Reality Check: The African Region that Western Elites have Subjected to War Is Now Larger than the Entire US
By Staff News & Analysis - August 20, 2012

Escalating violence and a vicious cycle of retaliation could leave Syria ungovernable even if a winner finally emerges from President Bashar al-Assad's battle with rebels. Nearly a year and a half since the uprising erupted, initially as peaceful protests for reform, Assad's forces and their insurgent foes are fighting a messy conflict with no frontline and scant regard for the rules of war. Assad has deployed air strikes and artillery to pound restive towns into submission, hitting civilian homes and hospitals. Rights groups say his forces have committed massacres. Rebels have shot or slit the throats of captured Assad supporters and hurled corpses off high buildings. – Reuters

Dominant Social Theme: Freedom is sweeping Africa and the Middle East thanks to the Twitter Revolution!

Free-Market Analysis: Reuters (above) tells us the Syria conflict as it stands now will end in a bloody stalemate. We're not sure that's going to be the case given how Libya ended up, but the Reuters story, like the rest of reporting surrounding these various wars, fails to give the full scope of what is taking place, in our humble view.

What's that? Well … the entire upper half of Africa from the Ivory Coast to Somalia has been set aflame with violence and war. The geographical scale is staggering.

What has been set in motion is sure to destabilize Africa and the Middle East for decades to come. Begin at the beginning: The Ivory Coast, where this latest round of violence started some two years ago, is hardly pacified.

How could it be when Christian Ivorians have been stripped of their birthright and political party while an Islamic regime, backed by the United Nations, attempts an illegal takeover?

In Somalia a proxy war is roiling between Somali Islamists and the Kenyan army. The results are not bringing Somalia closer to reconciliation, but they begin to destabilize a large swath of Kenya.

In between the Ivory Coast and Somalia lie the smoldering ruins of Muammar Gaddafi's Libya. Gaddafi's own tribes-people are not apt to forget what took place, especially because regime change was basically imposed from the outside in.

In order to ensure that the warlike Libyan tribes are kept busy with an outside enemy instead of seeking domestic retaliation, the West has come to a deal with the blue-dyed, tribal Tuaregs to create a new nation stretching across parts of Mali, Niger, Algeria and southwest Libya

Never heard about that, dear reader? Well, the nation-building is taking place now … though for all the attention it's gotten from Western media it might not be happening at all.

Add up all the various states at the crest of Africa that have been either destabilized or subjected to a phony "youth rebellion" and you end up with a geographical space as large or larger than the United States (maybe with Alaska thrown in).

Yes, that's the size of real estate that's been subjected directly to violence and regime change within the past TWO years! Additional countries include, of course, Egypt, Tunisia and Sudan – now split into Northern and Southern halves. Western elites not satisfied with this partition are now beginning to create unrest in Islamic Northern Sudan, where the oil is.

Don't forget Uganda, where the US has sent troops on a quixotic chase to capture a militia man named Joseph Rao Kony, supposedly the head of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). It's a Christian "army," of course, as the West only seems to enjoy destabilizing either sectarian, Christian or Shia elements and regimes.

Sunnis, you see, are to be left alone or brought to the fore because Sunni Islam is pan-Islam. There are more Sunnis than Shias and Sunnis recognize no geographical limits. Shias are more closely identified with nation states like Iran.

Sunnis make the best enemies, which is why they are being propped up and put into power now. In addition to setting Africa ablaze, the West is creating a crescent arc of Islamic power.

Why? Because the war on terror needs refueling. Removing Western rights is tiresome work. The Tree of Repression needs regular watering from the blood of innocents caught up in this madness.

But as it is "mission accomplished" in Africa (what's left to destabilize?) the power elite has refocused on the Middle East.

Yemen is in chaos and Syria is at this point in equal disrepair. Iraq is by no means settled, despite the American pullout and not far away are Pakistan and Afghanistan, warfare's open sores.

The only domino left to fall is Iran, and the Americans are working that one … hard. So add it up. Between the Middle East and upper Africa, you've got active wars and organized violence flaring in a landmass likely the size of Europe, Britain and the US put together.

Because these wars happened serially, and because the actual violence is under-reported, people in the West, worried about jobs and income, simply don't understand how wide 21st century warfare already is.

A significant chunk of the Earth's landmass groans under its weight, and there's nothing to suggest that any of this will wind down anytime soon. In fact, we figure it's going to get worse.

We predicted it, you know. Eighteen months ago, we commented that the West – and the power elite that runs it – was setting up a kind of Islamic crescent arc to further the "war on terror." Here's the link:

Western Elites Secretly Still Building Islam?

And here is the article's conclusion:

We are proposing a new stage in the manipulated war on terror. Having built up the Middle East through enormous cash infusions, the Anglosphere is continually expanding the role of fundamental Islam and may even be prepared to overthrow old and trusted allies to do so. The war on terror so far has not proven very terrible (except to Afghan and Iraqi citizens) but if the Jasmine revolution "spreads" throughout the Middle East, resurgent, fundamentalist Islam may indeed become a reality …

It's not as if we only wrote one article on it – we've run a series. Just search the Internet for "Islamic Crescent" and Daily Bell.

We also made other predictions such as the idea that the Muslim Brotherhood was being groomed to take over the countries that had secular governments and were being destabilized, too. The Muslim Brotherhood is evidently and obviously under Western control at the top.

We also predicted that the Gulf Cooperation Council would be manipulated into a proxy war with the faux "Islamic Republic" countries. What are the countries? Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE. Jordan and Morocco are pending. See any of these being destabilized? Of course not.

For at least the past century or two, or however long the elites have been involved in the current globalist conspiracy, wars have basically been fought for power and control. They've been prosecuted by a tiny handful of dynastic families that seek global government.

The same thing that's happening now happened after the advent of the Gutenberg Press. Then, the elites created a 30-year "peasant war" that roiled all of Europe. It was a distraction, designed to interfere with the spread of knowledge and the gradual undermining of the authority of the elites of the day.

It was an era of "enlightenment" that the elites were fighting then as now. Today, we call what's taking place the Internet Reformation but the tools of the elites haven't changed in the slightest. They still use violence, economic chaos and legal repression to try to preserve their power and privilege.

This is the "real" story of what's going on, in our view … the big picture. It has little to do with "social media" and Twitter revolutions.

After Thoughts

What's going on now took place much the same way 500 years ago and for the same reasons. That doesn't make it any easier to tolerate, of course, or any less dangerous.