Rise of Rothschild Scholarship
By Staff News & Analysis - August 03, 2010

Those who read the New Babylon will want to read it more than once. It is more than a simple report. It is a textbook for study and learning. Within its pages the reader will find the names of the Zionist, New World Order cadre and many of their followers and co-conspirators. It contains words from, among others, the Jews themselves, their intellectual classes, their Talmudic Rabbis, their prophets and political leaders, and of course the International Jewish banking elite, that describe their ambitions and chronicles the historic plots that have led the world to this dangerous place. It is an indisputable, documentary affidavit that lays plain before the jury of the world the evidence needed to understand the facts, the motives and the methods of the criminal Zionist parasites necessary to render a just verdict. – WordPress

Dominant Social Theme: The Jews are to blame.

Free-Market Analysis: There is a plethora of information on the web concerning Jews and "Money Power" these days – some of it scholarly and some of it running the gamut from bemused to hysterical. Separately, books are continually appearing on the subject and focusing directly on the tremendously wealthy Rothschild family, which seems to lie at the epicenter of most of these discussions.

Two books that come to mind, both appearing within the last several years, are The Rothschild Dynasty by Dr. John Coleman and The New Babylon by Michael Collins Pipers. Both books are apparently well researched and not demagogic in tone, though both can be attacked as "anti-Semitic" (though not by us) and probably have been.

We've read The Rothschild Dynasty by Dr. John Coleman, and in our view he provides a forceful overview of Rothschild influence. Pipers apparently makes a similar case: The Rothschilds, especially, have been increasingly the dominant Western power over the past several centuries and have apparently reshaped the West using central-bank generated Money Power. The animating idea, so far as we can tell, is that while Money Power supplies the wherewithal, the Jewish religion itself, specifically the Talmud, provides the strategic direction.

It is certainly a dominant social theme of sorts (though obviously not an elite-generated one). However, we would nonetheless attribute the meme's popularity in part to the power elite itself, which is delighted to have its critics focus on religion. It has long been our view that the powers-that-be encourage this sort of analysis because it repels as many (or more) than it attracts.

Are Jews and the Jewish religion an evil galvanizing force behind Money Power? The same arguments made in the alternative press against the Jews are often made in neo-conservative media against those of the Islamic faith. The Koran is held up as an inherently aggressive and fascist roadmap for world dominion. In similar fashion, the Talmud especially, is seen by factions of the US "patriot" press as a most evil and repugnant document. In neither case, would we argue that it makes much difference. Religious and spiritual tracts can be filled with a great deal of vile material, but until the theology is married to state power, and the state's coercive ability, it is fairly trivial except of course for believers.

Hitler's Mein Kampf, for instance, would be a mere historical footnote had he not come to power and placed himself in a position to realize, via state authority, what he had written years before. Likewise, the Talmud has significance because of Jewish influence. The Koran's language and sentiments have only become a point of controversy following 9/11. It may be satisfying in some sense – or merely convenient – to attribute some special powers to Jews generally. In fact, as we have previously pointed out, most Jews have as much in common with great Jewish banking families as Italians have with the Mafia.

It is true, generally, that issues of money and power surrounding Jews have grown more pronounced following the founding of the state of Israel. While some of the Bell's staff is Jewish or has Jewish antecedents (as we have indicated numerous times now), it seems to us nonetheless that the best solution to the problems that Israel is continually causing is to reduce its theocratic elements and open up the sociopolitical process more fully to anyone who wants to join in. Plenty of other religious peoples manage to co-exist in relative harmony, why not those in the Jewish state as well? Theocracy always creates misery it seems to us, whether it is practiced in Israel, among Islamic states or elsewhere.

But to return to our main point: To deny that many important and powerful banking families throughout the ages have been Jewish would be ridiculous. We do not. But is an endless emphasis on "Jewishness" when it comes to Money Power helping the larger conversation – or the development of a true understanding of the larger underpinnings of modern, Western society? Such might better be focused on the nature of the MERCANTILIST enterprise and how the state facilitates central banking, the terrible travesties of regulatory democracy, etc.

After Thoughts

We think the emphasis on ethnicity is unhelpful. We would like to see more discussion of economics and less discussion of religion. Most importantly, religion, bereft of state power is fairly impotent. It is only when state itself comes into play, with its emphasis on force, that terrible problems begin to occur. What detracts from this point is not necessarily helpful.

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