are horrible and ought to be bankrupted, jailed or guillotined.

This has wider ramifications, of course. The last time this meme was fully applied (in what is considered the "West") was during the French Revolution (also a power-elite production, apparently) that cost the lives of tens of thousands and terrified a nation.

The guillotine rang down regularly and the result of so much "brotherhood" and "egalitarianism" was Napoleon, who led France into a series of endless wars. Surely a revolution, but perhaps not what some expected. We've covered this rising trend in numerous ways now.

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Is it coming to America, this class manipulation? Seems so. Most recently we've been covering the way this manipulation is being carried out subtly, using the same tools that the Anglosphere elites used 100 years ago, the last time a major leap forward in the one-world agenda was carried out. You can see these articles here:

Is the Sovereign Debt Crisis a Replay of the Versailles Treaty?

VIDEO: Parallels Between Early 20th Century and Present are Scary.

It doesn't seem to matter much already how you got your money or whether you work in the securities industry in some minor capacity. If you are work on Wall Street, you're part of the one percent. And if you're part of the one percent, you're suspect.

The idea of the power elite that wants to take over the world (formally versus informally) seems to be that if they can create enough class conflict, people will forget about the larger issues having to do with how the economy is structured and why it has caused what is evidently and obviously a galloping worldwide "great recession" that is evolving into a world Great Depression.

The Anglosphere power elite, in fact, WANTS a Great Depression, in our view, but only a controllable one. They want controllable misery, poverty and starvation in order to implement a new world order. This is what they are engaged in, though our belief is that the Internet Reformation is making it most difficult for them to conclude their age-old plan.

The Anglosphere elites work within what has been called a divide-and-conquer paradigm. In order to create increased divisiveness in the world, the elites manipulate such issues as religion and wealth. They implement this manipulation via fear-based themes that we try to analyze on a regular basis.

The ultimate divisive tool is war. And that is where the elites are heading today, it would seem. The US and NATO, military arms of the Anglosphere elite, are now participating in perhaps eight or more shooting wars, with more to come. Iran seems next on the menu. Tensions are rising in China and Russia as well. When one has commenced a Depression, it is wise to take people's minds off it with organized violence.

Another dominant social theme being put into play, it seems to us, is the creation of an Islamic crescent in the Middle East and upper Africa. One by one the countries that the West has destabilized in the Middle East are starting to set up Islamic democracies or "republics," as we've predicted in numerous articles.

The latest is Egypt and sooner or later there will be a good deal of phony violence there as well between the CIA-controlled Muslim Brotherhood and elements of "radical Islam." We see in the news recently that this sort of unrest has already begun.

But one of the most interesting elite promotions is class divisiveness. We always wondered how insanity and genocide could sweep a culture. Now we know. It's promoted deliberately and cold-bloodedly.

When times are bad, people are even more prone to irrationality and envy than in good times. The elites play on this and the result is institutionalized class envy that can easily turn to bloodshed and authoritarianism. You can see how this translates into popular culture here: VIDEO: Winter Cometh.

Before we wrote this article we checked to see how the Daily Mail was covering Paris Hilton. For the most part the articles are pretty vapid and don't have much of an edge. They document her doings, her businesses and her "lifestyle." This article is a departure in tone and substance. Here's some more of it:

The 30-year-old reality star clearly loves her new wheels, which she had bought from the comfort of her own home. She was spotted fuelling up the gas guzzler in upmarket Beverly Hills. No doubt she thought she looked fabulous in her expensive ensemble of black leather jacket, jeans, boots and hat. And it certainly created a contrast with the scarlet red sports car she revelled in showing off …

Sweet ride: Paris Hilton reportedly took delivery of a red Ferrari on the same day shoppers hit the post-Thanksgiving Black Friday sales … Delivery: The luxury ride, much like this one, was delivered to her Mulholland Estates home just before midday today, according to TMZ. The vehicle was delivered to the gated community where Paris lives on the same day shoppers hit the post-Thanksgiving sales. The new purchase comes after the heiress recently enjoyed a getaway to Hawaii this week.

Are the elites now involved in a promotional campaign to whip up class warfare? How will THAT end? We'll continue to try to point out this most malicious of all promotions (if that's what it is) because it affects the core of society and can easily destabilize what's left of Western civil society.

We've also pointed out a corollary to this class envy meme, which is that a significant number of "establishment" commentators are calling for "Wall Street" prosecutions; in our view this generic tarring of an industry is part of the larger promotional campaign that could lead (as it has before) to further destabilization of society.

The key to returning to a more prosperous and equitable environment is to remove the Money Power that manipulates the great countries of the world by reducing or eliminating access to central bank printing presses. The ability to print money from nothing provides the war chest for these tremendous manipulations that are supposed to end in one-world government run by "technocrats" and reporting evidently and obviously to the great central banking families themselves.

Because of the ongoing Internet Reformation, these families and their enablers and associates, it would seem, are doing whatever they can to speed up their agenda. They are surely providing numerous avenues of misinformation, disinformation and, generally, false flag events to make sure the real issue and source of Money Power – the central bank – does not become a focus of the rising tide of social discontent. They seek to distract us from what really needs changing with these campaigns of class envy and Wall Street rage …

Are we being too discouraging? Don't mean to be. We have often pointed out that in this era of the Internet, the elites involved in these crafty manipulations are pushing the envelope a great deal. We think they will not be able to control what they've started and that sooner or later a real (peaceful) revolution may break out.

If the libertarains, for instance, don't leave OWS, perhaps they'll take it over. Maybe it will take one year, or several, or a decade, but the change that will eventually come may be freer and less manipulated than what currently seems to be planned.


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After Thoughts

So here's a thought … Could we remove the following to create change? (And how the heck did this happen in the first place?) …

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