The Branch COVIDians’ Useless Masks Wrecked the Environment
By Ben Bartee - November 01, 2022

Originally published via PJMedia:

Browse liberal social media and note the frequent co-occurrence of two avatars of social justice: climate change (warped environmentalism) and masking.

In the strange postmodern culture war, these two seemingly unrelated political football issues intertwine significantly, based on statistical analysis. A poll recently conducted by the Morning Consult — How Concern Over Climate Change Correlates With Coronavirus Responses — compared climate change attitudes with masking attitudes. The results comport with my (and probably your) “lived experience,” as the social justice people put it:

  • Climate-concerned adults are 24 points more likely to always wear a mask in public spaces than those unconcerned with climate change.
  • Strong majorities are always following social distancing practices, though the climate-concerned (86%) are 14 points more likely to do so than the climate-unconcerned (72%).

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