Say What? … UK Telegraph Promotes Cameron's EU Support as 'Honourable'
By Staff News & Analysis - December 08, 2011

David Cameron's support of the euro is honourable, yet it could ruin him … The Prime Minister's stand on the single currency is in the national interest, but not necessarily his own. – Peter Oborne/UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: We are the UK's biggest Euro-skeptic newspaper. But now we've come down in favor of the Union!

Free-Market Analysis: We've heard that Germany is running the EU – or maybe that the Union sprang up like a weed, unkempt and unintended. We have never believed it. The EU, from what we can tell, is a cold-blooded invention of the Anglosphere power elite that intends to use it as a steppingstone to formal world government. This article in the UK Telegraph provides us with yet more evidence.

Of course, the most successful "naked apes" are perhaps the ones that can lie the best to themselves and others. And thus, in human society and culture NOTHING is what it seems – at the very top anyway. The Anglosphere power elite that apparently controls central banks around the world is running the show and has a vested interest in obscuring that fact.

And thus we get the misleading promotions that they are very good at providing. Germany is taking over Europe, we hear. The EU is a Nazi invention and Britain is better off without it. But when "push comes to shove," watch what happens. Britain falls in line! Usually, anyway. And now so does the UK Telegraph!

This article by Peter Oborne, excerpted above, is remarkable because the UK Telegraph is a TORY newspaper. It is "conservative" and follows a conservative line. And UK conservatives are reflexively either hard or "soft" anti-EU.

Admittedly, the article is labeled "blog" – but Peter Oborne is no small name in the Telegraph's constellation. He is chief political commentator. Perhaps he is expressing his own opinion … but only nominally, in our view. Here's more from the article:

Again and again [Cameron] has thrown his reputation, and billions of pounds of public money, behind the European single currency. To his critics, including members of his own Cabinet, he appears out of touch, disingenuous and misguided. As a result, the Prime Minister has a very dangerous party revolt on his hands. …

So why on earth is the Prime Minister risking his career for the single currency, an ill-conceived monetary experiment which he has never supported and which he probably believes privately to be doomed? The answer is complicated and tells us a great deal about David Cameron as a man, a politician and as a prime minister.

The first part of the answer is Barack Obama. … For several months now, the US President has been urging Cameron to save the euro. … Pleas from an American president (the latest in a private phone call yesterday afternoon) are hard to resist, as Tony Blair discovered ahead of Iraq, and Cameron has not tried to do so.

The second factor is the Coalition. Nick Clegg and his team remain strangely dedicated to the single currency. This belief is irrational, like the attachment of a large portion of the British Left to the Soviet Union before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Nevertheless, the PM has no choice but to take account of it: he knows that Europe is one of the great issues that could break his Coalition, and is determined that it should not do so.

The most important point of all, however, is Cameron himself. Here are the reasons why the Conservatives have been the most successful political party in the world for the past 200 years: worldliness, cynicism, discipline, distrust of ideas, pragmatism, an understanding of compromise and the art of holding power. The present Prime Minister is the purest embodiment of these qualities since Harold Macmillan 50 years ago.

See how enlightening this is, dear reader? In only a few paragraphs we learn that top men from the US GOVERNMENT have been on the phone to Cameron "urging" him to help salvage the EU and euro. And then we learn something even more revealing: that Cameron himself, like the Tory party ITSELF, "distrusts" ideas and is entirely "worldly and cynical."

Wow. Think of all those billions of words written and spoken by Britain's mainstream media, the endless prognostications about "New Labour" and how the average Briton distrusts the Tory ideology. Only it turns out, according to the Telegraph's chief political commentator … that there IS none.

And no, of course there is not. Here is how Cameron "rules." He goes and talks to the Queen. And then the Queen calls the top powers of London's City and asks what she should do. And they tell her. And she tells Cameron. And Cameron tells other trusted individuals. And then the UK mainstream media pretends that the policies being prescribed and followed are the product of a democratic government when they are not.

This is all done on a larger scale as well. All of the great banking families' enablers and associates get their marching orders from the top … somehow. They fall in line, implementing the strategies throughout the West. The result is that somehow major governmental decisions throughout Western "democracies" end up favoring policies that inevitably extend one-world government.

Oborne makes some other startling points as well in this article. He claims that Cameron is "honourable" because he "believe[s] that he is above party politics and that he acts only in the national interest." OK. Here's a question: Just what the heck is the national interest and how can it be acted upon? We understand that people live in a geographic region known as Britain. But we never met ANYONE called "national interest."

Nonetheless, Oborne is impressed that Cameron is acting on behalf of his friend Mr. National Interest. "I think it reflects rather well on him that he has ignored these temptations." OK. Gee, perhaps it is Ms. National Interest. Or maybe we are just confused. What temptations?

Oborne is NOT confused. He even writes that Cameron would "love to tell Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy that their beloved single currency was a rotten idea from the start. … No doubt he would relish a fight – but I believe his reasons for avoiding it are completely honourable."

Are we reading the right article in the right newspaper? Here is one of the top editors at an anti-EU newspaper and he is giving up the fight without so much as a whimper. THIS is the time for the Telegraph to act! This is the time for the Telegraph to DEMAND that Britain leave the horror that has become the EU …

Instead, one of its top men has just posted an article explaining why it is "honourable" for Cameron to support the EU's corrupt bosses as they plot an ever-closer union while scheming to avoid even the appearance of a larger, democratic buy-in. (They will do it all in a back room, in other words, and Cameron, rightly, must go along with it.)

We haven't gotten over this wrenching turn-of-affairs when the article brings out the really big guns. The elite's dominant social theme regarding the "unification" of the EU is lobbed at us like weaponry of dramatic tonnage launched by Big Bertha itself.

Yes, Oborne has bigger game in mind. "If this week's summit goes wrong and the euro disintegrates, the scale of the disaster cannot be exaggerated," he writes. Sure, the EU is a disastrous, fascist accident waiting to happen. But "every bank in Europe will go bankrupt and be taken into state control. The British economy would be defenseless in these circumstances."

Thus, Cameron must support this horrid, wretched enterprise, "honourably." And the article continues: "It would not be surprising to see output fall by more than 10 per cent and unemployment surge towards four million as a result. We would lurch into economic depression for the first time since the 1930s."

Here at DB, we are not as concerned as Oborne seemingly is with an upcoming Depression. We hardly think things can get worse, and if they can, why BRING THEM ON … Let the system, in all its wretchedness and excess … COLLAPSE! It is not worth saving. It is a system run by the elites and for the elites. You, dear reader, are just an afterthought.

It has nothing much to do with free markets, this obscene system. It is mercantilist, administered by an unelected power elite that got its start in the City of London and has spread around the world. This is the "vampire" that is much written about. It has nothing much to do with Goldman Sachs, however. Or not at its root. It is a central banking phenomenon.

We do not learn this from the article, though. Instead, we learn that Cameron must make every effort to SAVE the Union and its attendant vice, the "euro." "In these circumstances, the Prime Minister has one fundamental duty. He must strain every sinew, make any sacrifice, to avert disaster. It would be a matter of national shame and disgrace if we toppled the euro over the edge by making too much of an issue out of working hours or the regulation of small businesses."

Mr. Oborne, in fact, realizes the terrible task that Cameron faces. He realizes the difficulty of doing the "honourable" thing. (We think it's far from being honourable, of course.) Here's some more …

Of course, Cameron will be accused of selling out, and it will then be especially hard for him, because he cannot explain the real reasons for his conduct. He cannot say that he believes the world is on the edge of a financial precipice without being guilty of reckless alarmism. He cannot add that he believes that the euro is a terrible error and probably doomed without causing pointless offence in Europe, and therefore ruining alliances that may serve the British national interest in future.

All great political leaders – even national icons such as Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher – have to undergo tough and lonely periods when they procrastinate and appear weak. Anyone can be a strong leader; Cameron may now be learning one of the more paradoxical lessons in politics, that sometimes it takes exceptional reserves of inner strength to be a weak one. And the reverse is also true: weak leaders are habitually drawn towards some rash act in order to appear strong.

The Prime Minister will this week try to head off, avert or delay an economic catastrophe that would have incalculable consequences. That means taking care, using guile and disappointing his supporters. Time is on his side. He has a hand to play and he is playing it fairly well. Until we have unequivocal evidence to the contrary, he is entitled to our support and we should accept that he is acting in the national interest and in good faith.

As savvy and good a writer as Oborne is, this article seems to us simply a misreading of history. People like Churchill, even Thatcher, are in the end merely agents of directed history. (OK, we know that's a "radical" view, but, hey, we're not mainstream, right? 'Least not last time we looked.) Thatcher, in fact, seems to have been actually discarded when she began to oppose the EU, though this is not mentioned in "polite" political history.

The point is this: Follow the elite's dominant social themes and analyze them if you want to know the truth. See … it's a DIALOGUE. It's STORY TELLING. And if you look at it clearly enough and begin to dissect the underlying contradictions, you'll soon begin to see who is doing the telling and why.

In this case, we are not entirely surprised by this article in the Telegraph. The UK Telegraph is mainstream after all. And the British elites generally work for London's City and the handful of great central banking families located there, along with their enablers and associates.

It is this group, perched like a spider within a world-spanning web, which seeks to create world government and is complicit in every facet of the European Union and its expansion. This is, perhaps, why a top man for the UK Telegraph now calls for full cooperation with this wretched reinvention of Charlemagne's empire.

After Thoughts

Yes, the powers-that-be are happy to encourage a cacophony of voices on issues that don't really matter. But on occasion, perhaps, they wish to sing a single tune…

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