Planned Chaos of Euro Collapse?
By Staff News & Analysis - December 12, 2011

EU debt deal may be divisive for Europe … Heads of state in Europe are congratulating each other for agreeing to a deal that will force fiscal discipline on European Union countries and impose sanctions on those that stray from the budget diktats of EU regulators. But the pact drafted largely by Germany and France and agreed to over dinner and drinks in Brussels must now be sold to average citizens, who are increasingly mistrustful of surrendering national sovereignty to the European Union, analysts said Sunday. The pact, then, could wind up forcing nations to choose between further European integration or disintegration. Leaders of 23 of the EU's 27 nations agreed Friday to be part of a new fiscal union in which they would be sanctioned if they miss preordained targets on spending and borrowing. Britain declined to join the pact, while Czech Republic, Hungary and Sweden said they would have to seek approval from national parliaments. – USA Today

Dominant Social Theme: Too bad Britain faded away … The chaos is as undeniable as it is undesirable.

Free-Market Analysis: In today's lead article we tried to point out once more (as before) that this global central banking order we have is not to the world's benefit. What we call the Internet Reformation has made it more and more difficult for the powers-that-be to promote their fear-based dominant social themes.

It is these memes that the power elite has used in the past to frighten Western middle classes into giving up wealth and power to already-prepared globalist solutions such as the UN, IMF and World Bank. But these themes are foundering now as more people find out more about them.

Global warming, Peak Oil, even the War on Terror itself – all of these memes and many more are not so convincing as they once were, thanks to the unfurling of the Internet era, which is doing to power structures what the Gutenberg Press did 500 years ago.

The European Union itself is a power elite meme – the idea that increased centralization and globalization are necessary in the modern world. It is not true, of course. It merely supports the larger agenda of the power elite, which is world government.

In fact, the recent splitting-up of the Eurozone, between those that support further integration to salvage the euro and those that don't, may be seen as part of this larger trend. And as we recently pointed out, the Anglosphere elites behind the EU probably didn't want the split between Britain and mainland Europe.

500 Year Old Global 'Roll-up' Founders

But their hands were forced by the dawning realization among Europe's increasingly irate tribes as to just how controlled and destructive this new empire actually is. And thus they likely made the best of it – either precipitating the crisis or creating a response that would further their agenda. And this agenda, of course, is one of chaos. For only out of chaos can order be generated. From chaos to order… Here's some more from the article:

"The British are not only not sitting on the fence now, the tone has become more aggressive. And the response of France and Germany is becoming more aggressive," said Almut Mo¨ller at the German Council on Foreign Relations in Berlin. "I think this is a very dangerous spiral for relationships that are crucial."

The pact is aimed at solving a financial crisis in which several EU nations such as Greece and Ireland are buckling under heavy debt that wealthier EU nations have had to help bail them out of. As an agreement has not been reached between all 27 states, a new pact will have to be drawn up outside of existing treaties …

"The first question is: is it legal? Is it breaching European law?" asks Bert Van Roosebeke, an economist at the Center for European Policy in Germany. "Because if that were the case you can forget about the whole thing. If it's not breaching European law then you have to ask yourself the question in every single country is this compatible with my national constitution."

One country that will not be asking itself that question is Britain, which polls show is not in favor of more unification with Europe. Mo¨ller says that the latest agreement points to a troubling divide between those countries in the eurozone and those outside. "Can we really create a united union when only 17 are moving ahead for now, and the rest are kind of on the periphery?" she said. "In my view, the euro and the common market cannot succeed in the medium to long term without an arrangement with London." Mo¨ller said. Such concern over European disunity is shared across the continent.

The EU – and its euro – is failing. The Anglosphere elite that set it up in the first place will either try to salvage it as it is or will use the chaos from the breakup to pursue its goal of a more perfect global union.

But as we can see from this USA Today article, the European Union faces tough challenges. It is as likely, in our humble view, to founder entirely as it is to continue as an organized political entity. Again, we repeat (as few others will, even within the alternative media) this is a setback to the powers-that-be.

Yes, make no mistake: The preferable course of events is to contain and expand the union. A break-up, it is true, may prove convenient, as chaos is always useful in building a new kind of political structure. But such chaos is also very risky to the established order.

In fact, generally speaking, we would suggest that the world is faced with a good deal of potential chaos and ruin. We would make the case, as we do regularly, that history is in a sense repeating itself, and that we can discern a similar scenario as regards the initial impact of the Gutenberg Press. We believe that elite attempts to counter the Press's "enlightenment" only increased the social chaos that it engendered.

After Thoughts

Those who are concerned about their future, and their family's future, shall watch the unfolding – or unraveling – of the EU closely. Sooner or later, as always, the patterns shall become clearer along with actions that one should take for purposes of both physical and economic protection. Follow the meme …

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