Ruthless Use of Missing Malaysian Airliner Reinforces Globalist Memes
By Staff News & Analysis - March 24, 2014

One Reason It May Be Harder to Find Flight 370: We Messed Up the Currents … Scientists say man-made climate change has fundamentally altered the currents of the vast, deep oceans where investigators are currently scouring for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight, setting a complex stage for the ongoing search for MH370. If the Boeing 777 did plunge into the ocean somewhere in the vicinity of where the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean, the location where its debris finally ends up, if found at all, may be vastly different from where investigators could have anticipated 30 years ago. – Mother Jones

Dominant Social Theme: What a mess. Humans have surely ruined the climate and it is causing all sorts of problems.

Free-Market Analysis: The global warming meme must be advanced at all costs, even over dead, apparently drowned bodies. Of course, it is possible that the passengers of the missing Malaysian Airline flight are still alive.

But even alive they are party to a dominant social theme, as the mainstream media has suggested that terrorists took over the plane and piloted it to Pakistan or something. So, if they are dead, we read that global warming was responsible. If they are alive, it's because terrorists flew the plane to a hidden destination.

So many times the mainstream media seizes on a high-profile incident and uses it to reinforce a dominant social theme. It is as horrible to behold as it is predictable.

Here's more:

The search of 8,880 square miles of ocean has yet to turn up signs of the missing flight … According to interviews with three climate scientists who specialize in the region of the world where investigators are focusing their search, the winds of the Southern Indian Ocean bordering the Southern Ocean have been shifting southwards and intensifying over the last 20 to 30 years, in part due to a warming atmosphere and the hole in the ozone layer.

Ocean currents are also tightening around Antarctica, shifting whole climate systems towards the South Pole. "Both the ozone hole and greenhouse gases are working together to change the winds over the Southern Ocean."

… The debris is being searched for in "the boundary between the circumpolar current and the gyre," says the CSIRO's Steven Rintoul. Unlike the current patterns of the Northern Hemisphere oceans, where scientists have a lot more historical data to rely on, this southwards shift was a pattern only first detected by satellite starting in the early 1990s.

"Over the 20 years, since 1993, we've seen the current shift southward by about half a degree of latitude, or about 30 or 40 miles or so, on average," Rintoul says. That may not sound like a lot, but it has substantially altered our understanding of the oceans here.

Previously, it was thought these mega-currents were locked into the trenches and mountains of the deep sea floor, says Rintoul, in the same way poured molten metal must conform to a mold. "It was a surprise to see them shifting at all. In some regions the shifts are much greater, up to 400 miles."

As winds and ocean currents have been driven south, there have been alarming side effects, says Rintoul. "We have seen changes in the last few years that even 5 or 10 years ago we would have thought highly unlikely," he says. The sea is hotter, for example, and less salty: "There's warming, and freshening of the deep ocean and the surface ocean, shifts in the latitude of the major currents, and changes in the ice driven in part by the wind, and in part by the ocean."

… "It can do loads of things to the climate system," says Matthew England, joint director of Climate Change Research Centre at the University of New South Wales. "It can decrease the amount of carbon you can get into the oceans…It can also affect the temperatures off the Antarctic ice shelf, which is a real worry."

The reason oceans are warming, according to the warmists, is because excess manmade carbon is heating up the atmosphere … but the warming trend hasn't boosted surface temperatures. Instead, it has penetrated the deepest oceans, warming currents and making them unpredictable.

As usual, the problem is one of global warming caused by carbon and created by humans.

The solution, repetitively and predictably, is for humans to produce less carbon. That will allow the Earth to return to "normal."

But there is truly no consensus that we are aware of regarding global warming. The meme collapsed years ago with the publication of various emails that showed fairly clearly the collusion among warmists and their stance as gatekeepers that allowed little criticism of their position.

After this, those globalists who are determined to create regulation to fix the non-existent problem of manmade carbon warming took another tack. As we have pointed out, it may be possible that the West's secretive military program to manipulate weather is being used to create weather events that are then held up as evidence of "climate change."

There are plenty of filed patents showing the US military in particular has the technology to create a variety of climate change episodes. Employing this perspective, one could argue there is no climate change, only episodes of transient weather – storms, hurricanes, even droughts or temporary flooding.

But the mainstream media, nonetheless, will dramatize these instances in order to create a perception that globalists can use to fulfill their carbon agenda, create carbon exchanges, monetize manmade carbon, etc.

And while this sounds implausible to those who do not follow these sorts of manipulations on a regular basis, the use of the missing Malaysian plane to further various elite memes is perfectly predictable.

If anything, it shows us once more how pernicious these dominant social themes actually are and how remorselessly those who stand behind them will behave to promote them.

After Thoughts

These episodes remind us once again of the ruthlessness of those who seek to implement globalist goals.

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