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Something Terrible Has Happened
By Daily Bell Staff - June 23, 2016

Flat Earth PSYOP: CIA Black Op Designed to Destroy the Truth …  There is an insidious conspiracy at work throughout the entire Internet which seeks to destroy Truth Movements everywhere.  One of its organs of mischief is known as the Flat Earth Society (FES) and its explicit purpose is to take down every single truth-oriented website, blog and/or organization which permits an open comment section at the bottom of their posts and articles.  – The Millennium Report

Something terrible has happened.

The “common wisdom” that people grew up with is fading rapidly.

It’s not comfortable or soothing. It’s upsetting and unsettling.

It makes people unhappy. And it’s causing big arguments in the alternative media as well – as we can see from the above flat earth excerpt.

There are some in the alternative media community that have adopted the idea of a “flat earth” enthusiastically.

But others believe it is a CIA psyop designed to discredit people who don’t believe what government affiliated entities tell them anymore.

This is the result of the Internet. The “dominant social themes” we’ve grown up with are in flux.

And this process will continue.

Did the US go to the moon? Did a group of countries even put an international space station into orbit?

Does global warming exist? If so, is it caused by man-made carbon?

Are vaccines healthy? Can they cause autism, asthma and other conditions?

What about allopathic medicine generally? Can pharmaceutical companies be trusted?

What about large agricultural companies like Monsanto? Are they providing us with food or poisoning us?

What about the economy? Do central bankers know what they’re doing? Or are they actually trying to cause crashes to create world government?

These are just some questions we can ask now that we wouldn’t have thought to ask even ten years ago.

It’s the Internet that has made the difference.

With the Internet you can read hundreds of articles in a day. After a while you can start to see patterns that you never would have seen prior to the ‘Net.

You end up questioning things that you would never thought to have questioned before.

The list keeps growing.

The Internet is a process not an episode.

We’ve begun to wonder if dinosaurs existed – at least to the degree that they’ve been promoted.

The same thing goes for evolution. Perhaps we don’t question the fundamental premise but we have questions nonetheless.

After all, they’ve yet to find the subtle evolutionary changes that are supposed to take place. The fossil record hasn’t revealed it.

Lately we’ve been using the Internet to investigate nuclear weapons and how they’ve been promoted thematically.

When it comes to nuclear weapons, there are various elements that are common to other themes we already distrust.

Most of the information we get about nuclear weapons comes from the government.

And the government created nuclear weaponry at great expense. It employed over 100,000 people and erected a mile-long building to get the uranium it needed.

When government types want to lie they make everything very big. That’s one sign of a dominant social theme.

Another is museums. Dominant social themes are often supported by museums.

Hiroshima has a museum. We just found out the wall-sized photo of the atomic mushroom cloud that greets you on the way in is fake. It’s a photo of Hiroshima on fire.

In fact, there’s a lot of evidence that Hiroshima was  firebombed.  Sure, it may have been nuked too but firebombed, yes.

There were 66 bombers sent on August 6 (666) 1945 to bomb a city that had already been bombed twice. It’s quite likely in our view that these bombers actually went on and bombed Hiroshima.

And the Japanese themselves (and AP) reported Hiroshima had been firebombed on the morning of August 6.

We’ll continue to scrutinize the nuclear narrative. Maybe nukes were invented later than the US claimed. Maybe there aren’t so many nukes as governments claim they are.

Maybe only some of them work. Maybe they’re not as powerful as they are said to be.

We do know that many of the photos of nuke tests in the 40s and 50s seem fake. What else is fake when it comes to nukes?

(If you want to follow some of our articles, just type in “Hiroshima” and “Daily Bell” in a search engine.)

And then there’s NASA.

It’s easy to go on Youtube and find videos that make a persuasive case that NASA has faked almost its entire record, from sending rockets into space to traveling to the moon.

As with nuclear weapons, when it comes to NASA, there’s been little or no objective reporting.

NASA’s narrative is provided by NASA.

In fact, that’s how dominant social themes are created and propagated.

They’re developed secretly and widely dispersed without media scrutiny.

The media tends to “cheerlead” rather than investigate.

Our task is to investigate dominant social themes to determine if they are true or not.

At this point, we’re not certain anything we grew up with is entirely credible.

That’s “terrible.” We’re only human. We don’t find it satisfying to discard our belief systems. It’s tiring and confusing.

But it’s going to happen nonetheless.

None of this is going  to stop.

And we don’t discount anything, not even the idea of a flat earth.

Sure we know it’s probably a CIA psyop. But how do we explain Admiral Byrd whom the government sent to explore the frozen land of the South Pole and who later revealed in an interview that there was an unknown continent beyond Antarctica?

Or the Youtube video about a 1,000 year old Japanese map showing a flat earth and continents beyond it.

Perhaps the video is a hoax. Perhaps other information is less than credible.

But we won’t discount the idea of a flat earth entirely.

We won’t discount anything at this point. We’ll keep trying to figure things out. You should too.

Conclusion: Such information has an impact on other parts of your life: How you live and the way you save and invest. It’s all part of the same process. Telling truth from lies is very important. The Internet can help us sort it out. That’s how we take something that is “terrible” and turn it into something good.

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