Planning to Consolidate the EU
By Staff News & Analysis - November 11, 2011

Italy at Breaking Point, Merkel Calls for 'New Europe' … Angela Merkel said Europe's plight was now so "unpleasant' that deep structural reforms were needed quickly, warning the rest of the world would not wait. "That will mean more Europe, not less Europe,' she told a conference in Berlin. She called for changes in EU treaties after French President Nicolas Sarkozy advocated a two-speed Europe in which euro zone countries accelerate and deepen integration while an expanding group outside the currency bloc stayed more loosely connected — a signal that some members may have to quit the euro if the entire structure is not to crumble. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: It is all very terrible but tomorrow will be a brighter and more unified day for the Union.

Free-Market Analysis: In another story in this issue, we point out that Greek chaos has led to further political consolidation and a "unity" government. That's generally the way the Anglosphere power elite likes things to work. Out of chaos, order.

The powers-that-be that seek world governance are not simply going to allow their longed-for one-world order to collapse without a prolonged struggle. No, they will retrench and perhaps use the current EU problems to build a stronger union.

While the EU may possibly be shattering – or at least the euro – there are surely backup plans. In fact, this article seems to reveal them, or at least to give us hints. Here's some more:

Merkel Calls for 'Breakthrough to a New Europe' "It is time for a breakthrough to a new Europe,' Merkel said. "A community that says, regardless of what happens in the rest of the world, that it can never again change its ground rules, that community simply can't survive." …

"France and Germany have had intense consultations on this issue over the last months, at all levels," a senior EU official in Brussels told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the discussions.

"We need to move very cautiously, but the truth is that we need to establish exactly the list of those who don't want to be part of the club and those who simply cannot be part. "In doing this exercise, we will be very serious on the criteria that will be used as a benchmark to integrate and share our economic policies."

The last quote, above, is important. "We will be very serious [about] a benchmark to integrate and share our economic policies." Most of the reporting currently is about the disintegration of the Eurozone and even the break up of the EU itself. Not so fast. Already German and French politicians are planning a "closer" integration.

That's how these people work. They're employed by the power elite, and the Anglosphere seeks world domination. It's not about better trade opportunities or world peace or increasing prosperity. It's just about power. First create chaos and then consolidate. The EU is merely a challenging opportunity for those with the most to gain from continual consolidation.

Of course, in our view, it may be MORE challenging than expected. That's because of the Internet, which may have made their plans far more transparent than they expected, and thus further ignited popular anger.

That doesn't stop the process, however. Plans are simply relaid. The optimal course of events (as publicly enunciated by top Eurocrats) was to use the eventual collapse of the euro as a way to generate further significant "deep" integration. Too bad. Now, perhaps, they'll try something a bit different.

They may have to. Some countries may spin out of the EU orbit altogether. Thus, Plan B – deepening and strengthening the relationships that remain. Regroup and form a core EU and integrated currency around a nexus of strong northern European countries, using France and Germany as a base.

This strategy may have problems, too. France is no "northern economic powerhouse" and may in fact be suffering from many of the same woes as Italy, Greece, etc. But nonetheless, one must start somewhere …

One can follow the efforts being made and come to some tentative conclusions. Efforts are being made to salvage the Union as it is. But alternatively, if this doesn't work a smaller and stronger – and more integrated – Union may have to be created. Out of chaos, order (even if the order is slightly shrunken).

And if this is not to work out, we would assume the powers-that-be will simply go ahead and widen the current chaos with an eye toward creating a speeded-up world government along with a globalized currency. One can surely see the plans and planners spinning busily.

The dream of world government is simply too tempting, and it's been a long time coming. The Anglosphere elites are closer to it than ever now and we're sure they won't let up. They knew the chaos was bound to arrive – that it was inevitable given their destructive central banking economies – and now they intend to reap its rewards, no matter the obstacles or consequences.

After Thoughts

Are you an investor? Simply a concerned citizen of the world? There are plenty of implications, economically, socially and politically. Watch carefully to see how all this unfolds. And even more importantly, how it interacts with the growing Internet Reformation …

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