Stockholm Syndrome: Wall Street Execs Flog Themselves Hard
By Staff News & Analysis - March 27, 2012

Wall Street Admits It's to Blame For Public Perception–Survey … Wall Street firms finally may be ready to admit that the public perceptions do matter. They may even accept the blame for why the public, and Occupy Wall Street, are so up in arms. The question is whether they will do anything about that. According to a new survey of communications executives at financial firms, done by communications firm Makovsky + Co., 96% of executives surveyed admit their firms invited the public's negative perceptions. One particular fear from those surveyed: compensation. A full 81% say they are worried about negative public reaction to executive compensation in the financial industry. But only 53% of the marketing and public relations executives say that Occupy Wall Street had a real impact on their business. – Wall Street Journal

Dominant Social Theme: Wall Street sucks. The top men should just admit it and regulate themselves into oblivion.

Free-Market Analysis: When the bought-and-paid-for mainstream media starts analyzing non-existent aggregations like "Wall Street" (see above) you can almost be sure a dominant social theme is in the works.

In fact, this IS the meme the power elite is flogging relentlessly right now: "Wall Street is a terrible place and needs more regulation so that it doesn't take advantage of people."

Of course, Wall Street IS a terrible place and IS anti-consumer. But Wall Street isn't REALLY the problem. What is? A tiny cabal of elitists who are trying to take over the world and are using directed history and the money thrown off by central banking to do so. But you'll never read THAT in the mainstream media!

Directed history, within its largest context, involves world wars and subsequent world reactions of a globalist nature (like the UN) to set up world government.

Shakespeare said, "All the world's a stage," and in the past century, anyway, he's been correct. The elites have manipulated history, wars and economic scenarios to constantly move toward world government.

Central banks and the paraphernalia of world governance did not even exist in the late 1800s. Now there are 150 central banks and the world has a parallel global government, including a criminal court, parliament (UN) and standing army (NATO).

Like rust, the elite never sleeps. In the past 200 years, the American Republic has been its main target, especially American capitalism and free-market thinking of the modern kind.

The democratic features of American culture have driven the elites wild. Over and over, they've taken dead aim at Wall Street's evolving (or devolving) capital-raising facilities. The idea that someone can get capital for a good idea is anathema to them – especially if that person becomes independently wealthy as a result.

This is just what we've been predicting. There is a dominant social theme here – and the solution always comes back to government, and the necessity for government control. The power elite that wants to take over the world uses mercantilism to do so. Thus it needs much government power.

Modern regulatory democracies are perfect vehicles for the modern power elite. Their complexity and size make it easy for what is apparently a shadowy elite of dynastic families – controlling central banks – with their enablers and associates to control governments as well.

It is these top elites, working through George Soros apparently, that have created Occupy Wall Street. And Occupy Wall Street's top people have given lip service to the idea of protesting when it comes to the larger system but haven't made any real attempts to do so.

It's still called "Occupy Wall Street" and this controlled opposition is still intended, in our view, to set up modern Pecora Hearings (after Obama is reelected) that will kill whatever is left of the free-market securities and banking culture in the US.

By the time the apparently controlled OWS movement has run its course, government agencies shall be fully in control of finance. The elites will have achieved their real goal, which is to turn the American exceptionalist republic into a full-on European regime where one's opportunity is bounded by one's class and nothing more.

This article, excerpted above, is a great example of how Wall Street itself will cooperate in its demise. Of course, there is not much of Wall Street that doesn't deserve killing. But in the process of its dying, the top Street honchos will do their best to further confuse the issue by accepting responsibility that is not theirs to take.

They will never explain, for instance, that Wall Street is already a kind of arm of the US government and military-industrial complex. They will never explain that Wall Street operates as a kind of abusive government monopoly at this point and that real competition to serve the investing public has long since withered away – and began to do so after the Civil War.

No, like this article, Wall Street honchos will continue for one reason or another to give off the impression that the Street itself (those who work on it and prosper from it) are engaged in real free-market efforts when the free market in the US went out of existence long ago. Here's some more from the article:

Of those surveyed, 71% said they expect Occupy Wall Street to continue beyond the presidential election. While the executives surveyed likely don't control what the companies do, Tangney described them as the "front lines" with the public, and said there has been a change in attitude at the companies. He foresees a change in how the financial industry explains its existence to the broader public, focusing instead on how financial industries help municipalities and governments, for instance. "They need to really reboot their explanation of why they are in business," Tangney says.

Wall Street's top execs at this point are victims of a kind of Stockholm Syndrome. In the US one can go to jail for almost anything these days and the top execs know it.

Occupy Wall Street is being used by the elites to make it clear that they will brook no opposition to their plans. Resist and the elites will turn Wall Street into Libya.

Their plan is likely to set up another phony Pecora-style hearing to regulate Wall Street into the oblivion it richly deserves. As part of this process, the elites hope dearly that regular people will get the idea that REAL free markets are dangerous and need rigorous supervision by the government.

Beyond this, the elites want to use such hearings to make sure that the central banking system that has destroyed economies the world over is not blamed for the current economic and financial ruin. Wall Street and capitalism generally are convenient scapegoats.

After Thoughts

Here's another benefit from their point of view: By prosecuting Wall Street types, the elites intend to use upcoming show trials to reinforce the credibility of the abusive penal-industrial complex. It, too, is coming under attack in this era of 'Net truth-telling that we call "the Internet Reformation" – and the elites intend to strike back, if they can.

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