Steven Spielberg to Make Phony Movie of Fake Osama Death Book?
By Staff News & Analysis - August 27, 2012

Steven Spielberg meets with Ex-Navy SEAL who wrote inside account of Osama bin Laden raid to discuss film rights to his story … Soldier identified as retired Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette on Thursday. His photograph and name posted on al Qaeda website on Friday. Pentagon says release of his name is a security concern. Pentagon, CIA and White House among the agencies who have not seen the book, written anonymously by a SEAL Team Six member … Bissonnette could face federal charges if classified information is revealed in the book. Will hit bookshelves on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks – Daily Mail Reporter

Dominant Social Theme: A courageous man writes a brave book and a gutsy, famous director is willing to make a movie about it.

Free-Market Analysis: A former Navy Seal has written a book entitled No Easy Day about May 1, 2011 in Pakistan, when a group of Navy SEALS invaded the compound of the infamous terrorist Osama bin Laden and killed him.

According to the official story, they took photos and DNA samples, and then dropped the body at sea, which is one way the Islamic faithful bury their dead …

Or maybe not. Here are some articles on the subject:

Osama bin Laden is Dead Again?

US Won't Release Bin Laden Death Photos

In fact, bin Laden most likely died over a decade ago. We've written about it numerous times along with others in the alternative 'Net media. Not only that, but an eyewitness's story reveals a much different scenario than the official one. You can see an article about that here:

Eye Witness Tells Different Story of Bin Laden Death

Alternative media website Infowars recently explored the official story with a top former government insider. The probable REAL history of bin Laden's death was once again revealed. Here's an excerpt from the article:

Exposing the Hoax … Infowars has maintained for years that bin Laden died in 2002 and that his corpse would be dragged out at the most politically expedient moment. This has most definitely been the case.

Alex Jones interviewed Dr. Steve Pieczenik, a Harvard trained psychiatrist with international relations skills from M.I.T. and history working as a crisis and hostage negotiator for the Department of State spanning four different presidential administrations.

In 2002, Dr. Pieczenik revealed on the Alex Jones Show that Osama bin Laden had actually died that same year, and that a top general had even told him directly that 9/11 was a false flag operation, a statement that he would gladly make in front of a grand jury.

Last year we wrote, "Back in April 2002…Pieczenik told the Alex Jones Show that Bin Laden had already been 'dead for months,' and that the government was waiting for the most politically expedient time to roll out his corpse.

Pieczenik would be in a position to know, having personally met Bin Laden and worked with him during the proxy war against the Soviets in Afghanistan back in the early 80′s.

Dr. Pieczenik went on to explain that a physician he knew had treated bin Laden for Marfan syndrome, a degenerative disease with no cure: "[He died] not because special forces had killed him, but because as a physician I had known that the CIA physicians had treated him and it was on the intelligence roster that he had marfan syndrome…He died of marfan syndrome, Bush junior knew about it, the intelligence community knew about it."

Dr. Pieczenik is appalled at the perpetuation of the fabled Seal Team 6 raid. He says it endangers the lives of those men and women who serve, and paints a target especially on Special Forces teams: "Every time you say we killed Osama bin Ladin by some hot shot make believe seal team six, some Special Forces guy is going to be taken out because some real terrorist is really gonna kill him to make a point that Special forces are not that special."

As we have exhaustively covered, Osama bin Laden (AKA Tim Osman) was a CIA operative and has been dead for a number of years.

What strikes us most forcefully about the book is the way the larger story is being covered. Before what we call the Internet Reformation of the past ten years we would have had no idea of how radically the news and information in America is distorted.

But these days it is increasingly clear. A power elite that wants to run the world continually uses its massive central banking bankroll to create a kind of directed history leading to global government. Dominant social themes are used to create fear-based promotions that impel the great mass of citizenry to give up wealth and power to globalist institutions.

Newspapers, magazines, parts of the Internet and, of course, Hollywood are all employed to create the narrative that the elites choose to purvey. Book publishers also provide outlets when necessary.

And thus, knowing this, it is easy to see how the larger promotion works. The more successful you become, the more apt you are to be solicited for certain projects and programs that benefit these larger memes.

No doubt it begins innocently enough. One is first encouraged to consider deviating from certain personal prerogatives out of patriotism. But later, as inner workings are revealed and the relationship deepens, no doubt a certain level of intimidation becomes present.

Spielberg could take on any movie project he wants to. And he is not a foolish man. He works at the apex of the modern power structure and is surely aware of elite promotions and how they work. If anything, his potential involvement with this book shows us even more clearly the import of the psy-op.

He is playing his part. The announcement he is meeting with the author is a promotion of itself. The very act lends credibility. And there are other mechanisms at work. The book supposedly was not vetted by the Pentagon, which seems impossible given the Pentagon's obsession with secrecy when it comes to issues such as this.

Also, the book is being released around the same time as ANOTHER movie about the incident, entitled Zero Dark Thirty.

Bin Laden Death Movie Mired in Controversy

Here's how this article at the Daily Mail Reporter positions the Spielberg meeting:

The author of 'No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission that Killed Osama bin Laden' is already risking his life and a jail term by publishing the book.

However, it could come with a big pay-off, the New York Post reports. In addition to Spielberg, who directed 'War Horse' and 'Saving Private Ryan,' Dreamworks and HBO's Richard Plepler have met with the author. 'He is still talking to DreamWorks and Spielberg,' a source told the Post.

The Navy SEAL's story is already stirring controversy. An official al Qaeda website on Friday posted a photograph and the name of the former Navy commando responsible for the book, calling him 'the dog who murdered the martyr Sheikh Osama bin Laden.'

Meanwhile the head of U.S. Special Operations Command told current and former troops that the military would take legal action against anyone found to have exposed sensitive information that could cause harm to fellow forces.

'We will pursue every option available to hold members accountable, including criminal prosecution where appropriate,' Admiral Bill McRaven wrote in an open, unclassified letter emailed to the active-duty special operations community.

The book, to be published under the pseudonym 'Mark Owen,' is scheduled to be released on September 11 – the 11th anniversary of the devastating terror attacks in New York and Washington, DC.

But the former serviceman's attempts to remain anonymous were foiled on Thursday, when identified him as Matt Bissonnette, 36, of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Now Bissonnette is getting death threats from Al Qaeda supposedly. And there are dark mutterings that he could be prosecuted by the Pentagon. All of this is supposed to provide credibility to the narrative.

In this Internet era it is highly instructive to see how the elites shape their most important propaganda. It is also instructive that they continue with these promotions under the unblinking eye of the Internet.

Here's a question to ponder: What does the pursuit of this narrative tell us about previous historical information? Is it possible that the accepted narrative of the past 150 years has been similarly distorted and for the same reasons?

Probably so, we'd guess. We have a term for it: Directed history. The larger question is: Why do they continue today when they are so obviously exposed, over and over?

After Thoughts

Their actions represent arrogance, or desperation, or a combination of both.

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