Surprise Surge as an Important Poll Shows Trump Leading
By Daily Bell Staff - August 22, 2016


Donald Trump has beaten Hillary in a major poll.Donald Trump appears to have made a political comeback for the ages, but the media has gone silent about a major new poll that shows the Republican has catapulted back into the lead instead showing their viewers polls from three weeks ago. -Sputnik

A recent poll released by the USC/LA Times, here, found that Trump held a two point lead over Clinton, nationally. The daily poll questioned some 3,000 US citizens.

Trump recently changed top campaign staffers, bringing in new manager Kellyanne Conway and Brietbart CEO Steve Bannon to help run his effort. And now in at least one poll he has seen a massive jump in tracking polls of some eight percent, pushing him past Hillary.

Both Trump and Hillary have moved up and down in the polls, especially because of the recent conventions. But now Trump seems headed up.

It could be that Trump’p recent apology helped reassure voters about his essential good nature.  He’s also supposedly attempting to make a special efforts to appeal to African Americans.

Over the weekend, Trump supposedly held a 45% to 43% lead over Hillary. But as suggested in the above article excerpt, the development is not getting much play in the rest of the mainstream media.

Here’s the latest according to the Daily Wire:

Despite some positive movement for Donald Trump over the least week, he still finds himself trailing Hillary Clinton in the nationals polls by an average of nearly 6 points and losing to the Democrat in most of the key battleground states. Though many of the polls are looking grim for the Republican, an Aug. 19 LA Times/USC poll finds the two candidates tied in a head-to-head.

We’ve written about polling here. Given the ongoing negative news about Hillary, we don’t understand the massive lead she has in many states.

It’s been pointed out that Trump fills stadiums while Hillary has trouble filling much smaller venues.

We’ve written that one possibility when it comes to this election is that Hillary’s poll numbers will remain relentlessly positive and that the election itself may be fixed in accordance with the polls (here).

This may sound far-fetched, but Hillary has powerful backers at the top levels of US society. She wasn’t indicted by the FBI and it’s perfectly possible that the election is “fixed” in certain parts of the country. Trump himself has worried out loud about this possibility (here).


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