Real Reason for Lehman Bros. Collapse? Another Insane International Tribunal …
By Staff News & Analysis - January 17, 2012

Finance tribunal opens to settle disputes … Disputes arising from complex transactions can be put for possible resolution at the world's first international specialist finance tribunal from Monday. The Hague-based tribunal, funded by the Dutch government, aims to build up internationally recognised legal precedent in an area that can be opaque to even the most senior national judges who have previously heard disputes over credit derivatives, collateralised debt obligations or other exotic products that gained notoriety during the financial crisis. – Financial Times

Dominant Social Theme: Global justice is inevitable, and necessary. It's not totalitarian, mind you, merely part of the process of "rationalizing" the decision-making process so everyone knows where they stand.

Free-Market Analysis: "They" are at it again. Supposedly the Dutch government had the bright idea to create a global "financial tribunal." But who gets up in the morning and decides that what the world needs is a better way to resolve disputes about derivatives and other artificial securitized instruments?

The problem is NOT that there is no prestigious and final word from a judicial authority on these insane instruments. The problem is that they exist at all.

They are purely the flotsam and jetsam of central banking. By printing endless amounts of money from nothing, the great central banking families that control tens and even hundreds of trillions of dollars have entirely distorted the world's economy.

We call what has occurred "Dreamtime." It lasted for at least 100 years, throughout the 20th century, and during that time Western middle classes were convinced of the efficacy and necessity of the current system.

Pre-Internet, the power elite's dominant social themes ruled the day. It was a matter of certainty that various fear-based promotions were not only accurate but inevitable. Only a hopelessly optimistic person would have argued that there were not too many people in the world, that starvation was all-but-inevitable, that oil was running out, that the environment was hopelessly befouled, that the world was not in the transformative grip of a terrible global warming.

And yet none of these have proven to be true. They are the malicious memes of the elite, floated to frighten middle classes into giving up wealth and authority to global authorities such as the UN, IMF and World Bank.

An entire panoply of global facilities has been set up in the past 50 years. Many people STILL don't seem to have noticed it, but global government is proceeding apace. The New World Order is upon us even as the bought-and-paid-for pundits of the power elite continue to shout that those who see its parameters are "conspiratorialists" and worse.

In fact, there IS a conspiracy. It is a conspiracy joined by a handful of power elite families controlling money around the world (what passes for money) and supported by their military, religious, political and corporate enablers and associates. It is located in the City of London, Washington DC, the Vatican and Tel Aviv.

Its goal is to create world government and any time someone points this out in a mainstream publication the elite's house hysterics shout that this sort of logic is born of paranoia and worse.

In fact, this is a typical Freudian reaction, to label others with a trait that one perceives in oneself. It is called "projection."

What is occurring today is what we have taken to calling "directed history." This is the sort of history that can only be achieved with massive, even incomprehensible, funding. The elites – entirely allergic to EVER using their own funds for purposes of command and control – have used endless amounts of central banking fiat money to create "history" throughout the 20th and early 21st century.

No one can fully explain the formal hostilities of the 20th century. Several, such as the Vietnam War and Pearl Harbor, were obvious provocations, created by apparently false-flag events. But lift the curtain and Western funding becomes evident for both the Soviet Union and Germany's Nazi period. The wars of the 20th century in particular, both hot and cold, increasingly seem to have been phony ones.

And what was the result of these wars? In almost every case, an equally phony solution was applied. Having apparently created a military conflict, the power elite proposed the SOLUTION – more government, more authority-from-the-top-down, more economic interference, price fixing, market meddling – inevitably leading to more recessions, depressions, social tension and … further justifications for military activity.

We could go on … but really there is no need. It is all over the Internet now, thousands of articles, testimonies, descriptions, in manifold, merciless, electronic glory. The impossible crimes of the Western elite are reported, thusly, in detail. It is clear, indelible and unalterable.

Yes … for anyone with the stomach to follow the ins and outs of the 20th century especially and its murderous reign that saw some 150 million extirpated in one way or another by "governments," the conclusions are inescapable.

The major events of the world have become part of a liar's liturgy, a presentation of a thousand facts that make it clear the power elite is providing – often via something approaching genocide – the problem and then the solution. Simple enough if one can bring oneself to recognize it.

Now add to the faux-globalist solutions of the elite one more: a global financial tribunal …

Again, there is no NEED for a global financial tribunal. The insanity of the current monetary system is amply illustrated in the volume of so-called derivative products that now apparently tops one thousand trillion.

Wall Street, the City of London and other financial centers are entirely driven by central banking paper fiat. Without the super-fuel of monopoly cash, these "financial centers" and the banks they spawn would not exist. There would likely be no derivatives. There would be no modern stock market. There would be no "cult of Buffett." There would be no … Buffett.

Modern financial speculation is a result of endless torrents of painted paper made available, first of all, to those closest to the spigot on Wall Street and Main Street. People do not grasp this simple fact – that the modern world is defined by monetary stimulation: Wars, global governance and financial engineering are all the result of central bank over-printing.

The booms and busts caused by central banking fiat money are criminal, as is the monetary inflation that is an inevitable part of the process. Those (an increasing number) who call for this monopoly money printing to take place under the aegis of the government itself are not doing anyone any favors.

The accursed system would still exist. It would still bankrupt hundreds of millions and continually deprive further billions of the basic necessities such as food and water. Unfortunately, even now, it continues. And this new global financial tribunal is one more aspect of it. Here's more from the article:

The tribunal will provide a three-member panel to decide disputes, with parties deciding their panel from a list of 80 specialists in either litigation or finance from around the world. "National courts and ad hoc arbitration have been unable to produce a settled and authoritative body of law," said Jeffrey Golden, a professor at the London School of Economics and the chairman of the management board overseeing the tribunal who made the case for the court in the Financial Times in 2009. "Decisions are unpredictable, too decentralised, often taken too slowly and not always enforceable in other jurisdictions."

The financial crisis, exacerbated by the collapse of Lehman Brothers in September 2008, hastened calls for a specialist tribunal to decide thorny matters of finance. While judges sitting in courts in London and Manhattan have traditionally presided over financial disputes – because contracts tend to be written under New York or English law – some rulings have either been difficult to enforce in other jurisdictions or one court has ruled in opposition to another.

A recent example was the Belmont decision arising from Lehman's bankruptcy. A London court ruled in July that noteholders of a particular CDO at the time of Lehman's collapse were entitled to have priority on collateral being held by a third-party trustee because of a so-called flip clause. A US court, meanwhile, had decided that flip clauses were unenforceable.

While judges in national courts will often have to decide complicated disputes in areas in which they are not expert, Mr Golden said the risks were especially great for finance. "There is more than $600tn notional outstanding, subject to the terms of one standard-form contract," Mr Golden said, referring to the value of over-the-counter derivatives contracts yet to be settled. Those contracts tend to be governed by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) master agreement, which Mr Golden helped draft.

So, dear reader, now perhaps we see the reason – the REAL reason – for the collapse of Lehman Brothers. It was to justify further power elite meddling in the financial economy. Point to Lehman Brothers' collapse and you have a justification for yet further nonsensical judicial impetus.

We don't think for a moment this facility will remain "civil." Sooner or later the civil actions this facility decides will come under pressure for criminalization. It is a private facility for now, and a voluntary one. But how long will that last? We have no doubt that sooner or later people will be compelled to use it, or something like it.

Global governance, criminal and civil, is being erected at a record pace. The International Criminal Court, apparently funded by George Soros, continues to jostle aggressively for prestige and credibility on the international scene.

In this way a whole new body of criminal and civil law can be developed. It's not enough to put US citizens, for instance, in jail for 20 years for shoplifting tiny items. Eventually, perhaps, people will be jailed worldwide for incomprehensible financial crimes – and worse. At least that seems to be the plan.

Money Power will not rest until only its representatives can pursue financial transactions without the threat of punishment. It is not enough to control the manufacture of money. The use of it must be policed worldwide as well.

There is no end to it … at least not for now. It is true, of course, that young people have continually engaged with the system in this Internet era. There are, for instance, spreading protests led by those involved with Occupy Wall Street. But this has been shown time and again to be a kind of false-flag operation, purposefully funded by the powers-that-be.

Those involved with Occupy Wall Street have been protesting Wall Street and are now apparently going to target the US Congress as well. But the goals of OWS are incoherent, from our view. Those involved, certainly those at the top, want to USE the current, corrupt system to punish those who have benefited the most from it.

Yes … They want to use the totalitarian, monopoly-judicial mechanism to rectify the wrongs of monopoly-authoritarianism. As with the French Revolution, the terrible system itself is apparently to be brought to bear on wrongdoers, further justifying its horror. What sense does that make?

The system is flawed at a FUNDAMENTAL level; likely it cannot be changed. The best that can be hoped for (a good chance in our view) is that it will simply fall apart. In any event, until monopoly fiat is extirpated and competitive currencies allowed to float freely there will be no realistic change. And Money Power, implacably, will float endless false-flag protest movements to ensure that its central banking empire is not attacked head on.

Bigness is the order of the day. Money Power thrives on bigness. Corporate bigness. Military bigness. Judicial bigness. The power elite exercises its power via mercantilism, using the levers of government to achieve its goals behind the scenes.

Once upon a time, justice was truly private. If people wanted to resolve a problem they went out and hired a third party for that purpose. Or the two parties resolved it directly via peaceful or non-peaceful means. You can see our articles on the subject simply by 'Net searching on the terms "private justice" and "Daily Bell."

The judicial facility mentioned in this article excerpted above is a pretend solution to a cold-bloodedly created problem. Get rid of central banking and the problem of financial complexity goes away. The huge torrent of funding that supports military activity and sociopolitical charades around the world will subside. Even the judicial system itself, if starved of monopoly fiat, will begin to collapse.

People will take justice into their own hands once again. The idea of governments – and eventually one central government – pursuing people around the world to bring them to account for a continually more farcical list of fabricated crimes – will gradually disappear. It will prove too expensive and, ultimately, ludicrous.

It all begins and ends with monopoly money. The elites print it and drown the world in it. Then, when the distortions appear, they propose increasingly authoritarian, top down solutions to deal with the economic distortions they have created. In this way, they consolidate world power.

In our view, the Internet Reformation – as we often point out – is providing a powerful countervailing trend to Anglosphere power elite machinations. It is thus a race against time, as the elites continue to propose their authoritarian solutions on a groaning, distracted world.

After Thoughts

Out of chaos … order. At least that's what they hope. We don't.

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