Ron Paul's March on Washington
By Staff News & Analysis - January 03, 2012

Every verbal assault in the Media against Ron Paul is a Victory for his campaign, it was not so long ago that they just ignored him with Silence, remember Jon Stewart's Media Bashing? – Daily Bell Feedbacker "Col."

Dominant Social Theme: He's really not worth taking seriously.

Free-Market Analysis: We received the following feedback from "Col." And while we are not much for military metaphors generally, the point made in the feedback seems fairly appropriate to us.

The feedback is mostly comprised of a series of headlines that one can find in numerous places throughout the Internet. The headlines supposedly come from the French newspaper Moniteur, circa 1815.

They are very interesting headlines because they seem to show us how an organ of its day dealt with an incipient change in leadership at a national level. The headlines start out in horror and end up in hosannas.

Now, we are not predicting that Ron Paul's campaign will end up at the White House. And we are not, in fact, even vouching for these headlines. We did some research on the Internet and found them in numerous places but we do not have the original source located, if indeed it can be found.

But no matter. True or not, they seem to us to make a metaphorical point about how the larger power structure accommodates itself to even radical change.

The powers-that-be begin with the "silent treatment," then graduate to feigned shock and horror, then denigration and finally, reluctant acceptance and even slavish adulation at the dénouement.

This is to be, to some extent, Ron Paul's fate if he wins. Of course, there will be more. The Anglosphere power elite that hates everything Ron Paul stands for will warn him privately – and most severely – about standing in the way of the coming New World Order. If he does not obey, we would imagine they might try something even "tougher."

Thus, even if Ron Paul wins, we don't anticipate a great deal of immediate "roll-back" of the Anglosphere Leviathan. But in the LONG RUN, Paul's victory would likely do a lot to retard global governance. That's because one of the big weapons in the Anglosphere arsenal is inevitability.

People are ordinarily very afraid of the Anglosphere power elite. It is one reason for the propagation of Illuminati symbolism, etc. The idea is to associate magic, both dark and spiritual, with an emergent global government. It is intimidation, pure and simple.

A Ron Paul win would surely puncture this air of inevitability. It would also expose more people than ever to the truth-telling of Ron Paul's rhetoric. The power elite uses dominant social themes – fear-based promotions – to frighten people into accepting one-world government. Ron Paul's election would further debunk the efficacy of these themes.

The best way to deal with the Ron Paul phenomenon is to reduce it at any given juncture. This can be done through all manner of "dirty tricks" and these are apparently ongoing even now.

With Ron Paul threatening to win in Iowa, the Iowa GOP bosses are putting pressure on voters NOT to vote for Ron Paul. That's actually been reported in a video of a talk show host in Iowa entitled "Republican Insider: GOP Establishment Planning To Subvert Iowa to Prevent Ron Paul Win."

Then, over at Robert Wenzel's Economic Policy Journal there's this report: "HOT: 'Error' on Poll Results Put Santorum Ahead of Ron Paul … With just days remaining until the all-important Republican Iowa caucuses, a left-leaning political newspaper based near the nation's capital made a critical error in reporting the results of the final Des Moines Register opinion poll before voters gather Tuesday …

"On Saturday evening Politico incorrectly reported that the poll showed former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum 'climbing to second [place] at 21 percent and Ron Paul in third, with 18 percent.' In fact, Paul took second place with 22 percent of the vote. Santorum was third with 15 percent."

Prison Planet notes the increased possibility of outright vote fraud regarding Ron Paul's performance in the Iowa caucaces: "Ominously, Iowa election officials recently announced that they were moving the site of the final vote count to a secret undisclosed location, a factor that will only increase concerns about vote fraud being used to disenfranchise anti-establishment candidates like Ron Paul."

Finally, dear reader, there is this putative timeline of Napoleon's march on Paris from banishment with a tiny but well-trained and enthusiastic army. Feedbacker Col. asks, "I wonder if Ron Paul's march on the Capital will be recorded as Napoleon's march on Paris?" Time will tell.

The following headlines appeared in the French newspaper Moniteur in March of 1815. These banners announced Napoleon's return from Elba to Paris.

March 9: The Monster has escaped from his place of banishment.

March 10: The Corsican Orge has landed at Cape Juan

March 11: The Tiger has shown himself at Gap. The Troops are advancing on all sides to arrest his progress. He will conclude his miserable adventure by becoming a wanderer among the mountains.

March 12: The Monster has actually advanced as far as Grenoble

March 13: The Tyrant is now at Lyon. Fear and Terror seized all at his appearance.

March 18: The Usurper has ventured to approach to within 60 hours' march of the capital.

March 19: Bonaparte is advancing by forced marches, but it is impossible he can reach Paris.

March 20: Napoleon will arrive under the walls of Paris tomorrow.

March 21: The Emperor Napoleon is at Fountainbleau

March 22: Yesterday evening His Majesty the Emperor made his public entry and arrived at the Tuileries. Nothing can exceed the universal joy.

Ron Paul is no Napoleon, of course, and he himself abjures violence, especially of the aggressive military kind. But the changing messages of the headlines as Napoleon approached Paris – if this vignette is accurate – are enlightening, even amusing.

After Thoughts

Regardless of how well Ron Paul does in Iowa, we hope he continues to change hearts and minds. His message, after all, is as educative as it is political. And it is a most important one.

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