Shock Interview: Anders Björkman Is a Professional Technologist Who Doesn’t Believe in Nukes
By Daily Bell Staff - August 07, 2016

Anders Björkman, M.Sc. is a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer with more than 45 years experience of tanker and ferry design, construction and operations. Mr. Bjorkman has been a delegate to the IMO for various national administrations and one NGO and has been been a speaker at various Safety-at-Sea conferences. Mr. Bjorkman holds several patents concerned with ship safety. He also writes about A-bombs, human clowns in space, mysterious structural collapses, etc. He believes nuclear weapons don’t exist. See his website HERE: His CV can be seen HERE.

The Daily Bell: Hello there. You’re a controversial commentator, of course, and your website is a shock for those just stumbling on it. But whether it’s accurate or not, it’s also interesting and even courageous. So thanks for sitting down with us. We try to operate without bias, and thus won’t endorse your conclusion that nuclear weapons don’t exist. But we certainly have difficulties with the current narrative. We cover the dominant social themes of the elite – their propaganda – and nuclear disinformation is certainly part of it. [Ed. Note: See updated DB nuclear summary HERE.] You seem very confident of your conclusions.

Anders Björkman: I am quite good at hydrodynamics and wave forces on ships and how to design the ship structures to suit. It is more complicated than nuclear physics! Once you make certain logical deductions, you realize that nuclear explosions are impossible.

The Daily Bell: OK, then, when did you decide that nuclear weapons were a hoax? You wrote to us that it took 50 years?

Anders Björkman: Actually, it took me 40 years to become an A-bomb denier. I worked in Japan 1972/6 and learnt a lot about the A-bombs there and many other things that didn’t add up. And in 1999 I met E and her father W who had assisted Stalin build his a-bomb 1949. W was employed in Wismut AG in Saxony digging uranium for Stalin’s bomb since 1945. But the mine was propaganda and didn’t produce anything worthwhile. This person was later arrested by KGB and had a hard time fleeing West. It seems Stalin and FDR agreed to fake the A-bomb together from 1942 onwards … in my opinion today. FDR adored Stalin and handed him eastern Europe on a platter.

The Daily Bell: Why did you decide to write a website? How long did it take and when did it go up?

Anders Björkman: In 1994 a ferry sank in the Baltic killing 1,000 persons. I was operating similar ferries and wanted to know what happened. I soon found out that the authorities invented a fairy tale – the “visor” had fallen off – but apparently the ship was sunk due to sabotage. I wrote a book about it 1998 and the authorities didn’t like it. Later it became a website. At that time I met E at Mombasa Kenya and she supported my safety-at-sea work. E and her father W were refugees from East Germany and had had problems with KGB and Stasi regarding Wismut AG uranium in the 1950s.  So I decided to make a website about the A-bomb, too.

The Daily Bell: Do other scientists surreptitiously agree with you?

Anders Björkman: When it comes to safety at sea I have many supporters. A-bomb? I get plenty positive response via e-mail.

The Daily Bell: You’ve been banned from various chat rooms and forums, yes?

Anders Björkman: It seems so. People link to me. I join the chat rooms and explain my websites and my findings. Many people do not like it.

The Daily Bell: Do most people working in the area of nuclear weapons believe they work? Physicists, too?

Anders Björkman: The reason I became a naval architect/marine engineer/ship builder was a hint I got from a Nobel Prize winner physics, MS, that I knew 1964. MS was a friend of my grandfather. I wanted to study physics but MS didn’t really encourage me. Plenty of strange people were doing physics is Sweden then planning A-bombs, human space rockets, etc.  So I studied mechanical sciences instead. More fun. Later, when I had met E, I found out that MS had been asked to design a Swedish A-bomb 1945 and agreed! Subject to everything being peer reviewed and published in the public domain. MS didn’t get the job and was asked to shut up. Rockefeller provided one million so he could work with the cyclotron.

The Daily Bell: All right, grant your argument for interview purposes. Where does the lying begin? How far up?

Anders Björkman: It started 1945 with Hiroshima. No A-bomb exploded there. Roosevelt and Stalin worked together on the story.

The Daily Bell: Really? Quite a reversal of history if true. Do political leaders know nowadays in your view? Or are they in the dark as well? Did Truman know for instance?

Anders Björkman: Political leaders are generally incompetent and just repeat like parrots what is politically correct at the time.

The Daily Bell: You think nuclear power is valid. How does nuclear power work?

Anders Björkman: Fission works. But it must be moderated and it works only in peaceful, nuclear power stations. Fission was discovered 1938 but most physicists didn’t really understand how it worked until the 1950s. Atom bombs don’t work because you can’t ignite the uranium to cause an uncontrolled explosion. Compressing uranium metal to double density with a neutron in between to ignite an A-bomb is just a fantasy. Here, from my website:

So in the end the experts agreed that sudden implosion (a process in which objects are destroyed by collapsing or being squeezed in on themselves) of uranium metal atoms to twice normal density would initiate the A-bomb detonation that would last a few nano-seconds without any testing.

Of course with a fast, free neutron in between starting it! That little thing – a fast, free neutron – will start exponentially fissioning billions of compressed or imploded metal atoms releasing energy and more fast, free neutrons. An A-bomb explodes! But you cannot compress an atom or a solid piece of metal by implosion. It just bounces. And the fast neutrons in between just fly away.

The Daily Bell: You point out that even when the A-Bomb was almost ready for use, those building it didn’t know how to trigger it.

Anders Björkman: I provided a record of correspondence:

  • March 27, 1943 – a Mr. Tolman wrote to Oppenheimer about using explosives to collapse a shell into a critical mass (to ignite the a-bomb).
  • September 1944 – a Mr. Robert Christy suggested the “Christy gadget”, the use of a solid core that is raised to supercriticality solely by compressing the metal to twice normal density (to ignite the a-bomb)!
  • April 11, 1945 – Oppenheimer reported that Kistiakowsky had achieved optimal performance with implosion compression in sub-scale tests (to ignite the a-bomb).
  • April 27, 1945 – Tokyo Bay (only water of course!) was dropped as a target (!) (to demonstrate ignition of the bomb) because it had already been burned down (poor fish!). Imagine burning down a sea.
  • June 21, 1945 – The first implosion initiator (LOL) was ready. Imagine that. An implosion initiator! To compress metal to twice normal density (to ignite the a-bomb).

The Daily Bell: The implication is that they never did figure it out. OK, didn’t you make reference to HG Wells?

Anders Björkman: Yes, here:

The “A-bombs” were actually invented by science fiction writer H.G Wells already 1913 nearly 30 years before US president Roosevelt started the top-secret Manhattan Project. Wells’ The World Set Free describes cities around the world being devastated by what he called “atomic bombs”. Wells predicted not only the mushroom cloud we associate with a-bombs, but their lasting radiation as well.

“Few who adventured into these areas of destruction and survived attempted any repetition of their experiences. There are stories of puffs of luminous, radio-active vapour drifting sometimes scores of miles from the bomb centre and killing and scorching all they overtook.”

The Daily Bell: All right, thanks. That’s the literary reference, but how about the project itself?

Anders Björkman: The A-bomb was invented by the Manhattan project team 1942/5. It was just fantasy and propaganda to end WWII and scare the USSR. All was top secret. The people involved had all signed a secrecy agreement and couldn’t blow the whistle.They faked it from the start.

Ultimately, Oppenheimer was in charge. Then there was Niels Bohr, Nobel prize winner physics and a good friend of my grandfather. Bohr discovered/developed fission 1939 but could not really explain it. Bohr was working in Nazi-occupied Denmark 1942 but escaped to Sweden and stayed with my grandfather before being shipped off to USA to assist Oppenheimer inventing the A-bomb. When Bohr returned he could still not explain fission and how to ignite an a-bomb. He was unhappy about the whole thing. Being regarded as a mass murder. Poor Niels.

The Daily Bell: Why would governments fool their people into believing there were such things as atom bombs when they don’t exist?

Anders Björkman: To scare them! It is a nice way steal money from the tax payers.

The Daily Bell: How many reporters reported on the nuclear narrative initially? We think just one and he was on the payroll of the Pentagon.

Anders Björkman: Media is controlled to promote the nuclear weapons threat. Latest is nuclear terrorism invented by Obama 2010.  The people must be afraid of terrorists and nuclear weapons. The nuclear hoax is run by the Pentagon and the Russians and France, China, UK, etc.

The Daily Bell: Is it possible that Japanese witnesses to the bombings are not telling the truth or “mis-remember?”

Anders Björkman: Japan was occupied by USA 1945-’53 and it was against the law to question the matter. When I lived in Japan from ’72-6, the US military was still around. Plenty people just experienced the normal US napalm carpet/fire-bombings – of the kind that had destroyed Tokyo – but were told to shut up.

The Daily Bell: Tell us about the missing squadron of 66 bombers. What did they do?

Anders Björkman: US Army Air Force was bombing Japan every day in the summer of 1945. On August 6th, the young pilots were sent on a mission to bomb a city that had been bombed twice but their coordinates were probably switched. Anyway, they had no idea what they bombed. They just followed orders. Catch 22! That was for Hiroshima. Central Nagasaki was not hit at all.

The Daily Bell: Tell us why the Japanese government would go along with a nuclear bomb “hoax.”

Anders Björkman: The Japanese are very happy with their pacifist constitution and USA defending them. If the USA is proud of its ever-more powerful and fanciful bombs, the Japanese government will just nod agreement.

The Daily Bell: Let’s talk about Bikini Atoll. Did nuclear bombs blow up on Bikini?

Anders Björkman: No! All photo shop. The A-bomb propaganda show soon became the H-bomb propaganda show and then came the ICBMs and mutual destruction, etc, etc. All fake, IMO. All tests are done in remote areas away from any civilian observers. Then you can invent anything. De Gaulle was clever – blew up bombs in Sahara, and in some remote atoll in the Pacific. Brilliant. Didn’t cost France much!  The pictures are ridiculous – black smoke, etc. But if a general says it is a nuclear explosion, nobody argues.

Top reporters are just following orders from above and their gate keepers. Same happened with the ferry that sank in 1994. All top reporters copied/pasted what the authorities told them. My findings were immediately considered “conspiracy theories.” I just suggested that the ferry sank due to hull leakage below waterline.

The Daily Bell: Why haven’t people stepped forward to denounce the secrecy and lying if it exists as you believe?

Anders Björkman: I had some local people assisting me with the ferry sinking. Two died, the rest just disappeared. Some are afraid. Most people are ignorant. I was far away from the action and felt safe. I actually wanted to help. Not appreciated.

The Daily Bell: Obviously, it had an impact on you. Usually when technology advances, it gets cheaper and smaller. Has this been the case with nuclear weapons?

Anders Björkman: Nuclear weapons do not work at all. All nuclear weapons are dummies.

The Daily Bell: Let’s return to nuclear power for a moment. Are nuclear power plants dangerous?

Anders Björkman: I like peaceful nuclear power. Only problem seems to be to ensure cooling when shutting down. If you do not moderate safely, the plant may overheat and catch fire. But the public is badly informed. France is #1 in nuclear power and electricity is cheap. Germany has stopped it completely and must buy energy from Russia.

The Daily Bell: What about radiation? Is radiation as deadly as it is made out to be? How come plants and animals and people have repopulated Bikini when it was supposed to be sterile for 1000 years?

Anders Björkman: It is strange. When I did my military service we were all warned for the radiation and trained to protect us against it (and chemicals and biological weapons). But there is confusion between milli-Sieverts and micro-Sieverts. Milli- Sieverts are dangerous, we are told. But maybe only mikro-Sieverts were measured at Fukushima. Who cares? The local Yakusa hired some out of beggars, dressed them up in white boiler suits and soon all radiation had been cleared away.

The Daily Bell: Let’s sum up. If you are correct, will the nuclear bomb hoax ever be formally acknowledged?

Anders Björkman: I hope so! That’s the purpose of my website. Maybe one day the US government will announce that their nuclear weapons  program is a hoax. Donald and Hillary do not appear very competent.

The Daily Bell: Will they invent some other weapon?

Anders Björkman: Why would they? They are busy promoting Islamic terrorism!

The Daily Bell: Any other thoughts, comments? What are you going to do in the near future? Are your views having a negative impact on your business?

Anders Björkman: Not really. In my biz you never retire. There are some interesting projects going on. Luckily I have friends in shipping.

The Daily Bell: Is your website ever attacked?

Anders Björkman: No. I have two ISPs. Both work OK. I am the web master.

The Daily Bell: Do you think you will write a book at some point?

Anders Björkman: No. Hard copy books are history. A good web site is much, much better.

The Daily Bell: Good luck, then. Regardless of whether you’re right or wrong, you’re certainly making people think. We appreciate that.

Anders Björkman: Thanks. I really like The Daily Bell. Wish you all the best in the future.

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