Project Mockingbird for Patriots?
By Staff News & Analysis - September 27, 2010

AMERICA'S REAL ANTI- GOVERNMENT THREAT … "An investigation of site ownership and client lists funding the "Patriotic Revolt" were not what we expected. The "patriots" that were going to replace the armed militia's of the 1990ʹs were actually the Republican Party, their phony "think tanks" and the largest multi-national corporations in the world, representing defense, oil, insurance, big pharma, big tobacco and "clean coal," a veritable "who's who" of world class criminals." – Veterans Today

Dominant Social Theme: Patriots are surging.

Free-Market Analysis: People who visit the Bell regularly know that we usually begin analysis of a power elite dominant social theme with a mainstream media article. But occasionally we depart from this formula when we find a non-mainstream or alternative press analysis that adds to the perspective we are trying to present. This Veterans Today article (excerpted above), claiming that the more radical elements of the Patriot (resistance) movement are funded by right wing, neo-con and corporate groups, offers us just such a perspective.

We were directed to it by a feedbacker, yesterday, and we found it interesting. The implication, of course, is that much of the anti-Obama (above left) alarmist rhetoric (and even the militia movement itself) is funded by corporate and intelligence agents of (what we would call) the power elite. This fits right in with our larger analysis that the "fear-the-government" meme that we have presented in the past when we speculated that the clumsy announcements about the building of interment camps during the Bush administration was more or less a fear-based promotion. In other words, the idea is to spread terror and radicalize the opposition with the specter of extra-Constitutional activities.

Former US President George Bush stripped away habeas corpus. Endless US presidential executive orders continually provide the government with additional emergency powers including torture and strange terms such as "rendition." Prison camps are built and left unoccupied. It is an odd way to do business, this constant telegraphing of one's intended actions. When do we finally decide it amounts to a fear-based promotion first (designed to intimidate) and business-as-usual a distant second?

We've already pointed out that top-ranked "alternative news" Internet sites are basically built on fear-mongering and may have considerable problems with accuracy. Many of the same websites feature a good deal of alien analysis, which is something of a giveaway from our perspective – as conflating central bank debunking with alien investigations is a good way to drain seriousness from the former.

Such enterprises often rage against Israel and the "Jews" as well – and sometimes even make a distinction between Jews and "Zionist" Jews as if all the Zionists were part of the power elite or its strategies. In fact, to be perfectly clear our best guess about the elite is that it is run a lot like the Italian mafia, with ethnicity and certain religious focuses providing the "glue." The organization itself has built up its network over time (generations) in our view and seems extremely subtle and powerful. It uses intelligence agencies and corporations to fund and manage various forms of controlled opposition in our view. Call it Money Power.

One such effort was Operation Gladio, which was apparently responsible for the socialist and communist violence in Europe in the 1960s and 1970s. Another one was Project Mockingbird, which used TIME magazine, the Washington Post and other eminent publications to publish what was essentially fear-mongering CIA propaganda, much of it having to do with the threat of international communism.

In fact, all told there are probably some 30 obvious and evident (and mostly admitted) intelligence conspiracies including Operation Paperclip, Operation Ajax, the Kennedy Assassination, etc. Many of these conspiracies are oriented around promoting fear-based memes (of communism and socialism, etc.) or around covering up the mechanisms that created the promotions.

Now let us return to the Veterans Today article, which presents us with some fairly odd-sounding language of its own, which we reproduce below. We have only pointed the article out to our readers and feedbackers because it fits in quite well with everything else we know about the power elite and its enabling agents. We leave its accuracy up to our informed readers and correspondents. Here is the Veterans Today disclosure:

An investigation of site ownership and client lists funding the "Patriotic Revolt" were not what we expected. The "patriots" that were going to replace the armed militia's of the 1990s were actually the Republican Party, their phony "think tanks" and the largest multi-national corporations in the world, representing defense, oil, insurance, big pharma, big tobacco and "clean coal," a veritable "who's who" of world class criminals.

Now these same billionaire corporate bandits and "banksters" claim to be "intellectual force" behind the Tea Party movement. Can this new guise, another "lipstick on a pig" … fool the Tea Party? If Sarah Palin and Glen Beck, retread hucksters from another era, are an indication, the answer may be a resounding "yes." Despite attempts to cleanse the Internet, removing the tracks leading back to the real face behind the "white supremist" mask of the "patriotic resistance," we have managed to compile the following list:

The article then lists dozens of think tanks and corporate groups that it claims are behind funding the more radical elements of US "patriot resistance." We do not know how these names were arrived at, nor how accurate the Veterans Today article is. Perhaps it is not accurate at all. Perhaps it is additional misinformation. But at the same time, a covert operation to create a violent American "Patriot" movement in order to justify more law-and-order is certainly not out of the question. Confrontations with anti-establishment activity are picking up. Just the other day, the FBI raided the homes and offices of anti-war groups in the US midwest.

No matter what forces are arrayed against it, the Tea Party "movement" is liable to grow in our estimation in an increasingly libertarian and uncontrollable manner. The tricks are playing out and the co-option failing in our view. This is a movement will likely resist the embrace of the Dick Armeys and Newt Gingrichs of the world. Here's the inimitable Peggy Noonan (who knows so much more than she is willing to write) on the phenomenon of the Tea Party:

Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee suggests I have the wrong word for the Republican base. The word, she says, is not enraged, but "livid." The three-term Republican deputy whip has been campaigning in Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and South Carolina. We spoke by phone about what she is seeing …

Washington is being revealed in a new way [she says]. The American people now know, "with real sophistication," everything that happens in the capital. "I find a much more knowledgeable electorate, and it is a real-time response," Ms. Blackburn says. "We hear about it even as the vote is taking place." Voters come to rallies carrying research—"things they pulled off the Internet, forwarded emails," copies of bills, roll-call votes. The Internet isn't just a tool for organization and fund-raising, it has given citizens access to information they never had before. "The more they know," Ms. Blackburn observes, "the less they like Washington."

Well there you go, dear readers. Lord knows the Daily Bell is not an authoritative source, but surely Representative Marsha Blackburn must be … yes? And she has noticed it too. The Internet is making a substantive change in the operations of the "republic." It is not, by the way, an interactive feedback queue (like ours) that is making the difference but the unique (seemingly impossible) presentation of the Internet as an communication technology that is able to reach hundreds of millions with a single click, and yet provide at the same time, a level of detail previously available only to archivists. If the elite had sat down at a drawing table to create a single technology apt to ruin its franchise, it would be the Internet. US Senator Jay Rockefeller apparently regrets it.

Which brings us to our final point. The elite in aggregate is human, not superhuman. The modern conspiracy is an accident of money, culture (banking) and opportunity. It was supposed to culminate in world government in our view, but it is now under sustained attack. The fear-based promotions that were necessary to its operation are foundering. "Tea parties," in fact, are breaking out in Europe, Australia and Britain as well as America – though they are being called something else.

(revised and updated … )

After Thoughts

The power elite has been "named" by the Internet and we continue to doubt that the elite will be able to damp the conversation. A conspiracy fully "outed" is not going to be a very effective one. The main building blocks are central banking, regulatory democracy and the military-industrial complex. Central banking is being challenged throughout the West, regulatory democracy is increasingly less convincing for many citizens and eventually (even in America) the military-industrial complex is bound to come under significant fire. All that will be left then is brute force – increasing levels of authoritarianism – with no promotional preparation to ease the way. Six thousand versus six billion?

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